Install Ford Aux Lead – MP3 Adapter

On some of the base model Fords, especially the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, an auxiliary (Aux) lead was not fitted as standard. This was usually offered as an optional extra, but the genuine Ford Aux lead can easily obtained and fitted yourself and a little under £20.

This cable will work with the following cars, but make sure your CD player states “Aux” on the button, as the 6000 CD stereo which just says CDDJ does not work with this option.

  • Ford Focus MK2 – MK2.5 2005-2012
  • Ford Fiesta / Fusion

This cable simply plugs into the rear of the stereo quadlock connector, and then runs to where these adapters are installed as standard. In the Ford Focus the aux lead is housed at the top of the glove box. On the Ford Fiesta, this is mounted next to the gear stick / power socket on the centre console.

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Required Parts:

  • Ford Part Number (FIN): 1426121

Ford Aux Lead

Ford Aux Lead Fitting Information

You will notice if you purchase the genuine Ford kit,

Ford Focus MK2 & MK2.5

Follow stereo removal guides found here:

Now you have removed the stereo, you will need to remove the glove box – this is easily done by opening the glove box, and then removing 4 torx screws at the top of the plastic moulding (visible) then there are three screws hidden under three panels at the bottom of the plastic moulding (these caps just push down to reveal the screws)

Ford Fiesta / Fusion

After removing the stereo, you will also need to remove the gear surround (this just pulls up towards you) and then the plastic housing around this (this also just pulls up towards you).

Fitting instructions are provided in the package, with everything you need, including a 3.5mm jack plug.

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  1. Hi James,

    I’ve just bought a ’60 plate (1st reg 31/1/11) 1.6 Focus Titanium which comes with the cdx-5f611 head unit. There’s an AUX audio (3.5mm jack) socket in the glove box but no USB connector. Unlike some of the earlier Sony units, there’s no obvious USB socket on the rear of my unit where the quad lock and 2 aerial connectors are located.

    I am wanting to connect my 5th gen. iPod Video to the head unit rather than just the audio via the AUX connector. I therefore have the following questions:

    1. is my unit capable of reading the disk contents of an MP3 player or it just for reading MP3 disks?
    2. If it is capable of reading, is there any way to fit a USB socket into the unit or tap into leads on the quad lock connector to connect a USB cable and then connect my ipod to that usb cable?

    There are variants of this car that have a USB connection inside the centre console next to the power socket (stupid place for it if you ask me especially as if I want to use my phone as a satnav, I’m going to need an extremely long power lead to get as far as the windscreen!!) so there surely must be a way of making the connection to the radio.

    All help & suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Finally, there was no radio key card supplied for the radio code. What’s the cheapest way to get a code (I have the serial no. of the unit)? For the older stereos with M before the serial there were free code calculators.

    Thanks in advance of your assistance.

  2. I have just bought a 2013 Ford Kuga. I was told by Fords that all Kuga’s from 2012 were fitted with DAB radio and an AUX socket. Mine has neither. I have been told that I am unable to have a DAB radio fitted now and so want to find out how I can have an AUX socket installed so I can at least listen to the music on my iPhone

    Any ideas of how I go about it, where I get the parts from and how much will it cost

  3. Hey James, I have a Ford Fusion zetec climate (2006) the stereo is exactly the same as the Ford Focus mk2. I removed the stereo but can’t find anywhere to plug the aux adapter into as all the slots on the quad lock block are taken up. Will I have to remove one of these to fit the aux? I’ll happily take some photos if it helps. Sorry for the lack of detail as I’m new to all this. Many thanks in advance!

  4. I have a Ford Focus 1.6tdci 2010. The aux is located in the glove compartment. I bought the adapter and then inserted my usb but nothing happens. All help greatly appreciated. Do I need to connect my I pod instead?

  5. Hi, are you ever down cardiff. I have a 2007 ford fiesta and want to be able to use the aux to listen to music using my phone. I can pay to hav it all sorted? Thanks

  6. Hi, I’m replacing my existing aux socket I’ve took the old one out but I can’t separate the 2 parts of the new plug to fit to the centre console. Any tips?

  7. Hi James

    my stereo has the CDDJ button. What is the best solution in this case if I want to install the AUX lead?



  8. Hi i need help i got a ford focus zetec 55 plate same as most of you i got aux on my 6000cd but cannot find an aux input anywhere why is this or where isit.

    Please help

  9. Hi. I have a Focus RS with no aux in the glove box. I have managed to find the usb socket that goes into the space (1715190) and is only £10 but doesn’t have any wiring with it. Does this wiring kit do this job?
    Any help would be most appreciated

  10. Hi i own a ford focus zetec climate 2007 (56 plate). I have a aux button but now input for it. The car has 6000 ford CD stereo. I was wondering if the cables are tucked away or do i need to purchase an adapter, aux lead??



  11. Hi James

    i own a ford focus zetec climate 2007 (56 plate). i was wondering if my car comes with the aux cable fitted inside or do i have to buy the cable as shown in ur pic above

  12. HI james mate, I have a focus 2008 zetec tdci I think its the mk2.5….. anyways I located the aux in the glovebox compartment and was wondering if its possible to run a 3.5mm wire to the back of the raising lid so as to use a cigarette lighter bluetooth mp3 and not have wires all over. Hope this makes sense bud! (

  13. Hi I have a 56 fiesta I have bought the adapter but can’t find where I plug it into there is nothing in my glovebox can u help?

  14. Hi, I’ve got a 2005 ford focus zetec with a 6000cd with aux button. I’ve removed the stereo and with the two bottom slots one is taken for the steering wheel buttons and other one empty. I’ve bought a part online for the aux cable and I’ve fitted it but when I plug and play so sound comes out. Wonder if you have any idea?

  15. Hi James,

    You may have already answered this but how do you enable the AUX input on a 6000cd in a 2009 Focus?



  16. HI James,

    Will this cable work for 2012 Focus MK3 base model?

    My stereo has already a USB port inside the glovebox but i also notice a hole beside it which i think is for AUX In jack?

    Any video tutorial on how to install this?

  17. Hi there, have been following your thread and trying to fit an aux cable to my sons 2006, 55 plate fiesta zetec with the 6000cd stereo and aux button. Cant fit the block to the back of the radio as there are wires coming out of both sides. Cant find any fitted lead either under gear stick cowel or behind glove box….cant follow the wires as they are all covered in tape…..nightmare…..any ideas if a lead has been fitted by ford where it will be hidden please……any ideas greatfully appreciated….thanks.

    1. Hi Davie,

      I know Ford did fit these leads on anything greater then a Zetec on the Focus model, but this may not be true on the Fiesta.

      When you take the quadlock block out the back of the stereo (make sure you have the security key before doing this), is there wires coming out of the bottom two small blocks? (one will be for steering wheel controls, and the other side is your aux – if any cables are there at all).

      If you want to pop a picture over, drop me a email and I’ll help you out.



  18. hi james i have an australian version of the focus st ”xr5turbo” built oct/07 iam wanting to change my stereo to aftermarket OME dvd/satnav/tv system same shape as the sony 6 stack the car came with,all the units seem to be made in china are all the plug adaptors the same some of these units come with a canbus and some dont whats the difference .thanks

  19. Hi,

    I have a ’06 Ford Fiesta, with the 6000 CD set and AUX fitted as standard. However, when I plug my AUX cable into my phone, the music does not play properly, by this I mean that it is not as loud as it should be and it goes even quieter when I am not holding the phone and it only plays out of the speakers on the left. When I plug the cable into my phone around 3/4 of the way, the music plays absolutely fine and as I would expect it to. I have tried a few different phones and few different cables and it is still the same outcome. If you could offer any help or advice on how to get it working properly or what I can do to fix it, it would be much appreciated!



    1. Hi Joe,

      I have seen this a few times, and its usually down to the cable that is used not seating in the socket properly.

      The best thing to try is to figure out which connection end is at fault (car or phone side?)

      1. Thanks for the reply, I have cleaned out the socket in the car and it still hasn’t changed the audio. I am pretty sure that the fault lies in the car, is buying a new part the best option?

        Thanks again, Joe

        1. Hi Joe,

          If you have substituted the wire and the media device as being at fault, the next call of action would be to check the lead between the connector and the back of the stereo.

          I would now say its the connector where you connect your 3.5mm jack, this would no doubt mean buying a new part.



          1. Hi James,

            Okay, I will look into replacing this part. Thank you very much for your help, it has been much appreciated!

            Thanks again


  20. James

    Your website is invaluable, thanks.

    I have a MK2 focus with an aux buton on the 6000cd stereo, I have also located the aux connector stowed behind the glove box, is it possible to splice a longer 3.5mm jack plug to this connector so I can have the jack socket in a more sensible place ie coming out somewhere near the cigarette lighter?

    If so which cables do I need to splice to?

    Is there a wiring diagram available?

    Many thanks in advance of your response

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for the kind words on the website.

      As for splicing, it is possible, it depends how handy you are really, but I would suggest just getting the 3.5mm connector, and then use a 1.5m 3.5 to 3.5mm jack to jack lead to place it by the cigar lighter.

      Unfortunatly I do not have a wiring diagram, but there are three wires, one for left channel, one for right, and a earth. Depending on the lead you get, you may have to join the two earth wires together, so you’ll be left with 3 wires (left right and ground/earth).

      Off the top of my head, I’m unsure what colours the wires are, but usually the earth is black or brown.

  21. Looking for the aux plug as there is no aux plug at all but a aux button on my stereo and the stereo is a 6000 CD but behind the pound coin holder is a plug that goes into the back of it do I need to get the kit nd plug it to that ??

  22. Hi there,

    I have a 2008 Ford Focus (6000CD) and have removed the glove box to find a black and red plug with 6 holes in it. Do I just need to purchase the adapter kit and plug it into this? is this the aux cable you are talking about? it was just tapped up once I removed the glove box.


    1. Hi Josh,

      Yes you will just need to purchase the kit, unfortunately for you, you will only need the connector part (and not the cables) but they come as part of the kit and cannot get these separate.



  23. Hello there, just got a ford fiesta zetec 1.2 55plate. Aux botton on stereo ford 6000cd. But no aux in what I shows in my audio guide diagram , what am I looking for in the glove box? Will mine be in there if not what do I need to buy in order to connect my iPhone 5 to my stereo to play my songs through it? If you can give me any information it would be appreciated :)! Thanks again daisy x

  24. Hi, Just wondered if you could offer any advice on the following. I have a 55 plate Focus fitted with the 6000 CD set with the CDDJ button. I’ve replaced the radio for the Ford 6000 AUX type set and obtained the AUX lead. But there isn’t any room in the vehicle wiring loom for it to take another plug, all the slots are filled and there isn’t an Ipod connection already in the car.
    Does one of the leads in the set need to be removed to take the AUX lead?
    Cheers for any advice you can offer.

    1. Hi James,

      On the two blocks on the bottom of the ISO connector, is there wires coming out of each side? If there are, I would say, if the aux connector is not in the glovebox, the wire will be taped up behind the glovebox. Lucky for you, you’ll just need to drill the hole out and fit the connector (as the wiring will already be there).

      If you remove the glove box, check around to see a wire taped up somewhere.



      1. James sorry for late response. Yes after a lot of digging around to follow the loom I found Ford had installed the MP3 adapter, as an optional extra seemingly, and put it out of the way. Just had to find a tidy place to install it.
        I should think that a lot of people are changing these radios for one with Ipod connection when they really don’t need to.
        Thanks for the information, really appreciated.
        Cheers, James.

        1. Hi James after reading the reply above I feel I’m in the same situation. I want to have iPod connection. I have a 57 focus zetec climate with CD6000 with aux input and I have removed the glove box and have found a connector taped up, it is red and black in colour and has holes.

          If this is the aux input connector what do I now need to purchase to have iPod connection in my car.

          Any help will be appreciated?

          Tony Murphy

  25. Hi James

    I’ve just bought 55 plate focus ST is this the same standard fitting that you explain at the start,…great site by way mate


  26. Great site and guide. I followed the guide, but went for the simpler option of dropping the Aux cable straight down and through the spare blanking plate on the right (next to rear window heater button). This also means you can usually get a cheaper kit for around £10.

  27. Hi , i would just like to start by saying this is a fantastic site . I too have a problem with my aux in 08 mondeo its very distorted could this be a loose connection at the back of the stereo .Its a sony cd6x cheers .

    1. Hi Karl,

      Have you tried another aux cable to try and resolve this issue?

      It could possibly be a lose connection on the back of the stereo or aux plug, but the chances of that are slim to none.



  28. Hi,
    Looking to pick our brain!
    I have an 07 plate fusion I have per chased several aux leads but they all seem to be slightly woobly when plugged into aux port. Its as though the aux pin is couple of MMS smaller! Y would this be?

    1. Hi Stacey,

      It could be that the aux socket is well used, and the spring down elements of the connector have become lose.

      Just to confirm, you are ordering a 3.5mm jack lead?



  29. Yeah, the lead works fine in my home stereo system with no interference. The aux socket connection in the car seems very touchy. Wiggling the jack slightly alters the hushing sounds, but it never disappears. Pulling the jack out slightly removes the hushing sound, but also cuts the music from some of the speakers!
    Typically, the cars just out of warranty!

  30. Hi, some great information on your site, well done and keep it up. Just wanted to pick your brain! My Ford Focus 2010 Aux socket (in the glovebox) is giving me problems. Lots of interference when plugged into my mp3 player. Removed glovebox, thinking there was maybe a bad connection to the aux socket, but all seems well. Mp3 player and connecting lead are both new and undamaged. I’d be interested in your opinion.
    Thank you for your time,

    1. Hi Maurice,

      Have you checked to make sure the culprit is not the actual aux lead its self? I have seen this in the past where I checked everything else, and it turned out to be a faulty new cable.

      Is there another place you can plug this cable / MP3 player combo into? In the house? another car?



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