Ford Focus MK2 to MK2.5 Stereo Conversion

Ford Focus MK2 and MK2.5 Stereo Conversion - Square Stereo and Oval Stereo

This is just a quick guide, after being asked by email, on the parts needed to fit a Ford Focus MK2.5 facelift (oval / rounded) stereo into a pre-facelift Focus MK2 (square) stereo.

As the facelift stereo screws into the dash, and the pre-facelift just clips in, you will need two adapter plates (available from Ford). Finally you will need a new fascia too, as the new fascia is oval.

Ford Part Numbers & Aprox Prices

  • 1547964 x 2 @ £4.37 each – Adapters
  • 1539347 @ £23.22 – Fascia

You will also need 4 screws (but unsure of the size / part numbers).

Remember, you can find how to remove these stereos on my site under the Tutorial / How to section, or using the links below

  1. James, great advice. Thanks
    i’m moving from the Mk2 square radio to the Mk 2.5 oval. I have the brackets and replacement facia, so all good.

    Qu. Your post shows the silver radio and I’m looking to fit a later Sony oval unit c.2008. See link:

    Am getting anecdotal advice that this is “not compatible” with the Mk2 quad lock pins. What’s your view ? Should it work ?

  2. Great guide ! Do you happen to know the part number for the oval carbon fibre type fascia (and other colours if they exist) ? Looking to go oval but seeing the carbon fibre surround looks too good.

  3. Hi, i have a MK2 focus with digital heater. I need a fascia trim and cannot find one except dealer. Is there a trim available that accommodates the mk2 digital heater with the mk2.5 cd player or will have to change my mk2 digital heater to a mk2.5 digital heater. If so are the connectors the same?


  4. Hello James,

    Thank you very much for this post, This is exactly the information im looking for
    I have just brought a Focus MK2 (1.8 TDCI model) and it has the Stereo fitted above (left) and im looking to swap for one on the right (or preferably a stereo with Bluetooth and aux available)

    Can you recommend the model/type of stereo (above right) or a similar model with Bluetooth/ Aux available


  5. So to convert my factory standard radio in a 2005 focus saloon into a mk2.5 shaped touch screen this will work. Will all the connections be the same?

  6. Hi, great post i am in the process of changing mine ford have quoted only £5.16 each for the adapters the issue is i have to get to them to pay for them then go back once they have them in stock (cant be done over the phone or posted apparently) due to work its hard to get to the local dealer does anyone have a picture of the adapters i was going to try a breaker on ebay?

    or do i just bite the bullet and mess around going to the ford dealer ship?
    looking forward to changing this as the rounded one looks much neater :)

  7. Hi buddy, got everything ready for mk2 conversion to mk2.5, Stereo, fascia, and the Brackets you also listed. my question is, when you put the brackets on, is it obvious where to place them, you mentioned 4 screws may be needed, obviously you want your alignments to be correct. Cheers Steve, thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes its obvious where these brackets go, they are just plastic (off the top of my head) and just clip into place, and allow you to screw the head unit into these brackets.

      The head unit is self aligning, so you’ll have no issues here.



  8. Hello James
    I can see you run into this question about a million times before but I cant find this parts anywhere so I thought maybe you can help.
    I got the ford focus with the square fascia (Left picture) and I would like to fit a double din system that require the right fascia . could you please help me find a link to buy the oval fascia panel.


    1. Hi Amit,

      I think you have got a little confused here, as you already have the square stereo, you will not need to convert to the oval stereo to fit a double din stereo. People who have the oval stereo’s need to convert to the square fascia to fit a double din stereo.

      You will need to have a look at the following tutorial:

      You will then need a fascia as follows:

  9. Hi nice guide, Can you help please i have a 2006 Focus Ghia and want to do the DAB conversion but cant find a suitable oval fascia with a wood look as in the Ghia. Do you know of any.



  10. Hi James,
    I have a focus Mk2 CC-3. I want to fit an after market double din head unit without the ugly adapter plate. I have seen these facias on ebay that are standard double din size that would allow me to do this. My question is do you have a tutorial that would assist me in the removal and refitting of this facia as I am unsure how this is secured and I would like to remove the old and fit this new without causing damage.
    Can you help?

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Do you currently have the oval stereo fitted? Or the square fascia fitted?
      If you have the square stereo, you’ll pretty much be following this guide:

      Once the stereo is out, on the bottom picture of the above post, you can see two screws holding the fascia in, unscrew these screws and the fascia will pull off. Then you’ll need to fit your new fascia in the same process (i hope, as I’ve never had one of these in hand before).

      Then your new double din stereo will fit in the hole provided.

  11. I have a 2010 Ford Focus with the oval stereo, the satnav has recently lost the gps signal been into Ford and they said the radio unit needs replacing which apparently will cost £1000 for an identical version or approx £500 for just a cd/radio. Where can I get either a sensibly priced replacement or oem version w/wo satnav. Thanks for your help

    1. Hi David,

      I know this may sound obvious, but have you had a browse on eBay and the likes for a replacement stereo? I have seen the pop up from time to time on there, at less then Ford prices.

      When you say it has lost its GPS signal, have you taken the stereo out its self and checked the connectors?

  12. Hi James,

    I have an 05 Focus with the bog standard stereo(pictured at top of this page on left) i want to change this for one of the sony models(ideally with bluetooth). What are my options ? i dont really want an aftermarket stereo.

    Many thanks,

    Kerry Maddocks

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Changing the stereo is the easy part, as the Sony stereo is just plug and play for the standard Focus stereo. You just have to make sure you obtain the code for the stereo when you buy one.

      As for the Bluetooth option, this is much harder to implement, as the Bluetooth module is not within the stereo its self, it’s a separate, and the cost for installing this and activating this within the Focus’s ECU is quite high (Roughly £500 once you have sourced all the required parts). I would recommend installing a Parrot if you require a hands free kit, this will cost around £120 (depending on the model) if you don’t like the thought of having a screen, I would recommend the Parrot MKi9000, of it you are not bothered about the screen, I can highly recommend a Parrot MKi9200 (which I have installed in my car).

      Hope that helps


        1. Hi Adrian,

          If you require a double din fascia, you cannot perform this modification, you will need the standard MK2 stereo, or perform the opposite of this guide if you have the oval fascia already.

          If you have the MK2.5 stereo, you will need to visit your Ford dealership, or search for an Autoleads DFP-07-17 and get a MK2 fascia panel, which will then allow you to purchase a double din fascia (Connects2 CT24FD18)



  13. Hi James,

    I’ve just got a 2006 Ford Focus Ghia – would like to add an adapter to connect my iPhone 5 either via usb, bluetooth or even better both!

    There are aftermarket stereos which do everything I need but I would rather have an OEM unit. My Focus has a unit with the CDDJ button, I understand I will most likely need to change this for a facelifted model – be it Ford or Sony, what other adapters would I need? Do you know anywhere I can currently buy a facelift stereo fascia (in silver?)



    1. Hi Dave,

      Sorry for the late reply. I did price up once upon a time how much it would cost to connect my iPhone to the car using the standard Ford parts, but this would have turned into a £400+ job.

      To connect the iPhone via USB requires you to have the Bluetooth module in any case. This module comes with everything you would need for the standard hands free kit (including microphone, wiring and the model it’s self). This is an expensive bit of kit, which is why I went along the route of using a Parrot kit.

      There is a Parrot kit available which you do not require a screen to use, which I feel may interest you if you are looking to keep the standard look. Have a search for the Parrot MKi9000 ::

      This is the same kit I have in my car (less the screen) allows you to have hands fee (via Bluetooth) and provides you with a USB connector, iPhone connector and a 3.5mm jack lead to play your music through the stereo.

  14. James,

    My name is Jesús Andrés, I am originally from México, I am the owner of a 2010 Ford Focus Mk2.5, I am fixing and suiting this baby up. I am trying to find a couple of parts I would like to ask you about a couple of doubts; if you were so kind and provide me your e-mail so I can go ahead and ask this questions would be great, my e-mail is Thank you for your time and attention.

  15. A brilliant article – Thanks. This has allowed me to remove with ease my 6000CD from my 08 Focus Style 08. Trouble is I have now located the problem not to the stereo but to a possible blown speaker driverside. I am however completely baffled as to how to remove the side panels and any guidance /tips would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Great tutorial regaring replacing mk2 radio with a mk 2.5 one.
    I have the opposite request. I would like to fit a Sony Ford Focus mk2 cd/radio in to a 2009 mk2.5 Focus as I like the look of these better. Is the principle the same and what parts would I need. The mk2.5 screws in whereas the mk2 clips in.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Been trying to find that oval fascia for a while now on the net, any ideas where I might pick one up? Ford have quoted €180!!!

  18. Hello,
    I have been looking everywhere for the oval Fascia for the ford focus. I have a square one and i have put a new stereo that needs to have the oval fascia. Could you please tell me where i could get one from?

  19. Hi James,

    I have focus 57 plate with the oval type stereo which unscrews, a Mk 2.5 I think.

    I have a Kenwood KDC-BT30 Bluetooth stereo on the way and have also got lead Pc2-08-4. Is this the correct lead for the stereo and will the bluetooth hands free work?

    Have a feeling it isnt after reading this post.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Chris,

      First off you will need a single din facia for that stereo to fit, you’ll require a FP-07-11 (Black) or FP-07-11/S (Silver), depending on the colour of your dash….

      You have also ordered the wrong lead, as you will require a PC2-84-4, and NOT the PC2-08-4 as this is for the MK1/MK1.5 Focus

      Hope that helps


  20. Hi I’ve just done the above conversion, but want to run my ipod as well , but am being told you can’t get a lead to run from the Sony CDX to ipod – Any ideas?

  21. Hi mate, thanks alot for this info. Been looking for this for ages. Do you know if the facelift model has the same speakers or different ones because the facelift sounds slightly better. And is there any way of converting the green dial lights to the ones you get on a 57 plate which are white.i know u can get the conversion kit on ebay but it requires soldering which is difficult. Thanks

    1. Hi Zee,

      I think you’ll find the speakers are the same on the facelift and pre-facelift models, but the stereo’s are slightly different (slightly better internal components on the facelift stereo) – which will be why it sounds ever so slightly better.

      As for converting the lights, you have to de-solder and solder new LED’s into the custers/stereo to convert them, there is nothing easy to do to change the colour.

  22. hi
    i want to do the opposite of what you`ve done here lol.
    i`ve got a double din radio i want to put in but need the square fascia instead of the curvy one. do you have a part number ?

  23. James, hello mate, i’ve read a few of your articles this evening, they’re very informative, helpful..and interesting.
    I’ve a problem you’ve may not come across as yet, its the opposite to the ones you’ve tackled lol.
    I recently bought an new ST (Dec 2010), its all totally black which i think looks fab, except for the rear lights which stand out because they’re silver (glazed). So i bought a pair of LED black Lexus style lights..

    When it came to fitting them, although they were the exact size and shape, the looms didn’t match and even the colour coding of the wires differed. It looks like i’ve bought mk2 lights for a mk2.5 model?
    can i do anything about this?
    I have emailed the company i bought them from with a copy of the original email i sent them stating my car was the 2010 model but they haven’t replied yet.

    Your problems/solutions have been how to upgrade and i’m basically asking for your advice on ‘downgrading’ lol.

    all the best

    1. Hi Steve,

      Yes it sounds like you have been sent units for the MK2 and not the facelift model (the plugs are slightly different). There are no converter looms that i know of… Only way I can think of is to go to a scrappy and chop the wiring loom off a set of mk2.5 lights. Where bout’s are you from Steve, if your anywhere near Durham, send me a email as I’ll be more then happy to help convert them if you get the wiring looms.

      You could even chop the plug off the connector that you have at the moment, and using a multi meter find the ground/brake/indicator/side lights (should be 4 wires there – thinking off the top of my head at the moment as mine is currently buried under a load of snow)



      1. Cheers for that, yeh what a doughnut, i realy should’ve checked first.
        Well hopefully ultimatestyling (the company i bought them off) will reply after chrimbo, fingers crossed they’ll exchange them for an updated set, if available.
        Failing that i’ll take you up on your offer and make a trip to Durham..quite a treck from Daventry in Northants mind lol.
        Thats a good point you made about tinkering around with the present lights to make a pair i’m happy with..worth looking at
        Thanks again James


        1. Hi Steve,

          Aye keep me updated on what they say… hopefully they will send you the right ones (that’s if they make them of course)

          I’ll see if I can find any wiring looms that adapt the mk2.5 into a mk2 for the rear lights – doubt there is any like, might make some lol

          1. hiya mate, hope your well

            James can you send me your email ad. i’ve some pics etc to send you


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