Ford Focus MK2.5 (2008-2012) Stereo Removal ST/RS

Ford Focus MK2.5 ST Electric Orange - 5 Door

This guide is for the European Ford Focus MK2 Facelift (Otherwise known as the Ford Focus MK2.5 in the Ford Community). The Focus MK2.5 was built between 2008 and 2012, and replaced the Ford Focus MK1. The facelift Focus can be distinguished by a face-lifted front end, which includes a new front grill design, modified headlight design, front bumper and other little tweaks.

On the inside of the car, there are not many differences, apart from the stereo, which is now more oval shape, and a completely new way to remove the stereo, from the Focus MK2.

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This guide is suitable for the following models:

  • Ford Focus LX – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Style – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Sport – 6000 CD Stereo Wheels as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Zetec & Zetec Climate – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Ghia – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Titanium – Sony Stereo as Standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus ST – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus RS – Sony Stereo as standard (2008-2012)

Ford Focus MK2.5 Stereo Info

There are three different stereo options available for the Ford Focus Mk2.5:

[one_third] Base Stereo

[/one_third] [one_third] Sony Stereo

[one_third_last] Navigation Stereo


Fitting Information

[alert type=”red”]Once you remove the stereo and disconnect the wiring from your Ford Focus MK2.5, you WILL be required to insert a code when connecting the stereo back up to the vehicles wiring. You can obtain this from your owner’s manual (usually on a business card sized card within the manual case), or requested from your local Ford Dealer Parts Desk.[/alert]

Required Tools:

To remove the standard Ford Focus Stereo, you will need the following tools:

See also Stereo Fitters Toolbox

Ford Focus MK2.5 Parts Required

Stereo Fitting Parts:

If you are planning on fitting an after market stereo you will need the following parts:
Wiring Harness:

  • Autoleads PC2-84-4  – None Steering Wheel (Stalk) Controls
  • Autoleads PC99-X50 + Compatible PC99 Patch Lead Steering Wheel (Stalk) Control

Fascia Plates:

  • Autoleads FP-07-11 – Black Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia
  • Autoleads FP-07-11/S – Silver Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia
  • Autoleads FP-07-12 – Black Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia With Pocket
  • Autoleads FP-07-12/S – Silver Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia With Pocket
  • Connects2 CT24FD15 – Black Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia
  • Connects2 CT24FD16 – Silver Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia
  • Connects2 CT24FD27 – Black Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia With Pocket
  • Connects2 CT24FD26 – Silver Ford Focus MK2.5 Single DIN Fascia With Pocket

Hands Free Fitting Parts:

If you are planning on fitting an after market hands free kit (Parrot/Motorola), you will need the following:
Wiring Harness:

  • MusiConnect MC2082 or INKA-048-2082 – (See Here For Details) – My Recommendation Buy
  • Autoleads SOT-092


Stereo Removal Video

Stereo Removal Steps


Using your trim removal pry tool (Bojo), start by prying the lower edge of the fascia away from the dash-board. Slide the trim tool upwards to release the plastic fascia from its containing clips.

This can sometimes be a little tricky, and may take a little force to remove, but as long as you are using the correct tools (such as the Bojo Trim Tool), you will not cause any damage to the plastic trim.


Now that you have removed the plastic fascia surrounding the stereo, you will now see four screws holding the stereo in place. These screws will mostly be Philips screws, but I have also seen Torx screws on the odd occasion. Unscrewing the four screws will allow you to slide the stereo out.


The stereo should now be free (you may have to push two little clips on the left hand and right hand side of the stereo (you will only need to do this if you pull the stereo out at a bit of an angle).

Ford Focus Mk2.5 Connector

The Ford Focus uses what is known as a “Quadlock” connector. This is released by pushing the little clip on the arm down, and then pulling the whole away from the back of the stereo.

Ford Focus Quadlock

All the wires you need are behind the stereo, no need to find an ignition or 12 volt feed, everything is plug and play. The Ford Focus MK2.5 uses what is known as a “Quadlock” system. This is now a standardised system in a lot of vehicles of this year.

Ford Focus MK2.5 Quadlock Pinout

Connector A (Speakers & Power)

[one_half] Pin 1 – Rear Right +
Pin 2 – Front Right +
Pin 3 – Front Left +
Pin 4 – Rear Left +
Pin 5 – Rear Right  –
Pin 6 – Front Right –
Pin 7 – Front Left –
Pin 8 – Rear Left –
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Pin 9 – CAN Bus +
Pin 10 – CAN Bus –
Pin 11 – Keycode Ground
Pin 12 – Ground
Pin 13 – Alarm Sensor
Pin 14 – Illumination
Pin 15 – Battery 12v + (Permanent Live)
Pin 16 – 12v Ignition Live

 Connector B (Aux 1)

[one_half] Pin 1 – Mono +
Pin 2 – Sw A +
Pin 3 – Aux In Left +
Pin 4 – Aux In Right +
Pin 5 – PTA
Pin 6 – SWC (Steering Wheel Control)
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Pin 7 – Mono –
Pin 8 – SWC Ground
Pin 9 – Aux In Left –
Pin 10 – Aux In Right –
Pin 11 – Reverse Sensor Signal
Pin 12 – AVC (Speed Control Volume)

Connector C (Aux 1)

[one_half] Pin 1 – RSE Left +
Pin 2 – RSE Right +
Pin 3 – Mono 2 +
Pin 4 – Sub Woofer +
Pin 5 – Aux 2 Left
Pin 6 – Audio Ground
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Pin 7 – RSE Left –
Pin 8 – RSE Right –
Pin 9 – Mono 2 –
Pin 10 – Sub Woofer –
Pin 11 – Aux 2 Right
Pin 12 – Mic

If you’re fitting a hands free kit to your MK2.5 Focus, don’t forget to take out the stalk control and aux wires from the quad lock connector and place them in the new Sound On Top (SOT) lead (failure to do so will mean the owner will be unable to use their stalk controls or aux lead).

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  1. Hi James
    I have just watched you video on stereo removal as my stereo is not working so I wondered if it was a loose wire. It stopped working no lights at all then after driving 12 miles turning car off and starting back up again started working. Next day stopped again and hasn’t worked since any ideas please before I phone my garage? Mine is the base stereo you have pictured.
    Thanks Jane

  2. Hi I own ford focus titanium 1.6 dised 60 reg. And I have factory fitted sony sat nav. My question is, is it possible to fit reversing camera and view fro sony sat nav screen or parking sensors to show on screen. Can you help me with this please?

  3. I have a 2012 focus titimun battery started going flat happened 3 times went to a ford garage fitted two door modules that the battery going flat again I have noticed the audio unit dos. Not light up only when I turn on radio have I have a problem or not

  4. Hi James hope you may be able to help me please, iv got a ford focus zetec 59 plate, I want to change my normal 6000cd sterio for a D2217 million sterio, is it possible and if so could u guide me to what face do I need to make it look as if its built in and not just a bodge up look. Thank you. (Mick)

  5. Hi, I’m looking to fit an after market dab, into my 2009 focus Zeneca. I notice that you can get an aerial splitter, so not to have to add a dedicated dab aerial. These state though, that they will only work with an unamplified aerial. Will my existing aerial be amplified or not?


  6. Hi James,

    Firstly great website.

    Now my issue. On my wife’s 2009 ford focus, the stereo won’t turn on, it then drained the battery so we got that sorted, I’ve replaced all the fuses inclusing the one on the rear of the basic stereo, checked the wiring and it appears in tact.

    I’m not sure where to go next to find the fault, do you have any ideas??

  7. Hi James, maybe you can help me. I’ve changed my 6600 for single din Pioneer x6600dab and only one speaker works fine, rest is very bad sound? Thanks

      1. Ok ,will check them.that is strange because with 6000cd radio they play fine, noticed that pins in car iso connector are like…”mirror reflection” from the picture of iso connector.12v and ground found by changing pins


      2. Ok ,will check them.that is strange because with 6000cd radio they play fine, noticed that pins in car iso connector are like…”mirror reflection” from the picture of iso connector.+ and ground found by changing pins


      3. Hi James I’m having real trouble releasing the quad lock, I’ve released the clip fine but the block won’t come out the hole, I’ve tried sliding a flat head down the sides a little and prying but it won’t release. Could it be melted on or something. Any help would be great. Thanks.

        1. Hi Simon,

          Have you pulled the leaver down, the quadlock has a little clip, you press this in, and then pull the leaver and the whole thing should then just slide out.

  8. Hi James,

    Thanks so much for this guide! It really came in handy when I changed the standard 6000 CD Ford stereo in my partners Focus Style at the weekend.

    I got a little worried when I was prying the facia, I kept thinking ‘it’s gona break, it’s gona break, it’s gona break!’ but thankfully it didn’t. All went well and the new stereo is working a treat :)

    She can plug her ipod in to the new stereo now so she is very happy.

    Thanks again.


  9. Hi, I have a question about the Autoleads PC2-84-4, I have it in front of me and the ISO pin “power antenna” is conected with de Quadlock pin “Alarm sensor” ¿Is that correct?

    1. Hi Juan,

      This lead does no harm to the alarm – the standard stereo is like this, but will only cause issues if you are using an amplified antenna, which you would usually get with a Chinese stereo.

  10. Hi James,

    I have a 2009 S-Max Titanium with 6000 CD head unit with BT/VC modul. I changed this unit to a Sony MP3 unit. Everythings work fine, but have no sound at any mode. Do you have any idea what should be wrong? Is the wiring of the 6000cd and Sony unit the same or there can be some differences?

    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards

    1. I think I found the answer for my question. The new head unit I bought is a CD345-MCA Audiophile type, and as I know it does not have any built in amplifier. It needs a separated amplifier in the car what unfortunately I do not have. I choosed the wrong type.


  11. I fitted a Alpine stereo to my 2008 Ford Focus and I suspect that it’s keeping my Instrument Cluster on constantly. Had this issue for a couple of months thought it was the alarm, but now I have removed the stereo and for the past few days the instrument cluster shuts down normally. Have you any idea what might be causing this. I have tried disconnecting the orange “dimmer” lead but this didn’t help.

      1. In the end I asked a local ICE installer well advised cutting the blue wire (powered aerial lead). And since then the problem has stopped.

  12. Hi James,

    thanks for this tutorial, I really appreciate mostly the part about the wires in the quadlock connector.
    I have a question about them though.

    I have an aftermarket stereo unit, one of those chinese, which look OEM-ish, in my mom’s 2007 Fiesta (Mk6,5 if I’m correct). The car has bigger display with car computer on the instrument cluster and the stock CD6000 stereo displayed a station name there.
    Now, the chinese unit works great, plays all kinds of stuff, however doesn’t show anything in the instrument cluster. I believe this is because there isn’t a CAN-BUS connection between the unit and car. And it can’t be because there are no wires on the quadlock connector adapter on the unit.
    But, there are two separate wires, labeled CAN-TX and CAN-RX coming from the stereo.
    Is it at all possible, that joining these wires with the OEM wires on the car will allow the communication between the stereo and the car, and, in fact show something on the display on the instrument cluster?

    And if this is the case, do these wires use the CAN+/- wires on the car’s quadlock connector? And which is which?

    Many thanks for answer!


          1. Hi James,

            I think so too, but I’m curious why there are connectors labeled “CAN-RX” and “CAN-TX” on the stereo’s own harness.

            You say that on the main connector there are CAN+ and CAN- wires…is there a way to utilise them with this stereo? They aren’t connected to anything through the quadlock plug…


  13. Hi James,

    Is there a special way to get the trim back on? Mine won’t stay put and springs back out at the top and doesn’t fit nicely around the fan dials.



      1. Sorry for the delay in replying, Gary! Yes the radio looks like it’s screwed in tight but actually it’s sunk a few mm. Unscrew it and have someone hold it up as strong as they can whilst you screw it in. Try screwing opposite screws too. With the radio higher up it stopped popping the trim out of its holes.

        That said it’s not totally satisfactorily over the aircon buttons but I wonder if it ever was..

  14. Hi can any body help. I have a focus zetec s with the 6000 CD player with hands free and aux all working I then changed the stereo for the Sony MP3 CD player but now the aux and hands free won’t work my phone won’t pair up with stereo and no sound from aux

  15. Hi James,

  16. Hi James

    I’m fitting a Parrot CK3100 LCD TO my focus and just wanted to know if its the SOT-092 or the SOT-092S I need. The stereo is the 6000CD. I have the stalk controls.



  17. I have a 2010 plate diesel 1.6 focus.
    I have a parrot handsfree system factory fitted, my control for the radio on my steering collum does’nt work any suggestions? I also have a problem with the ariel reception the stereo is the standard one.

  18. Hi James I have a focus titanium 56 plate, just changed the standard Sony stereo to a dvd sat nav Bluetooth unit from extrons, works well only thing is it doesn’t illuminate at night with the light so can’t see what side button to press and the reception is poor, I there anything I can do to make he reception better it came with a fackra adaptor to fit the round ford ariel connector and a blue wire comes off this saying ant so connected this to the wire that came off the back of the stereo saying ant and this made the reception even worse so disconnected that wire and it made it a little better but can’t pick up half the channels the old ford unit could is there anything you would recommend?



  19. Hi James,

    Could you tell / show me how to take out the SatNavStereo for Ford Focus RS500, also, if i want to add a subwoofer, how



  20. hi, im hoping you can help me ! I have a ford focus 57 plate, i have had it about 4 weeks and havnt had no problems with it, but for the last 3 days when i put the cd playing on, the cd stops and the front screen keeps displaying “phone” and the model of the stereo is 6000 cd. thanks inadvance and im hoping you can help me.

  21. Hello James,
    I own a 2008 Focus SW with the “normal” radio. If I change it to the Sony Radio from the Titanium version, will it just be “plug and play”?

  22. Hi. I have just fitted an Aux cable and run it through to the glove box, was a piece of cake, but getting the fascia back on is not! It all clicks in fine apart from the bit round the climate controls. Both the AC button and the circulation button are now set back about 2mm from the fascia…works fine but looks rubbish. Any hints or tricks to get the fascia back as it was? Thanks for helpful article btw! :)

    1. It sounds as if you haven’t pushed the fascia back on properly. Remove and try again – make sure all the pop clips actually come out with the fascia, you may need a screwdriver to pull them out and put them back onto the fascia.

  23. Hi james,
    Great site by the by,
    Was wondering if it is possible to fit an ipod connector to a 2008 focus standard 6000cd radio there is no cd changer button but have read that pressing the cd button twice does this, do i have to take it to ford to get this switched on

    1. Hi Andrew,

      There is no easy way in doing this, as I have tried myself, the best and cheapest way would be to use a Parrot hands free device (MKi9200) to obtain this feature.

      1. Thanks james, have already installed a parrot ck3100, if i knew when buying it i would have gone a bit more expensive and and gone for the mki9000, one other way i was thinking was to put in the mk2 6000cd which has cddj button i know you can switch them old for new but can you do it the other way

  24. After reading this guide and some of the comments, I purchased the PC99-X50 cable with a Pioneer patch to install my DEH-7100BT. Had it installed in my Hyundai Coupe (Standard ISO) and a Citroen C2 (Connects2 Patch Cables) before this, so I know it’s fully functional.

    After removing the Sony stereo, connected the cables, and nothing. The headunit doesn’t even turn on.

    As far as I can tell, the PC99-X50 cable does not work in this instance, unless I’m missing something? The car is a 57 plate Ghia estate. The factory headunit was the Sony one, no DAB and no handsfree.

  25. Hi James, I have MK2.5 focus ST with the NX nav & combined climate unit. I do not like this unit and intend on converting it to an after market screen with separate climate module. I have purchased a climate module and a replacement oval type fascia. I have not attempted the fitting yet as I am yet to purchase the head unit.

    Looking at your photos for radio removal in a mk2.5, it looks like the radio is built into the dash and not mounted off the back of the fascia. Also the aircon unit seems to fix with a screw at either end to the dash and not the fascia (my climate module also has these screw holes).

    My question is that if I am changing from the NX unit, will the correct mounting and fixing points still be present for me to install the separate head unit and climate module, or will I need mods?

    Many thanks,

  26. How do I change the clock on the display of my cmax that has not got a factory fitted radoo

  27. Hi James,

    Thanks for your useful instructions.
    I want to replace my cd6000 stereo on my Ford zetec Mark 2.5 2009 with a Kenwood KDC-DAB4551U which is missing the main cable. I wanted to know if this will still be required if i buy the PC99-X50 cable you have suggested. Will i also have to buy the Autoleads PC2-84-4 – None Steering Wheel (Stalk) Controls ? I also want to fit the DAB aerial and the Kenwood KCA-BT300 Bluetooth Unit. There is a Nokia blue tooth already fitted but the original unit stopped working and i was told it may be due to a fault with the blue tooth unit.

    Kindly advise on which parts i should buy.



  28. Hi James,

    I was lucky to come accross your this website as it carrys lot of information for everyone. I recently bought plate 60 Focus Titanium reading the review of its advance electronics. However was disappointed to notice that Sony DAB CD whilst has phone symbols but do not seem to have phone / bluetooth functionality. I therefore was browsing / searching the web how and with which model to replace one now fitted in car, I will appreciate if you will kindly advise make & model to go for which will replace current one without any issue. I will also prefer which has built in sat nav. Kindly advice.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Hi Naresh,

      You will need to have the bluetooth module fitted in the car to activate the standard stereo for bluetooth (which will enable the phone buttons to work on the stereo).

      There are a number of aftermarket stereo’s on the market that will enable this functionality in one complete unit. If you have a look on ebay, there is a number of direct replacement stereos out there.

      1. Hi,

        I have a 59plate focus titanium with the Sony dab stereo. The phone buttons on it purely mute the stereo.
        What components would I need to buy, or at least what features do they need so I can search for them, to get the stereo to operate with Bluetooth and to use the built in phone buttons. Ideally I would like to not buy a whole new stereo.
        Is it likely there is a microphone built into the roof light unit or cabling in place so one can be installed? Or would that need to be bought too.


  29. Hi
    I have a 2008 Ford Focus Titanium
    I traded the car radio. Now the light of the dashboard display, will not turn off
    Is there a way to solve this situation?

    (If I put the original radio again, the light is already off)

    1. Hi Rogerio,

      Have you replaced the stereo with an aftermarket one? One thing to check is the orange cable from the stereo to the car wiring loom.

      Are we talking about the light for the trip computer?

  30. Hi James, I’ve got a 2008 focus facelift model, need to buy a stalk adaptor so I can use my steering functions when I fit my aftermarket head unit, however which adaptor do I buy? with or without ignition feed? I have the original oval 6000cd unit in there at the moment

  31. Hi James

    As most people on here im looking for a bit of advise on a focus and your site seems to be the best place to find it.

    I’m about to purchase a 57 plate focus style tdci. I’m trying to work out if it’s a mk2 or a mk2.5? Everything I read seems to tell me that the 2.5’s started in 08 but mine seems to have the curved 6000 base stereo you picture above.

    So did some of the 57 plate focus’s have some of the features of the 2.5 or could it be a 2.5? How else could I tell?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Gav,

      Do you have a picture of the car it’s self. The way you can tell if it’s a mk2 or a mk2.5 is by the headlights and front bumpers. The facelift is just that, a more curved front end and some other styling changes. Inside is the same apart from a curved stereo, some of the models close to changeover date did come with a curved stereo.

      1. Thanks for the reply, I think I must fall into the later category with just the curved radio, however I do have a photo do you have an email address and I can email you a photo.

        Thanks again


  32. Dear James

    I am about to order a Parrot MKi9100 for a 2007 Ford Focus with Sony MP3 Model CD3XX-CDI-ISLAND-KW2000 (Sony item number CDX-FS307JD). Following your recommendation, i have ordered a Musiconnect MC2082 cable.

    If I understand properly, that should be the only cable needed for fitting the Parrot into the Sony, correct?

    When you say:

    “If you’re fitting a hands free kit to your MK2.5 Focus, don’t forget to take out the stalk control and aux wires from the quad lock connector and place them in the new Sound On Top (SOT) lead (failure to do so will mean the owner will be unable to use their stalk controls or aux lead)”

    You mean that something else needs to be done to retain volume + radio tuning control of the Sony unit using the steering wheel controls?

    Do I need to fit an additional ISO cable as well?

    And another last question. If I purchased the MKi9000, would it still be possible to configure parrot volume to the max so it outputs at maximum level to the Sony Amplifier (I saw you doing that in a video with a MKi9200). Is that volume setting retained after powering the car off?

    As a reference for you, this is the back connector of my Sony unit:

    This is the cable coming from the car into the radio:

    This is the exact model of the radio:

    Thank you very much in advance

    1. Hi There,

      If you are buying the misconnect lead, then you won’t need to do anything else, as the lead has all the wires needed. the part above is only applicable if you are using a SOT lead, where the black and white connectors at the bottom of this block ( need to be removed. The blocks them selves just slide out by pushing the pins in that hold the little blocks to the quadlock block.

  33. Hi James,

    I just recently bought a 57 focus zetec and this has the 6000CD base system on it. It also has the AUX button it along with the 2 buttons (Green and Red Phone) – Im guessing this is for the handsfree kit ?

    Right I looked in the glove box to see if there was an aux input but there is a hole in there and not wires. what I want to know is whether there is a kit that can do handsfree phone + External audio source as well – or do I have to buy 2 separate cable sets for them?



    1. Hi Mat,

      Unfortunatly the Zetec does not come with bluetooth hands free as standard (this can only come if the first owner ordered this as an optional extra), the stereo’s all come with the aux and hands free buttons (even if its not fitted).

      As for the aux lead, chances are, the main wiring for this is taped up behind the glove box, and you’ll need the adapter to put into the hole in the glovebox (see this post: )

      As for the bluetooth, this is an expensive upgrade to do, as you’ll need to get the bluetooth controller and have your stereo re-programmed to accept this.

      I have started writing a guide on how to do this, but I don’t currently have all the information and pictures to finish it, but I can tell you its a big and expensive job (it will be cheaper getting an aftermarket unit, such as the Parrot or a bluetooth stereo.

      1. the speaker in the door frame by the wing mirror has got a buzzing noise and the radio sound has stopped altogether , not even cd’s work , but the stereo is still working , its a 58 plate focus with the 6000cd facelift radio , I have tried disconnecting the speaker at its connection but no joy , any ideas

  34. Hi James,

    Im a fellow Teessider, now residing in Bristol.

    I have a 2006 Focus Titanium with the square sony cd player. (picture below if it worked)

    My question is, has anybody had any joy removing one of these without the correct flat metal removal tools? I’m about to embark on a long journey and cant bare not having any music for the trip. I recently fitted a new battery and now I need the numbers off the radio so that I can get my radio code.

    Fingers crossed somebody has a quick removal tip!!


    1. Hi Steve,

      The removal tools do make life a lot easier in getting the stereo out, but if you can find something small and strong enough to fit into all 4 holes (a small knife?) or something similar, you can get the stereo out this way.



  35. Hi there,

    I have just purchased a 60 plate Ford CMAX with a Ford 6000CD the rectangle one not oval.

    I have purchased the removal keys and popped the stereo out today and the quadlock connector looks exactly the same as your diagram.

    I want to install a Kenwood DPX-405BT, the question I have is in regards to the steering wheel Stalk.

    I’ve found the connects2 one but there are two types. Either a lead for Vehicles with 12V ignition feed in the harness or without.

    Does the harness definitely have the 12V ignition feed. I also understand I would only need this lead and not an extra ISO harness lead as well?

    1. Hi Gavin,

      I can confirm that the harness does not have an ignition lead on the CMAX, you will have to find an ignition wire (usually the cigar lighter socket, or from the fuse panel).

  36. Hi everybody, I have one simple question

    I want to replace my 6000CD with OEM 2din from Mondeo mk4/Focus mk2 RS


    I have 6000CD, and dual climate controll, it looks like that (my focus is not RS)×768.jpg

    Is that possible? primarily I need information about climate controll, can i connect it to this 2 din?

    Thank you :)

  37. Hi, James.

    I am having the notorious ‘phone mode’ error (unit muting / pausing cd and jumping at random to ‘phone’ display) on my stock CD 6000 in a 2008 Focus Zetec. I’m told that removing the ‘phone mute’ wire from the wiring at back will prevent this occuring and give me back a working unit. Can you show me which wire it is I need to remove? Not clear (to a lamen like me) on the image above.

    Cheers in advance!

  38. Hi James,

    I have a 2012 Ford S-max with the oval CD6000 unit. I am looking into replacing the unit for an aftermarket one. I heard that the CD6000 of that model has pre-amp outputs (amplifier is a separate unit). Is that true?
    If so, can I use a Ford S-max unit such as:
    or perhaps you can recommend a good aftermarket unit for the S-max?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  39. Hi there mate.
    My friend has just gone out and got a new ford focus 08 plate but he is asking me to run a sub and amp on the standard head unit I no this can be done because I done it in my Ibiza. I have looked around on the internet but don’t no to trust other people chatting rubbish. So my question to you is where would you run the remote wire to from the amp cheers mate

    1. Hi Darren,

      The best way to do this would be to take an ignition from the back of the stereo, or even using a multi meter find the wire which becomes live when the stereo is on (I cannot remember which wire this is off the top of my head, but there is deffently one, as I had mine wired in this way).

      Then once you have found this, feed the wire behind the glove box (zip tie to the rest of the wiring loom above the glove box), and then down the kick panel, and under the carpet on the passenger side of the car.



  40. Hi James,
    I have a mk2 2006 plate focus. I am looking at changing the factory square stereo to the oval Sony dab radio from a later model focus. I know that I need a new fascia which I have and the bracket and screws but what else do I need?
    As the radio is from a newer model focus will the connectors still for or do I need an adaptor?
    Also am I right in thinking I will need to changing something for the dab to work?
    As you can see I haven’t got a clue, you help would be greatly appreciated.

  41. Hi, will the following unit Sony WX-GT90BT 2 Din Bluetooth CD/MP3 Player fit a 2008 ford focus style and what other parts will be required ? Thanks

    1. Hi Chris,

      Do you have steering wheel controls?

      You will need a ISO connector, and as you are fitting a double din stereo, you will need to convert the whole unit from the oval fascia to the square fascia. (Autoleads DFP-07-17).

      1. Thanks for the info. All wiring is now complete and working. I ordered the fasciaas recrecommended bit cage and headunit will not fit as too large. Any other ideas ?

  42. Hello

    Thanks for the nice set of information!

    I have a 2008 Focus with the oval 6000CD basic stereo, same as in your picture here: ) and with the climate controls as in your picture here:

    Now I’m planning to throw in an aftermarket unit. The one I found is really for the Mondeo mk4 but from what I have been able to find on the web the Mondeo and Focus are equipped with the same 6000CD stereo. Would you happen to know if they indeed are exactly same or if there are differences that will cause problems for me?

    The unit I’m thinking about ordering: )

      1. Thanks again.

        The new stereo unit arrived and is now installed. Some notes:

        1. It is 2mm, or so, deeper and the ISO connector is not connected directly to the stereo. There is a CANBUS decoder and a bunch of wires behind it that you need to find space for. This is not easy but by removing the climate control unit while fitting the stereo it was possible. Getting the climate control unit back in place with the stereo installed was also not a piece of cake but creative use of the bojo tool helped.

        2. The hardest part of removing the oval fascia was the middle part between the stereo and the climate controls. The key here is to pry it upwards, away from the climate controls and towards the stereo. In your video it seemed to go much smoother. I guess the ST version lacks the hooks in the middle.

        3. If someone thought the unit I linked looked interesting, it is, but not as nice as on paper. It was not a perfect fit. The difference is probably less than 1mm but the oval fascia does not go perfectly into place (for me, the left upper corner seems to be the problem). It can probably be pried into place but since the plastic is quite cold here now when winter is coming I was afraid it would crack if I used force. Also the android part of it is not perfectly stable. I’m not sure what causes it but I have had some problems with hanging software. It could be a bug in the navigating software but it is annoying when it just hangs while driving. I have mainly used navfree ( )

        4. If you get this stereo for your Focus, remember to to get an antenna adapter as well. It uses the old antenna connector.

        1. Thanks for your comments Kim, glad you got it fitted ok.

          Yes there can be an issue with lots of wires behind the dash, but you can usually squeeze and tuck these wired behind the dash to get the stereo to fit.



      2. continue:
        Would you also happen to know what is the best way to route a cable between the stereo unit and a rear view camera. The camera is replacing one of the license plate lights. And the Focus is a STW model.

  43. Hi there,

    From the drawing of the wire connections to the tereo.

    It has pins 4 and 10 are for the sub (connector C). Can you use this or do you have to tap into the speaker wires and use a loc to the sub?
    I’m guessing for remote turn off you can tap into Pin 16 connector A?
    What about the live straight from the battery or could you tap into pin 15 connector A?



    1. Hi Jason,

      Unfortunately you cannot just tap into the sub wires on the back of the stereo – this was designed for an optional extra Ford sub woofer (which had little power). If you are going to keep the standard stereo, I recommend one of these:

      This wires into the rear left and right wires (Pin 1, Pin 5, Pin 4, Pin 8), then you’ll run your phono leads to the rear of the car into your amplifier. You also cannot take a power feed from this block, amp’s use a lot of power, and would surely burn out the power wires if you did this – You’ll see that amplifier cable is really thick in comparison to the wires on the ISO block. You’ll have to run a separate cable directly from the battery to your amplifier.

      Then the remote cable is as you say, Pin 16 on the ISO cable for your remote, although there is a wire which becomes live when the stereo is on (I cannot remember which one this is off the top of my head – but if you have a multimeter you can find easily enough) – This means the sub will power on when the stereo is on, which means you will not need to have the keys in the ignition for the sub to be powered.



      1. Thanks for this info James. Sorry I have been away so couldn’t respond.

        I have bought a LOC and tapped into the pins as suggested.

        Also, I have found someone mentioning an unused live feed in the boot (drivers side behind the carpet) which is approximately half the size of the amp cable. Have you come across this wire and if so is it adequate to use to power an amp. As going from the battery seems a great deal of effort as everything is so tightly
        packed within the engine bay.

        I have tested connecting up the sub and amp using the loc and the live feed in the boot.It turns on and off as it should. May sound a little silly here but the bass doesn’t seem to be working on the sub when it is bridged and the amp on the LPF setting. The sub works fine when it isn;t bridged and on the standard amp setting but this is then trying to play high frequency sounds which obviously I don’t want.

        Do you have any idea for where I am going wrong here?

        Kind regards


        1. Second to this I have a non standard HU used in a previous vehicle which has pre outs so quite simply use this but for a sub. However, I’d rather keep the stock HU.

          If however, I do not get adequate bass response usinf the standard/loc set-up do ford have a fascia whihc is double din but have a box compartment below as the “2nd din” I can not find one anywhere.


          but with half as a compartment. Or can you just buy a different cheap fascia with a compartment and take it out ans slot it in. i.e. this

          Idealy I would like the sub to work on the stoock HU.

          Thank you


        2. Hi Jason,

          Under no circumstances should you use the cables which are already in the car, the cable which you have mentioned will melt under the stress and power which an amp pulls through it. Chances are you’ll keep blowing fuses. The best way is as I have mentioned before is to run a new cable from the battery.

          If you put your head under the glovebox (or remove the glove box) and pull the carpet down, you’ll see a nice rubber grommet there, which leads directly into the engine bay. Make a hole in this grommet and feed your amp power cable through, then feed this cable through the door trim (plastic trim can be removed easily enough) then under the carpet (or if your Focus is a 5 door, under the rear door trim) then under the rear seats into the boot.

          This isnt a big job – If you live in the North East, I would happily do this for you, I would rather a safe and neat installation instead of people having/causing issues with their Focus.

          By the sounds of the amp settings, you need to have it on Low Pass Filter, then tune the frequency to get just bass coming through the amp. Bass uses a lot of power, so it may be referring to my first comment where the cable you are using cannot draw enough power and goes into protect mode.

          I ran a sub for 3 years on my old Focus using the same method I have written in my guides, using the standard stereo also, and it worked perfectly without any issues what so ever. Got nice bass from the system, and people were amazed it was using the standard system.

          Let me know if your from the North East and I would happily take a look at it for you.



          1. Good morning James,

            Unfortuantely I do not live in the North East. But, I’ll try and give it a go toknight if I get back before it gets to dark.

            I imagine the sub wasn’t working when bridged then as it was trying to pull too much power through a cable which couldn’t supply it. I will quickly attach the sub externally to the battery and then hopefully all will work fine unlmesss I have made another silly error somewhere :)

            I’ll let you know how I get on.

            Thanks for the great advice


      2. Hello,

        On a TravelPilot FX for ford focus mk2.5 the connector C pin 10 and 4 does not output signal for subwoofer(line level)?

  44. Dear James I have a ford focus 1.6 zetec 2009, The radio /cd is giving me a lot of trouble it keeps cutting out and going to phone and saying cd error I dont have a Phone in the car some times eveything works ok, I would be grateful if you could help me

    Thanks Patrick.

  45. Hi, I’m trying to fit a steering wheel audo control to my 09 focus. I purchased the control unit off ebay for the steering wheel column and was hoping that the cable would be tucked in there somewhere to connect to. Its not. The controller has 3 little pins for the connector. Do you know the part number for this cable or if its even possible to retro fit this controller? I have the oval shaped stereo. Thanks

  46. Dear James,

    I would like to buy a Ford Focus RS. The one I have seen second hand, has the Navigation Stereo in it, which I do not really like. So I would like to take that stereo out and replace it with a Sony Stereo instead. Do you think this is possible? Could problems arise with airconditioning and/or navigation wiring?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jan,

      This is certainly a strange request, I would love to get my hands on the Navigation Stereo in exchange for my Sony Stereo, but I have a feeling it is a little more complicated then swapping everything, as the stereo is linked into the climate control.

      If you are in the north east of England, I would happily take a look at this for you. Feel free to use the contact form to contact me.



  47. Hi James,

    I’ve recently purchased a mk 2.5 focus with the same stereo and air con/heating controls as the one shown in your video. I’m wondering if there was anyway I could change all of this to the touch screen stereo that includes climate control (navigation stereo).
    Also do you know if the wiring for an auto dim rear view mirror is in place as mine has a standard one and I was going to upgrade.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Josh,

      Unfortunately it is not just a task of changing the stereo, there are lots more motors and other parts you will require to get this to work. Personally I have not seen anyone do this conversion before, but I have seen them in standard Focus’s.



  48. Hi James,
    Just bought a Focus st2 08 facelift model with the sony radio as standard with the 1 cd only.Anyway listen to five live alot for the sports but my reception on this car is very poor even though the car is in mint condition. I have cleaned the aerial connection and under light switch, but this is hardly connecting to the body due to the plastic washer which the screw goes through to hold the aerial onto roof.Cleaned and regreased the negative on battery and to body of car.Please would be grateful for any suggestions to improve the situation.

    Thanks in advance.

  49. Hi James,

    I have a 59reg Focus 1.8 Zetec tdci. I want to change the standard stereo for the Sony, like what is in the Titanium and ST.

    Will the Sony fit into the Zetec? if so do I need any extra wiring?

    One last question – can you change the hazzard light button? as mine has a annoying scratch.



    1. Hi Mark,

      Yes the Sony will fit any Focus – No extra wiring is required, its plug and play (as long as you are replacing the oval stereo for another oval stereo)

      Yes you can change the button, you will have to follow this guide to remove the trim, then the button just pops out once the trim as been removed.



  50. Hi James – great stuff btw!

    Got a stupid question, as I’m building a (long) list of bits to buy to attempt to install a head unit, speakers and active sub (First time as well!)

    The center console I have, has the climate control (i.e. select a degree, like it makes a difference!) I can’t seem to find a fascia which will go over the new double din head unit and hide this part nicely as well.

    I mean I haven’t bought one…but none of the photos line up!

    What should I do?

    1. Hi Rob,

      Are you trying to convert a square type stereo to an oval one (or vice versa?) – Or do you currently have an oval stereo and you are trying to fit an aftermarket stereo into your car? That is the only reason I could think you would need a full fascia for your car.

      Yes these are hard to find, you may have to go to Ford to order one in for a MK2 Focus with climate control (will then give you the square Ford 6000 stereo hole), which you can then use to purchase a double din fascia for this.

      If you are trying to fit a single din fascia, you can get fascias to fit the oval stereo hole (as outlined in the guide above).

      If you want more help, just drop me an email using the contact form on my website, and I’ll happily help.



    2. Hi Rob,

      Are you trying to convert a square type stereo to an oval one (or vice versa?) – Or do you currently have an oval stereo and you are trying to fit an aftermarket stereo into your car? That is the only reason I could think you would need a full fascia for your car.

      Yes these are hard to find, you may have to go to Ford to order one in for a MK2 Focus with climate control (will then give you the square Ford 6000 stereo hole), which you can then use to purchase a double din fascia for this.

      If you are trying to fit a single din fascia, you can get fascias to fit the oval stereo hole (as outlined in the guide above).

      If you want more help, just drop me an email using the contact form on my website, and I’ll happily help.



  51. Hi James

    I have a 58 plate Ford Focus cc with the Sony 6000 CD. I need hands free with my IPhone 5, which I can sort of get by plugging the IPhone into the AUX plug in the glove box and having the stereo up at a really high volume (20+). Callers can hear me pretty clearly but I am not sure if that’s through the stereo or if the IPhone (sitting on the dashboard) is using its own mic for me voice. It’s not ideal and I do need hands free calling in the car. Should I go for a Parrot or would change the unit for a Bluetooth enabled stereo give me the same result. I don’t really understand these things but have worked out that a Parrot would come with a mic, where would the mic be on a Bluetooth stereo. Any help you can give me would be great.

    thanks in advance


    1. Hi Jacqui,

      Unfortunately your iPhone is acting as the microphone for your call, you are only using the aux wire to output the sound from the phone through the car speakers. So this system is not a true hands free kit, as you’ll have to answer the phone by hand by swiping the answer bar on the iPhone and not by simply pressing a button.

      I would personally go for the Parrot kit (I speak from experience in fitting these and also experience from using my own Parrot device in my Focus, and have no issues with it what so ever.)

      Changing the stereo would give you the same result (it would have to be aftermarket), but will cost you more then simply getting a Parrot kit installed, and you get to keep your standard Ford stereo.



  52. Hi James,

    I’ve bought a sony xav601bt for my ford focus 2.0 TDCI which already has the factory fitted BT kit in it. The sony comes with it’s own microphone which connects into a 2.5mm plug on the back of the stereo. Do you know if you can get an adaptor for the quadlock which converts the mic into a 2.5mm?



    1. Hi Craig,

      Unfortunately there is no adapter that I know of, but you could always try and make one yourself, but I think this would be more trouble then its worth.



  53. Hi James, Looking for a little bit of advice.
    I have a 2010 Ford Focus Titanium with the Sony Dab radio fitted.
    I am looking to buy the Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB to replace it, my only concern is the dab aerial connection, i assume the connection will be totally different??
    Do you know if there is lead that can swap that connection? can it be re-wired to a new connection??
    The reason is because I would like to use the standard dab aerial in the focus as i don’t want an ugly aftermarket “stick on the windscreen” one
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Andy,

      You can use the standard aerial connector, as these are ISO (standard) connectors – There are two connectors on the back of the stereo, DAB and normal FM. Your new stereo will plug into this without any issue.



      1. Hello, where i can buy this part????
        Autoleads PC99-X50 + Compatible PC99 Patch Lead Steering Wheel (Stalk) Control
        I see in internet PC99-X50 but is only compatible for FORD FOCUS until 2007
        I have a Ford Focus sep 2008, where y can buy PC99 Patch lead steering wheel???
        you can send my a link??

  54. Great to finally find some information on the Mk2.5 as you call it.
    My wife has a Ford Focus CC Cabriolet 2008 (07/08 FOCUS2 on Vin) with a “SILVER” climate control unit (19980D from and we want to upgrade the stereo but we also want to change the climate control to a “BLACK” unit.
    I am after any information at all that can tell me if the 2012-2013 BLACK climate control will work as a change over unit as it looks identical from photos?
    Part numbers I have spotted from google are,
    BM5T-18C612-AJ aka BM5T18C612AJ
    7M5T-18C612-CD aka 7M5T18C612CD
    BM5Z-19980-B aka BM5Z19980B

    Can someone confirm if the smart sync Mk3 2012 is BACKWARDLY compatible with the Mk2 2008 in regards to climate control?

    1. Hi There,

      I would pop into your local Ford dealer to confirm the part numbers. There will be different software versions on each of these modules, and the Mondeo version isn’t compatible with a focus, and other ford models had specific controls, which look the same, but do not work.

      As for backwards compatibility, the above applies where there are different software versions, which means they wont work.

  55. Hello.
    I have a 2008 ford focus titanium sony 6006CD. If I change the stereo what kit for the controls in the steering wheel do I need?

    1. Hi Andreas,

      As per the guide, you’ll need a Autoleads PC99-X50 + Compatible PC99 Patch Lead Steering Wheel (Stalk) Control, which will allow you to change your stereo and keep the steering wheel controls, as long as your new stereo is compatible with the steering wheel controls.



  56. Hi there,

    Great useful site!

    I’ve got a focus mk 2.5 that came with the silver Visteon 6000 unit, and has ford factory fitted Bluetooth, I’d like to upgrade the head unit to the DAB version. Is the sony DAB version compatible with the existing Bluetooth connections? What else would I need to buy to get it working?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Jon,

      Yes the stereo is compatible with all Ford Focus MK2 stereo’s. You may find that you may have to have ford plug your car into their computer to enable the Bluetooth function on the car, although one I have done before was plug and play.



      1. Hi James thanks for your reply. I got the Sony dab stereo. I fitted it and it all powers up and works as you’d expect but there is no sound on mode (even cd) – not even a hiss! What could be wrong?

        Many thanks,


  57. Very useful guide!

    I’ve got a 2009 focus that has the basic 6000 unit and had factory fitted ford Bluetooth. If I put the Sony dab head unit in will this Bluetooth module be compatible? What other parts would I need to get up and running or will I need anything to be coded etc?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Jon,

      If you already have bluetooth fitted in the car, and you upgrade the stereo, everything should work as before. Although you may need to have the car plugged into the Ford computer to have the stereo enabled for bluetooth, but the previous one’s I have done worked straight away.



  58. Hi James
    Am habing issues with pairing iPhone 4S with Sony stereo in my 2009/10 Ford XR 5 ST. The unit doesnt like ios6.
    Any software / hardware upgrade purchases you can recommend so that I don’t have to replace the head unit?

  59. Hi, i have a focus mk2.5 and I have installed a Sony dab radio from a titanium model into my zetec model. I am running a splitter for the aerial but it needs to be connected to the 12v + connector that goes into the quad lock connector. What colour wire is it and what wire number as I am currently stuck trying to sort this out.

  60. Hi I have a parrot ck3000 and can’t for the life of me find a switched live,any ideas because I need it as a remote wire for my amp as well many regards mark

    1. Hi Mark,

      Are you hard wiring this into your Focus? As there is a ignition live on the stereo block, which is used by the SOT lead for power.

      If you are unable to find one there, you can find some from the fuse box, or even using what is known as an ‘ignigen’ which will read the canbus system to turn a permanent live on/off with the car ignition.

  61. I had written the product codes down for the connectors and facia for the cd player conversion and cant find them so im wondering if you can let me no what they are again thanks

  62. Hi James
    Thanks for all this info.
    I have a galaxy with the. Travelpilot NX that just spotted working. No error, nothing on the screen, just some wiring from the navigation DVD drive for a few seconds on power on. And because climate control is integrated we’ve lost that too.
    I would like to change the whole unit and buy a separate climate control module and one of those Sony 6000 or other after market double din head units. Do you think I can remove the travelpilot NX and install the separate climate control unit?

  63. Hi Danny,
    I have a Zetec 2008 TD Focus and I want to swap the basic radio/CD for the Sony model, is it a simple matter of following your, very simple to understand, diagrams or is there anything else I should know. I know that I will have to put in a DAB aerial which, I hope I can just exchange for the existing one.

  64. Hi James,

    This might already be in the comments somewhere but I’m looking at buying a mk2.5 focus and wondered which level of the stereo has Bluetooth connectivity? I was planning on getting a car with the 6000CD and then just buying the Sony unit from eBay. Is it a straight swap or do you need a DAB aerial to make it work properly?

    I assume the 6000CD doesn’t have phone connectivity and that the green/red phone buttons are just a mute/unmute? Does the nav upgrade version have bluetooth?

    Sorry for all the questions!!

    1. Hi Alex,

      You will find that the hands free kit was an optional extra on all the range, and didnt come fitted as standard. The Sony stereo has the buttons for the hands free kit, but does not work if you dont have the optional extra.

      As for retrofitting this, I have priced it up, and would cost something around £300-£400 to get it fitted and working correctly (will need to take the car into Ford to have the moduel installed to speak with the CPU).

      After the above, I went for a Parrot kit instead – £150 fitted, and works exactly the same way, if not better (Music screaming from phone, iPod compatibility, USB, SD Card…)

  65. Hi James we are in the process of buying a ford focus 1.6 Tdci titanium 58 plate and it has a ford 6000 I think radio fitted, me and my husband think it should have the sony radio in it can you tell me if this is the case.

    1. Hi Diane,

      If you are purchasing a Titanium, then yes, Sony stereo’s came as standard on the Titanium.

      The model below came with the 6000 stereo, but everything higher then the Ghia came with the Sony stereo as standard.

  66. Hi.
    Good tutorials and very helpful. Keep up the good work.

    I have a focus st3 07 plate with the square 6000 Sony stereo. I have bought the newer type facia to fit a sat nav DVD and I was wondering if there is an aux live at the back of the stereo or do I have to run a sep live from key? I would rather it come on with one click of the key and not ign live.
    In your video on YouTube it shows you removing a carbon fibre facia with the manual heating controls.
    Do you have the part number for this please?


  67. Hi James, having read through your web page, I am hopeful you may be able to help me, I just purchased a second hand ford focus titanium and it comes with built in satnav ect just like your picture, I have linked my iPhone and can make and receive calls when using USB, however I can select music from the unit and it shows all the song on my iPhone 4S, but no sound comes out in the car, I am using apple cable, what am I doing wrong?, any help would be appreciated, thanks

  68. Hi James

    Iv’e just bought a (58)2008 focus mk 2.5 from what I can tell, as it looks like the pictures above. It also has the silver stereo with the rounded edges.

    I havent bought my stereo replacement yet but am just doing research on what I will need when the time comes.

    I’m slightly confused about the PC99-X50 wire you say I would need to keep my wheel stalks working.

    On the below websites it says the adaptor fits only Jan 2005-Feb 2007 focus and mines 2008.

    Will the PC99-X50 adaptor work for me or should I be looking at the adaptors that go on about ignition wires (even more confusing) e.g

    Many thanks if you can clear this up.

    1. Hi Gemma,

      Sorry about the late response, only just found this comment pending approval.

      Right, it looks like that website has got their data in a bit of a twist. The option you posted is more for the Mondeo, and the newer style Focus (MK3) where the steering wheel controls are on the steering wheel its self. The Focus MK2 and MK2.5 are all the same connectors across the range, including the steering wheel controls. The only lead you will need is the PC99-X50 plus the patch lead which connects to the stereo you are fitting.



  69. I have just bought a 2008 Focus Style and want to replace the stereo with a dvd player. What i need to know is
    Will this one i have found on ebay work and will i be able to instal it myself?
    And if so what tools would i need ?
    I would like to be able to use bluetooth hands free and satnav all from the same screen…84.m1423.l2648

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the comment – As for the eBay link, it doesn’t look like the link works properly. To install the stereo, everything you need is mentioned in the guide and video I have posted. You will need a trim removal tool (Bojo Tool – Or something similar), fascia plate, wiring harness, aerial adapter.

      If you could email or reply to this comment with a correct link / Item number, I will be able to advise if you will be able to use stalk controls.



        1. Craig,

          That link doesn’t work… You are more then welcome to email me (using the contact form on this website) and I’ll be able to help discuss things better.



  70. HI
    I have a 08 ford focus with a standard 6000cd player and aux socket in the glove box. Can i Retro fit an usb socket?

  71. HI
    I have an 08 ford focus with the standard 6000cd player with AUX in glove box. Can I retro fit a usb connector as well?

  72. Hi James 7.6.12
    I wonder if you can help me ? I am about to have a third replacement radio fitted to my 08 Focus Zetec under warranty by my local Ford dealer. Reason the reception on AM keeps degrading so that Radio 5 & Radio 4 LW (Cricket !) becomes virtually unlistenable whilst FM remains fine.
    The radio intitial is ok then it gradually gets worse over 4-5 weeks as if the screening/suppression breaks down so that the engine, wipers/washer noise is incredible – any thoughts. Ford and my local dealership have been ok but I feel the problem will not go away. Am I right that the Titanium of the same vintage has a DAB Sony radio? If so is it directly interchangeable with the Zetec radio? Or do adapter plugs or aerials need to be changed ?
    I have already suggested this solution to Ford customer relations.

  73. Hi James, I have just fitted a JVC KD-R331 into my Mk2 2005 focus, i have also bought the the JVC Multistalk adaptor but i’m unsure how to fit this. Any help would be appreciated.

  74. Hi James,

    I want to take the stereo out of my 57 plate focus st3 and put a double din jvc/kenwood multimedia unit in it’s place.
    I can’t seem to find a fascia that i would use to cover the area of the switches below the stereo (fan, temperature etc)… can you help? I don’t want to leave the area bare…


  75. Now the sot lead is on I can’t get the head unit to sit in correctly. The bottom is about 4mm out. The top screws are flush. I have tried screwing it in but then the trim doesn’t clip in. Have you any ideas?

    1. Hi Dave,

      You have to be creative when putting the stereo back in. You should be able to put the SOT lead down the side of the stereo (down one of the gaps) and then the stereo will slide in just fine.

  76. hi James,i have just bought a Focus 16 zetec 2010,sadly no radio code came with car so at some point when i replace battery i will end up with a dead radio,i shall follow your superb instructions about removal.if i write the ref-number down will Ford give me the code straight away or will they make me wait…..thanks in advance James…malc

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      If you got the car from a ford dealership, they should be able to provide you with a code. Usually Ford can provide you with the code from your stereo just from your reg number / vin code from the car.

      Worse case, yes, write the serial numbers down, and they should be able to get it from that too.

    2. Hi Malc,

      Usually ford will require the stereo serial (some just use the car vin number) and are able to provide this straight away (well the dealer I go to provides this straight away)

  77. Hi James
    If I buy a unit for my ford focus mk 2 would you fit it for me as I live in Chester Le street? I’ll pay you of course
    Also I’m interested in setting up a website for my business and would like to know how much you charge

    Thanks Paul

  78. hi james.

    i just tried to replace my standard stero on my ford focus 2008 modal, but it didnt work, so iv gone back to my standard one, but i now need a code for my stero to work but iv got no idea what the code is, or where i can find one any ideas?!

    please help!!!! many thanks

  79. Hi James

    Thansk for your help. I decided to purchase the fitted Sony unit and thanks to your great instructions have managed to replace the cd6000 with no problem.

    The only issue is, I have lost my aux in capability, everything else works fine.

    Any ideas?


      1. Hi

        Really appreciate your help with this.

        I’ve just checked the stereo and removed and reconnected the quadplug.

        There are connecting pins for the part B & C on the diagram, 12 in all. I’ve noticed on the old cd6000 unit there are only 4 pins on the unit where they plug into the connector C side (corresponding pins 5, 6, 11 & 12)

        I’ve also noticed that if I crank the stereo right upto top volume I can faintly hear the mp3 player, so it is connecting, just not giving me full volume for some reason? I’m using the same mp3 player and lead so it must be the stereo.

        Thanks for your ongoing help, I know I can use MP3 discs but the aux in facility would be handy.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Yes changing the stereo will mean you lose the aux in (from the glovebox) functionality.

      The only way to keep this will be a bit of a home brew cable (that is if the stereo you have fitted has a 3.5mm input in the back)

  80. Hi James

    I have the above radio in a 60 plate Ford Focus, can I buy a fascia (CT24FD16) and simply fit an aftermarket stereo (Sony or Pioneer, haven’t decided yet!) into the car using this fascia? Do I need a cage or anything or will it simply plug straight in?

    I’m guessing I will need a stalk adaptor to retain the steering controls?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. The stereo will come with a cage if you buy it brand new, and yes you will need the stalk adapters to keep the steering wheel controls (thats if the stereo you choose is compatible for use with steering wheel controls)

  81. Hi James hoping to buy a 2007 focus st2 at the weekend and Im hoping to get my subs for my 3 series and put them into the st. Can you tell me what i need (wires) to make it work as some got damaged taking them out of my 3 series. Also do you know anywhere that has a diagram on which wire goes where?
    Hopefully you know that answers

    Many thanks


  82. Hi James

    Great article. I’ve just bought a 2008 MKII and have my Alpine head unit to go in.

    But I am wondering if I can integrate my Alpine head (with parrot) unit with the car built in mic?
    Also, I don’t know if you have any ideas but the line input from the glovebox is much quieter than the CD/Radio etc??? I have tried several devices (mp3 player, phone etc) plugged in at max volume but just not very loud. Is this just the headunit normalising this or what?



  83. hi there, would it be possible eto attach a subwoofer to the standard head unit? .. ive seen this done on a ford focus mk2.5 model which did have the standard headunit fitted but im not fully sure

    1. Hi Mustakim,

      Yes you can run a subwoofer off the standard stereo no problem, however it does not have RCA outputs like an aftermarket stereo, but you can use a High Level Input to RCA converter. I have used these before with great success:

      You can also pick up a similar converter from any Halfords store (PC1-601):

      This just wires inline with the speaker wires coming out of the back of the stereo. You do not need to snip the wires (some people believe you have to loose a set of speakers, but you do not)

      Hope that helps


      1. Hi James im looking to install a vibe sub enclosure in my focus titanium 2006 and keep the standard headunit, ive bought the convertor from halfords that you recommended. i read from what you wrote, you dont have to splice the wiring. and i can tap from rear speakers, how would i do this(what goes where?) obviously i will run power lead from battery, connect ground wire to boot, does it mean i dont have to remove the headunit? can you please help….

      2. hi i have tried installing a sub with the factory headunit everything is succesful i used a power line adapter on the speaker wire behind the headunit and connected everything else up fine but now if i turn it up my factory speakers start to crackle and distort is there a way i can prevent this so keep the original power that the factory speakers had as well as my sub? any response would be greatly appreciated!

  84. hiya james, I currently own a 55 ford focus Lx model Mk2, and i wanted to fit the speedometer/rev counter part of the MK2.5 (titanium model) to my car. is this possible?

    Also does the MK2.5 titanium steroe come with an aux in input?


    1. Hi Christian,

      Unfortunately its changing the clocks from a MK2.5 and putting them in a MK2 will not work. The clocks are controlled by the CAN system, and link in with the immobiliser and computer system. This is supposed to stop people changing clocks and clocking cars mileage. So if you change the clocks, you will have one car that cannot be started (will have to be plugged into Ford computer to get up and running, but chances are they will not do this due to the implications with the mileage differences and what not…

      And yes, the mk2.5 stereo has the same connections as the mk2, so both have aux input (3.5mm jack)



      1. Hi James,

        I was interested in changing the clocks from my Mk2 to the newer model clocks and was dissapointed this was not possible due to the CAN system like you were explaining.

        My friend also has a Mk2 model but he bought the car with the new clocks (white and red lights, rather than the older green ones). How is this possible?.. If I found another Mk2 with the newer clocks, could I use these and replace mine?


        1. Hi Dean, the facelift MK2 focus and some late MK2 focus’s had these installed (I think it depended on stock levels) There is a way to do it, but you will have to take it into ford to get the clocks programmed for your immobiliser and the mileage updated, will cost you an arm and a leg though.

  85. Am fitting one of these curved units into my 56plate focus, that had a square unit. Have the new fascia and brackets, but no screws. Ford seem to have no idea what I am on about, and seem unable to help. What type of screws do I need, and where can i source them from, if you know?



    1. Hi Chris,

      Hopefully you have the metal clip bits that the screws will screw into too? – I did think the brackets came with the screws and clips too, but odiously not.

      Ford use their usual T25 Torx Screw to hold the stereo in (4 of them). This is the type of screw Ford use throughout the building of their cars. The Ford Parts Guy should have been able to see view a break down of the parts required on their system. I will pop into my Ford and see if I can find the part number for you.

      1. hi James.

        Thanks for that, dont have any metal clips either, just got the 2 plastic brackets, fascia, and stereo unit. Ford parts chap, showed me the breakdown he had on his system, and all that was shown was the plastic brackets. What are the metal clips, I assumed that the screws screw into the dash behind the fascia.

      1. Forgot to say, didnt get these brackets from Ford, the whole lot came from E-Bay as a package, so cant say if the plastic brackets come with the screws and clips. If they do, then I will buy them from ford…..

        1. hi James

          The Ford dealerships breakdowns didnt show screws or brackets, but the parts chap could not be sure if they came with them or not… anyhow, could I e-mail a photo of what I have, or could you post a photo of what i need with regards to the clips. Sometimes wish i had never started this…….

  86. Hi
    My dad has a focus titanium 2010 which has the sony radio, bluetooth, sat nav etc etc all built in. The major problem is my young son who has special needs thought the slit in the cd player was a money box slit and has posted several coins into the cd player!!!

    My dad of course has hit the roof as there appears to be no way of getting the unit out like before! Please have you any ideas? I fear we may end up damaging the whole thing trying to DIY or spend loads at a Ford dealer trying to get it sorted. Many thanks Jo

    1. Hi Jo,

      I assume you mean the 2011 Focus (MK3?) Unfortunatly I have not had a Focus MK3 to take apart yet. If you are any where near County Durham, and you fancy letting me do this for you, I will gladly get the coins out for you. I have a feeling (from sitting in the car and looking at pictures on the net) its is quite a similar process to how the new Fiesta stereo is removed, but without actually being in the car and trying, I cannot really say.



  87. Hi James, I’ve purchased for my focus the same radio that you have. The only problem was that my version of focus came without the mic in the roof light, so I had to add one and connect it to the radio. I used a stardard microphone with 2 wires (+/-) and connected it to the respetive pins in the back of the unit. But the only way it seems to recognize my commands is talking loud near to the mic. The question is, what am I doing wrong? Do I need a special kind of mic? (I’ve tried with 3 different standard ones)
    Thanks for your help, I hope to read from you soon!

    1. Adrian,
      Do you have the microphone pinout? I’ve purchased this stereo but I had the same problem, no mic harness in my car, so I’ve purchased the original mic from dealer, but i’ don’t have the wiring.

  88. hi James

    I have the above unit but it does not have the bluetooth connected. so i have the phone icons and the dials on the unit but i cant use them. Is there something i can buy and fix myself ?

    many thanks

    1. Hi Aaron,

      There are a lot of parts required to get the bluetooth working in your car. You will require a wiring loom, the bluetooth module box, and mic. I have a full list somewhere, I will see if I can dig it out.

      All the stereo’s come with the phone buttons on, but the actual bluetooth was an optional extra. It is a more expensive route retro fitting the standard Ford system, compared to something like a Parrot system.


  89. Hi James,

    I’ve got the above radio in my focus, to swap this for a titanium black sony, is it just a straight swap? No leads involved?


  90. My nephew has managed to jam CD’s into the stereo. I need to get inside the unit to remove some, I can’t find a screwdriver which fits the screw… any Ideas?

    Alex Brown

    1. Hi Alex,

      Taking the unit apart then opens a whole can of worms… If I was you, I would try and use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the CD’s… This should be do-able as I have done this before.

  91. Hi Is the chrome trim apart of the stereo? I’ve been looking for a single din fascia on ebay but they don’t come with the chrome trim around the edge

  92. Hi James I’ve got a new focus rs and I want 2 fit a double din touch screen stereo in it. What leads will I need 2 make sure my hands free works and the controll stalk still work. It’s got the Sony dab one in standard and will my USB port still be able 2 work in the middle arm rest box thing many thanks Danny

    1. Hi Danny,

      What type of hands free have you got? Is it an after market (Parrot) type hands free kit, or is it the factory fit hands free kit…. If its the factory fit kit, you will be unable to use it if you change the stereo for a double din unit.

      Also the USB port will become obsolete if you change the stereo too.

      However, if you are still wanting to change the stereo, you’ll need to get a PC99-X50 (Auto Leads Stalk Control Lead – Available from Halfords or eBay), you will then need to get a compatible stereo (Sony, JVC, Pioneer, Kenwood – Big Brand Names), and a wiring adapter for the chosen stereo.

      Hope that helps a bit

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