Ford Focus MK2 (2005-2008) Stereo Removal – ST

In this guide, I will explain how to remove the standard stereo from a Ford Focus MK2 – This also includes the Ford Focus ST MK2. Please note this guide is different from the facelift MK2.5 focus. The stereo below is the base stereo, but there are different options available (Sony and Satellite Navigation upgrades). Fitting / removal for listed stereos all have the same procedures, and all connectors across the range are exactly the same (Quadlock). This type of stereo is fitted to all Focus’s built from 2008 till present.

Standard Stereo & Car

Ford Focus MK2 StereoFord Focus MK2

Recommended Tools*

*Note above are general tools you should have when doing this type of job, but you may not need them, see tutorial for exact tools needed.
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  • The standard stereo will need a code when connecting back up
  • If you are changing to a new stereo, you will require a PC2-84-4 (not required if keeping stalk controls)
  • If you would like to keep steering wheel controls, you will require a PC99-x50 (plus PC99 Patch Lead)
  • If you are fitting a Hands Free Kit (Parrot/Motorola) you will require a SOT-092


Using your stereo removal tools, place the tool in all four holes (making sure the indent is facing inwards)
Once you have all four removal tools in, just pull the whole stereo out.
Your stereo should now be free. All the wires you need are behind the stereo, no need to find an ignition or 12v feed, everything should be plug and play.
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  1. I have a 07 plate cmax I’ve put an after market stereo with a new wiring loom to it
    Now I only have the drivers front speaker working
    Dose anyone have a clue to my problems please.

  2. Hi James, recently bought an after market aux cord for my Ford Focus Mk2 it is a headphone jack and not a female port. When installing this do I require a code? As I’m not unplugging any other parts to install it. Then the cable is about a meter and a half long…is there any places where it would be suitable to bring through? Maybe a gap in the plastic…without it being impractical or taking away from the general looks of the inside of the car.

  3. Hi James. I have a ford focus c/max 56 plate with the 6000 CD it keeps rejecting the CD can you help. Paddy.

  4. Hi James.

    I have a 2007 Focus with Ford 6000CD unit.

    I removed my stereo and fitted a auxiliary device into the back of the main harness plug (black square box) that plugs into the back of the stereo unit.
    It was a headphone jack that I fitted, not usb.
    The aux button worked with it and music played back fine.

    My issue is removing the device I fitted, the release switch at the very side of the small black box I fitted moves it a bit but won’t seem to come out.

    If I try to move it any further, it feels like the wires might just detach which will leave the smaller box (aux device) stuck in the mains (big black box at rear of stereo unit).

    Is there any way of removing it?
    I’m considering a new stereo, just usb fitted, no disc drive as don’t really require cd/dvd.


    1. Hi Zetec1,

      Usually you need a small flat head screw driver which you can then push the clip in on the side of the harness plug – sometimes its easier to slide the little flat head down the side between the harness plug and the connector, allowing you to pull on the wires to release the connector plug.

  5. Hi I may be in the complete wrong place but I just got my first Ford Focus Zetec 2008 model and I can’t seem to connect my phone I don’t even no if it as this ability, but when I do press the phone on the cd6000 it just mutes my radio or anything I’m doing. Am I wasting my time and it actually does not have this feature please help.

    Thank you

  6. sorry to bother any1 but can someone plz tell me the size of that radio? i have got similar one in my car and im looking to buy a new stereo for my focus. thankx

  7. Hi James,

    Do I need to remove the stereo first if I want to remove the silver trimming around the stereo and heating dials?


    1. Hi Ben,

      If you have the pre-facelift Focus (stereo is the same in the picture), then yes you will need to remove the stereo first, as there are two retaining screws behind that hold the fascia in place.

      The Mk2 Facelift on the other hand, the fascia comes off first before the stereo can be removed.

    2. Hi Ben,

      If you have the pre-facelift Focus (stereo is the same in the picture), then yes you will need to remove the stereo first, as there are two retaining screws behind that hold the fascia in place.

      The Mk2 Facelift on the other hand, the fascia comes off first before the stereo can be removed.

  8. Hi james simpson I have bought an alpine double din unit and reverse camera for my focus st225 the unit has been fitted and I have wired the speed pulse to the fuse box in the footwell I can seem to find the reverse wire connection in the footwell can you please give assistance..what pin..etc thank you

    1. It may be easier to wire this into the actual light, unless you go and buy a canbus module that will read the signal, as the actual switch is in/around the gerabox.

  9. Hello James;

    I have got a Ford Focus Ghia 2006 with an Aux port but I am unable to use it, a friend said the port is inside the glove compartment I checked but no port inside. Please do let me know how to add a port and use the aux.



  10. I have a Ford Focus estate 2008 with a Sony radio with single CD player. I would like to have a 6 CD player (6 CD unit under a seat) as I had in my 2000 ford Focus please advise.

  11. An old article I know, but I’m in the middle of fitting a reversing camera to my ST. Got the stereo out and noticed that the reverse gear line (and speed sensing) is missing from the quadlock block. Can’t find a wiring diagram for the pre-facelift car so looks like I’ll have to tap it from the boot.
    Does yours have this line (pin 11 of connector B)?

  12. Hi james ive got a 2006 ford focus with an cd 6000 the problem is i can only pick up a few fm channels and no mw channels at all, I know the cd 6000 works properly as ive checked it in another veihcle, i also cleaned the earth which runs from the battery to the chassis of the car but this had no effect. Any suggestions?

    Cheers George

    1. Hi George,

      Have you checked your ariel its self, that is the only other thing to check. Could be a lose wire into the back of the stereo, or even a rusted ariel connector. You can remove the interior light, and you’ll see the bolt holding the ariel to the roof of the car.

  13. Hi James – I have a 06 Zetec with a with a 6000 CD radio that works OK and a multi function stalk that unfortunately doesn’t work. I’ve removed the radio and all the wiring into the plug looks intact. I was hoping to replace the radio with a newer unit – but am unsure if the current radio is faulty (hence the malfunctioning stalk) or if the stalk just isn’t connected. Is there a wiring diagram for the multi-cable plug?

    1. If you are anywhere near Worthing you are welcome to try your 6000CD in my Mondeo unless of course you, or someone, know that the stalk / wiring is different. I might even buy the radio off you if it works and you still want to upgrade.


      1. Although a trip to the seaside sounds inviting I’m in Brentwood Essex so a bit of a hike. It does work (I’m assuming it’s the stalk and not the radio that’s the weak link)
        You’re welcome to the unit when I replace – but looks like they’re only 30 quid on ebay.

        1. Hi Malcolm
          I was tempted to go the Ebay route but there are so many faulty 6000CD units out there I didn’t want to take the chance. As you’ll see from my previous posts the lever on the quadlock snapped but after removing the broken pieces from the hinges the plug pulled out easily.

          With regard to the pin-outs on the plug this link or the site might help.


          1. thanks for the diagram. Looks like Connector B pins 6 and 8 are the ones I need to check – which I’ll do when the teenager of the house decides she’ll bring the car back. Unit is in good condition apart from an intermittently sticking Fade/Bal button

  14. Hi James

    I’ve a 2004 Mondeo MK3 with a 6000cd. No problem getting the unit out of the enclosure but I’m unable to remove the multi cable plug.
    I can’t get the lever to move more than about 10 degrees. I’ve been trying to work out if all the indervidual small plugs come out together or you have to pull out each one at a time.
    Any help gratefully received.

    1. Hi John,

      You have to pull the leaver to around 90 degrees. It will come out. Once its there, the whole plug slides out.

      The small plugs at the bottom do slide out, but you have to remove the main quadlock plug first. Once removed, you get a small flat head screwdriver to push the pins of the small blocks (stalk controls and aux input blocks) to slide them out.

      1. Many thanks James

        The lever refuses to go beyond 10 or so degrees and I’ve used so much force I’m worried it’ll break.
        From what I can see one side of the quadlock rises but the other doesn’t, Has this happened to anyone else / will I break anything if I use more force?

      2. Bad News.

        The lever does break. It broke where it swivels so to get the plug out could you please tell me if the lever operates a cam sort of device in the socket to lock / push the plug out.
        Any advice on how to get the plug out appreciated.

      3. Bad News.

        The lever does break. It broke where it swivels so to get the plug out could you please tell me if the lever operates a cam sort of device in the socket to lock / push the plug out.
        Any advice on how to get the plug out appreciated.

  15. Hi James seen your car looks nice I have a 2006 focus was wanting to update to the Sony 6 disc cd will the 2007 one that that has dab and orange face fit or does it need to be the one that lights up green sorry don’t know what model number they are

  16. Hi james ,

    Trying to remove CDplayer from Ford Focus but put one of the keys in the wrong way….i know gobshite!!…any suggestions on how to remove it without having to take the whole dash apart???

      1. Hi james,

        managed to get three of the keys in properly i think..but fourth being in wrong way just won’t budge! Went to a Ford dealer and he said have to take off the whole dash…please tell me No!!! is there anyway i could squeeze in a tool to prise out the faulty key? i know it’s a long shot but…..

    1. Hi james,

      managed to get three of the keys in properly i think..but fourth being in wrong way just won’t budge! Went to a Ford dealer and he said have to take off the whole dash…please tell me No!!! is there anyway i could squeeze in a tool to prise out the faulty key? i know it’s a long shot but…..

      1. Hi Brian,

        If you have a spare removal tool, or something thin but strong to put under the removal tool to pull the pin in that can work. Or if you pull hard on the other removal tools it will come out but will bend the pin (which you can bend back into shape) that will save the dash being removed.

        1. James finally got the unit out with a big pull and two strong sets of pliers!! attached the mp3 connector and all is working fine…so thanks for all the advice much appreciated!!

  17. hi
    i have a ford focus 55 plate,cd6000 cd player with the cddj button and volume button in the middle,is there a usb adaptor unit what will fit, and what are they calle. thanks

  18. i am changing the head unit on a 2006 focus st,i wounder if you have a diagram of the quadlock plug or is it the same as the facelift one ,
    many thanks

  19. Hi James,

    Thank you for the above, I have recently bought a new double din stereo and am having trouble removing all the cables from the quad core unit, are they all meant to be removed or are some fastened in there permanently?

    I did notice a red bit of plastic like a catch down the side of the unit but it does not seem to free the remaining cables


    1. Hi James

      Most of the cables aren’t meant to be removed, the only parts that come out easily are the aux parts. You shouldn’t need to remove any cables though as adapters are available to fit any aftermarket stereo.



  20. Hi James!
    Thanks for the very helpful website …just hope you’re still checking I have a few questions. Firstly looking to improve sound quality and maybe get a new stereo/ radio unit (I’m guessing its what they call a head unit? ) ….with some extra toys like mentioned below…but also improve SQ
    So 1st question is you know what aftermarket units will fit straight in there…and improve sound quality + some extra toys? What are my options with there?
    Secondly are the speakers front and rear all coaxial and what size are they front and rear ? I know they’re round but would I be looking at 6″ for new fronts and 5 1/4″ rears?
    Finally what max size speakers can be inserted front and rear…without any metal trimming ….same as what came out?

    Many Thanks


  21. Hi James,
    I have a ford focus 2007 sport and it says in the stereo 6000cds does this mean it has a 6 cd changer in it if so how do I work it,
    Thanks michael

  22. Hi James,

    Great website, it’s got loads of useful information.

    Got A quick question for you. I’ve got A Ford Focus MK2 Zetec 05-06 Registration, with the standard base model stereo with no AUX button and no audio remote control.

    Can you add an audio remote to an 3 spoke steering wheel? And, Is there a way to add a USB/MP3 port to the original stereo without having an audio remote steering wheel?

    I don’t mind upgrading my stereo if i need to but it has to be a ford model and I think you NEED to have an audio remote if you want a USB port.

    Please Help! Lol.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      Thanks for the message, and sorry for the delayed response.

      Yes you can add the stalk controls into your stereo, these do not go on the steering wheel its self, its actually attached to the column – I am unsure about the part numbers you will require, but you’ll need the wiring loom (which may already be there) and the actual control its self.

      As for adding USB/MP3, this is fairly hard as a factory retrofit, but there is are kits available.

      This plugs into the CD changer port of the stereo, and allows you to have USB/MP3/Line in capabilities, at a fraction of what it would cost for the Ford system.



  23. Hi, after disconnecting my battery on my 53 plate mondeo my speakers havent worked. I entered the correct code (as supplied in the handbook) and the stereo powers up, seems completely functional apart from the very very faint sound from the speakers. Any ideas?
    Many thanks indeed.

    1. Hi James,

      Something does seem amiss here. It’s a strange one for the speakers not to work after the battery has been disconnected… Could be a power serge issue? My recommendation would be to remove the stereo, and disconnect everything, then plug it all back in again, insert the code, and see if that resolves the issue. The stereo may have gone into protect mode (or something similar).

      If you still have the same issue once putting the stereo back, something may have “blown” within the stereo its self when re-connecting the power back to the vehicle.

    1. Hi John,

      To change the time on the Ford Focus 6000cd, there are two different methods – If your stereo has the “clock” button, press this button and use the > to navigate through to either the hour or minute which needs changing, then using the volume dial, turn to set the appropriate time.

      If yours does not have the “clock” button, hold down the “menu” button, then using the > navigate to the clock feature, then use the volume dial to set the time, and press the menu button to set this time.



  24. Hi James,

    I have the 6000 CD with no aux therefore was looking at replacing with another model?

    Is it possible for a Focus mk2.5 stereo to fit in a mk2 (2006) without much hassle?


    1. Hi Neil,

      There is a guide here on how to change the MK2 Stereo to a MK2.5:

      As for the Aux issue – you can put an aux lead into the 6000 CD easily, you would need to do this for the MK2.5 also if you were after an aux input.

      The leads are available from Ford (or elsewhere on the internet) :: Part Number Fin: 1426121 – This plugs into the Quadlock block, and gives you a 3.5mm jack into your glove box.

      I think I’ll make a guide/post about this as I’ve been asked a couple times now.



  25. hi James,
    i had problem with my radio suddenly ( the same radio shown in the pic above), i can not get fm or am even by pressing them and i can not fix the watch …on the screen of radio is written just auxiliary input and when ever i press any thing it will return to the same auxiliary input.

    please i need your help


    1. Hi Twana,

      Have you checked to make sure the “aux” button is not stuck? This does sound strange. The worst case senario would be to remove the stereo, unplug it for a few moments and plug it back in again – this will reset all the settings, but be aware you will require the code to activate the stereo again.



  26. James,

    Thank you for providing such useful information. It’s been invaluable. However, having successfully followed your instructions for removing the CD/radio from a Mk. 4 Mondeo, I’ve embarrassingly fallen at the last hurdle. I can’t disconnect the quad lock (hence my question appearing on this page: I’ve been studying the photo of the quad lock above.) I’ve unclipped the lever and pulled it up but it doesn’t seem to have loosened the fit and I’m worried about using too much muscle in case I damage it. I’d be grateful if you could let me know what the trick is. Many thanks,


    1. Hi Phil,

      First thing you won’t break this using too much muscle. Once you release the clip holding the quad lock arm down, pull the arm all the way up till it’s nearly vertical. (Stereo facing down) this will release the quad lock from the stereo

      1. James,

        Thanks for the swift response. Got the radio out and dislodged the CD which was stuck in it. The player has swallowed another CD that I used to test it but thanks to you I know how to quickly get the player out and have one last try at resolving the problem before coughing out for a new one.

        Thanks again


  27. Hi james i need your help i put the pins in my focus stereo 6000cd the wrong way around and i cant get the bottom left out any ideas on what to do? I only need to check if the wires are okay as my car had a “ford moment” and wipers lights and stuff we going all night on thier own and since then my back speakers havnt work. Please help with the pin or any idea why the back speakers wont work. Thanks

    1. Hi Phil,

      Yes this is a bit of a issue, had a few people who have done the same (when inserting the removal tools, the little notch faces towards the inside of the stereo). And yes if they are inserted the wrong way you end up bending the pin the wrong way and it stays there. The best thing to do is put all the other removal tools in the correct way, and try and put the problem removal tool in at a slight angle to try and catch the pin (I.E. angle the tool towards the right and slide it into the slot). Sometimes you can catch the pin that way and remove the stereo.

      Worst case scenario would be if you cannot catch the pin, then I would suggest purchasing a Bojo tool ( – General wedge one – and with all the other pins in, try and pry the stereo out…. Yes you may bend the pin the wrong way getting it out, but it will come out and once you have the stereo out, use a pair of pliers to bend the pin back into shape.

      As for the rear speakers, I cant say I’ve ever come across something like that before, or either the issue with the wipers and lights going on/off… Have you tried resetting the CPU by removing the negative lead on the battery for 20 min or so?

      It is quite hard for the rear speakers to go without the front ones going on the stereo, as all the leads are on a “quadlock” connector, so they cannot just fall out. It does sound like you have a ground issue or something along them lines causing your issues.



  28. Hello james, i have a mk2 (54 reg) lx focus with a 6000cd player’
    Being a lx it doesnt come with a jack or usb port that i can find to plug in and listen to music i dont think?
    Iv looked in glove box etc… but cannot find anywhere!
    If this is the case do you know is there a adaptor lead you can connect to the rear of the console and thread through?
    Any help would be much appreciated =]
    many thanks Niall

    1. Hi Niall,

      As standard there is usually a 3.5mm jack lead connector in the top of the glovebox. (Just as you open the glove box to the left of the latch)

      Being the LX model this was an optional extra. Fear not though as you can purchase the wiring harness from ford and wire this in yourself and this plugs into the back of the stereo.

      Sometimes the actual wiring loom is taped up behind the glovebox, but is missing the actual 3.5mm connector.

      The ford part number for this is : 1426121

      That includes all the wiring harness and the connector. Just simply plugs into the back of the stereo.

  29. I would like a radio code for my 6000cd due to the fact that a local garage had to disconnect my battery when changing an alternator.
    Is it only a ford dealership that can provide me with one?

  30. I have a sony stereo mex bt 5100 to go into a mk2 focus everyone tells me that I do not need a ledd between the multi block and the stereo but I cant see how it fits?

  31. Hi James

    Many thanks for the very helpful information for removing a Ford audio unit.

    Just wondering how imperative it is that all four tools are used? I notice that buying tools they are always sold in pairs.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Robbart,

      You will need all 4 tools – you cannot release the tools from the stereo unless the stereo is out, as you have to push the clips in by hand to get them to release.

      If you only use two tools, chances are you’ll bend the locking pins and have a nightmare trying to remove the tool and the stereo.

  32. Hi James,

    Nicely presented tutorials I must say!

    Can I ask a question please?

    I’ve removed the stereo on my 2005 MK2 Ford Focus Titanium to check the earth as I’m getting some interference.

    Trouble is I can’t find the earthing point for the stereo. If I’m reading it right the Haynes manual shows it be earthing point E15 which it says is ‘behind centre of dash’ but I can’t find it behind the stereo – don’t suppose you know where it is, do you?



    1. Hi Richard,

      I have a feeling the earth is behind the heating element on the left hand side, which will be a pig to get to. If i remember correctly, there is also one up on the right hand side behind the pedals too. What type of interference are you getting? If you have a feeling its an earth, you could always run a new earth from the stereo (Splice into the earth wire, solder and tape back up, and run an earth to a clean bolt.



  33. Best description I’ve seen for this radio removal.

    Can you confirm something?

    The straight edge of the removal should face the passenger and driver side of the vechicle with the notch facing inwards.

    I’m having trouble getting the radio out and hope I haven’t wreaked the clips on the radio unit that the key goes into.

    Would you mind showing a picture which shows the clips on the radio unit itself?

    Thanks a bunch again for the great instructions.


    1. When I have a spare moment I will take a picture, but yes, the notches of the pins face INWARDS in all 4 corners. If the tools are not inserted properly, they can bend the pins out the way, dis-forming them, and making it difficult for you release the stereo.

  34. Hi, I intend to update my current cd player to one that plays mp3s or attaches to my ipod (the instructions above worked great to take out the old one) but what worries me is this….

    •If you are changing to a new stereo, you will require a PC2-84-4 (not required if keeping stalk controls)
    •If you would like to keep steering wheel controls, you will require a PC99-x50 (plus PC99 Patch Lead)
    •If you are fitting a Hands Free Kit (Parrot/Motorola) you will require a SOT-092

    once i have removed my old one cant i just plug in a new one?
    Sorry if its a dumb question!

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Are you upgrading to another Ford unit, or an after market stereo? – If you are going for the Ford Sony unit, you can just remove one and put the new one in with no additional parts required.

      If you are going for an aftermarket stereo, you’ll require either a PC2-84-4 / PC99-X50

      Hope that helps


  35. hi james,

    great tutorial, been looking for this one.

    can i ask a question? i’m planning to change to an aftermarket stereo. do i need to know something in advance like, CAN-bus adapters,special propreitary harnesses and such? or will a simple strip and tap method suffice? we don’t have much accessories for MK2s here in my country so we usually do the strip and tap method.

    thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Bart,

      You can use the strip and tap method if you like, but I wouldn’t recommend it, easier and neater using a quad lock adapter, and can easily be removed to put back to standard.

      But doing the method you are thinking about will be fine, just select 12v live and 12v ignition, ground, and your speaker cables.

  36. cheers,

    just tried it earlier, put them all in straight then turned them slightly outwards they all clicked! great i thought.

    grabbed them all and gave it a bit of a tug, the top two and the bottom right slipped out and the bottom left is still engage and i cant get it out. just bent it down out the way!

    think i’ll have to bite the bullet and take it to a car stereo place.

    cheers for your help


  37. hi james,

    what a great website, i have searched for ages to find a removal procedure wih pics!

    i have one quesion, the keys i have are not like the ones you have (red handles) but they are the exact same as the ones in your link (

    i am having torouble geting the keys to ‘stay’ in, do you put thm in straight or at an angle? when i put them in i can feel a sort of clip inside but when i pull the keys just slide out?

    i guess im a bit paraoid in going full on incase i scratch something as its the wifes car and she wont be pleased!

    also is it true that once the keys have ‘engaged’ they do not come out until the stereo is fully out and you ned to unhook them?



    1. Hi Iain,

      The removal tools you will have are the correct ones (the one’s I have are professional one’s with comfort rubber around the outside, as the cheaper ones can be a bit sharp)

      Make sure you put the keys in so the notch faces inwards on all 4 corners…. the keys should then just slide in straight and should “click” into place, and not be able to pull straight out.

      Sometimes (if the stereo has been removed before in a previous life) the clips can be bent back a bit and will not lock in place properly. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is put all the keys into the slots, and use something like a bojo tool or a flat head screw driver wrapped in electrician tape to prise the stereo out of place, enough till you can get a grip on it with your hands.

      Hope that helps… If your anywhere near Durham, let me know and I’ll give it a go for you.

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