Stereo Removal Tools – Your Must Have List

When it comes to removing car stereos, you need to have the correct stereo removal tools for the job. Failure to do so could mean a damaged car, and a hefty repair bill, for either yourself or the company you work for.

Each vehicle requires different ways in which stereos are removed, and in some instances each stereo has their own stereo removal tools, which are required to remove the stereo safely and damage free.

New cars are becoming more difficult to remove the standard stereos, as these are usually built-in, for two main reasons:

  1. Overall looks, as built-in stereo’s look sleeker in design
  2. Safety, as no one is able to steal these stereos quickly and easily

Stereos are now designed so they mainly fit one model of car, although some will fit the same make of vehicle.

Most newly released cars now come with what used to be classed as an optional extra, with features as hands free compatibility, DAB radio, iPod input, which means there are less requirements for these stereo’s to be removed, although other devices may be fitted, and specific tools required.

In this guide, I will offer an overview of what basic tools you will need to remove stereos from most cars, safely and easily – Just remember, you will always need the right tool for the right job.

Anti Damage Tools

Bojo Tools - Master Install Kit
Bojo’s Master Installer Tool Kit

The last thing you want to do is damage anyone’s car, even your own, and especially not a customers car. With new car stereos becoming harder to remove, you will need to make sure you have a decent set of anti-damage tools. Bojo Tools are designed just for the job of removing flimsy plastic trims. These tools are plastic composite tools, which means they are strong yet durable. You cannot snap these tools like you would be able to a piece of plastic.

Bojo Tools come in a number of shapes, and application specific tools. You do not need a whole kit like above, but if you are fitting in a number of cars, the kit becomes a life saver.

For your every day DIY’er you can get away with only two Bojo Tools, the Narrow Wedge Pry Bar and the Wide Wedge Pry Bar.

A full review of these tools is available here.

Stereo Removal Tools

Stereo Removal Tools
All popular types of stereo removal tools.

Every application has a specific tool for the job. Stereo removal tools are available in single tools, or a kit format. For fitting into a number of vehicles, the Stereo removal kit is the best purchase, on the other hand single tools are available for fitting into a single car.

Read through the guides available on this website for a list of required tools for each removal guide.


Screw Drivers
Mixture of Philips ‘Pozi’ and Flat Head Screw Drivers

Screw Drivers are always handy no matter what – Everyone has a screw driver kicking around the house, but for applications such as this, make sure you have a decent set of screw drivers, with a good head on them (no pun there), as this will allow for ease of extraction of the screw. These stereo removal tools are a must have requirement in any toolbox.

 Torx Screwdrivers

Torx Screwdrivers
Torx Screwdrivers Useful for Modern Day Cars

Torx screws are becoming popular in new cars, as these screws are less prone to stripping, as the wrong sized Torx screwdriver cannot be used to tighten or remove the screw. Torx screws are designed to allow a lot of “torque” put through the screw without damage, or a conventional screw driver popping out of the screw head and rounding the screw off. For example, a conventional Phillips screw and screw driver cannot be over tightened, as they were designed for the screwdriver to pop out of the screw head if they were tightened too much.

With all the different machines used in building new cars on the production line, Torx screws are the easiest screws to use.


Using the above stereo removal tools, will allow you to easily remove a car stereo, damage free. Everything after this can be a little tricky depending on what you are fitting. Although everything can be made to be “plug and play” now using a mixture of SOT leads, ISO connectors, and Quadlocks.

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