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    Install Ford Aux Lead – MP3 Adapter

    On some of the base model Fords, especially the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, an auxiliary (Aux) lead was not fitted as standard. This was usually offered as an optional extra, but the genuine Ford Aux lead can easily obtained and fitted yourself and a little under £20.

    This cable will work with the following cars, but make sure your CD player states “Aux” on the button, as the 6000 CD stereo which just says CDDJ does not work with this option.

    • Ford Focus MK2 – MK2.5 2005-2012
    • Ford Fiesta / Fusion

    This cable simply plugs into the rear of the stereo quadlock connector, and then runs to where these adapters are installed as standard. In the Ford Focus the aux lead is housed at the top of the glove box. On the Ford Fiesta, this is mounted next to the gear stick / power socket on the centre console.

    Required Parts:

    • Ford Part Number (FIN): 1426121

    Ford Aux Lead

    Ford Aux Lead Fitting Information

    You will notice if you purchase the genuine Ford kit,

    Ford Focus MK2 & MK2.5

    Follow stereo removal guides found here:

    Now you have removed the stereo, you will need to remove the glove box – this is easily done by opening the glove box, and then removing 4 torx screws at the top of the plastic moulding (visible) then there are three screws hidden under three panels at the bottom of the plastic moulding (these caps just push down to reveal the screws)

    Ford Fiesta / Fusion

    After removing the stereo, you will also need to remove the gear surround (this just pulls up towards you) and then the plastic housing around this (this also just pulls up towards you).

    Fitting instructions are provided in the package, with everything you need, including a 3.5mm jack plug.

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