Ford Focus MK2 DAB Radio Retrofit

Focus DAB Stereo

As with anything, the digital switch over is becoming more popular, which means how much longer will FM last? That, and there are hundreds more radio channels on DAB radios, which is what makes this Ford Focus MK2 DAB Radio retrofit guide a must do for anyone who likes to listen to Digital Radio stations. This is all achievable for under £70 (minus the cost of the DAB stereo its self).

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This guide is suitable for the following models:

  • Ford Focus LX – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Style – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Sport – 6000 CD Stereo Wheels as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Zetec & Zetec Climate – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Ghia – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus Titanium – Sony Stereo as Standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus ST – 6000 CD Stereo as standard (2008-2012)
  • Ford Focus RS – Sony Stereo as standard (2008-2012)

As the earlier “square” type CD players do not have the DAB functionality, you will have to upgrade your stereo to the Ford Focus MK2.5 (Facelift) stereo, which can be found in the following guide: Ford Focus MK2 to MK2.5 Stereo Conversion

Fitting Information

[alert type=”red”]Once you remove the stereo and disconnect the wiring from your Ford Focus MK2.5, you WILL be required to insert a code when connecting the stereo back up to the vehicles wiring. You can obtain this from your owner’s manual (usually on a business card sized card within the manual case), or requested from your local Ford Dealer Parts Desk.[/alert]

Required Parts

  • Aerial to A Pillar Wiring Harness (Ford Fin: 1545793)
  • DAB & FM Aerial Plug Cable Extension (Ford Fin: 1682844)
  • FM/DAB Aerial Mast (Ford Fin: 1559265)
  • Aerial Base (Ford Fin: 1559268)

You will also require a Ford DAB stereo (can be found on eBay)

Required Tools

To remove the standard Ford Focus Stereo, you will need the following tools:

  • Bojo Trim Removal Tool Tools (Bojo Tools)
  • Flat Head + Philips Head Screw Drivers
  • T25 Torx Screwdriver / Star Allen Keys (Halfords)

See also Stereo Fitters Toolbox & Get Ford Keys

Ford Focus MK2 DAB Stereo Retrofit

First you will need to follow the Ford Focus MK2 Stereo Removal guide I have already written, once the stereo has been removed, you will need to remove the interior light to remove the old aerial base and mast. This is done by using a tool such as a Bojo Tool, or any other plastic pry tool to remove the light from the headlining.

Focus Light Removal


Once removed, you will then be able to see the Torx screw that holds the aerial base onto the roof of the car. Using a torx bit, unscrew the bolt until the aerial can be pulled off the vehicle.

Focus Aerial Fitting Torx

Now using your Bojo Tool again, we need to remove the plastic A-Pillar trim, to reveal the aerial cable which runs down to behind the stereo.

Focus A Pillar Remoaval

This cable then goes behind the dash. The easiest way to get the wire through is to remove the clocks. This is done by first removing the top cover on the steering wheel, this is removed by pulling the plastic panel up. This will then reveal two screws that hold clocks in position. Remove these screws and pull the clocks forward to reveal the wiring behind.

Focus Clocks

You will now be able to route the following cable behind the dash, and to behind the stereo

Ford Focus MK2 DAB Radio Retrofit

Now the DAB stereo is all fitted and working

Focus DAB Stereo

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  1. Hi James I have just found this site and it is very helpful , I have a ford fusion with a ford square radio and want to fit a dab radio . Am I right in thinking a square ford/sony dab will fit straight in or if I want to use the oval type I can use that type as well (with the adaptors) .Also would I be able to use one of these
    One other question will I be able to use the Bluetooth function of the radio? thanks

  2. Hi James I have just put the sony dab in where I had the cd6000 but have no dab input. Can you tell me weather the sony dab aerial has power output or do you need a power supply for a dab aerial

  3. Hi James, I followed your great instructions and fitted an eBay bought dab cd changer and dab aerial without problem. However after 3 weeks of enjoyable Dab listening, the unit showed “Hardware Failure” and won’t allow Dab use, only traditional radio channels/bands?
    Any chance of moments or advice please

    1. Hi Jon,

      Is your unit an aftermarket unit or a Ford DAB stereo? If it shows Hardware Failure, it might be a broken unit, and something has gone faulty inside the unit its self.

  4. Hi, I have a 59 plate ford focus 1.6tdci, it has the standard 6000 ford radio cd player fitted, could I upgrade it to the sony dab digital cd radio, if so what other items IE. would I need .thanks.

  5. Hi

    Do you know if the ford focus sat nav with SD card slot will fit into a 05 plate focus ghia with standard 6000CD and what work would be involved please?

    Regards, Karl

  6. Hey James,

    Really keen to upgrade the radio on a 2006 focus I’ve just come across. Scouring eBay at the moment for a suitable stereo.

    Are you sure the non-sony branded 6000cd stereos will work? Everyone online seems to have done it with sony branded unit like yours.

  7. Hi James,

    Great Post. And as an additional information: It works for Mondeo (Fusion) with Sony CD 6000, too.

    Regards from Germany,


  8. Hi James,

    Great article. Just a quick question

    Where is the best place to get the parts from? (excluding the facelift fascia). Do you happen to have a video of the process aswell?

  9. Hi, Do you think that it will be necessary to change all the parts? Or it will be sufficiant to change only part “DAB & FM Aerial Plug Cable Extension (Ford Fin: 1682844)”. Thank you.

  10. Hi James,

    I wonder if you can help!

    Would a Sony car stereo Model : CD3XX – CDI – ISLAND – KW2000 fit in a 2008 for focus?

    I’m struggling to find out!

    Thanks very much,

  11. Hey James, Great Post.

    I have a Ford Focus MK2 2006 GHIA It has a square stereo I would like to upgrade the radio to DAB. I am about to purchase a Ford Sony DAB Radio – I am just checking the Aerial Upgrade will work with both Car and Stereo?

    Also Another question: Would the Volume and channel control work with the DAB Radio if it is from a Ford with re-wiring.



  12. Hi James. I was hoping you could help me. I have a 57 plate focus zetec climate and I would like to upgrade to dab radio. My car is fitted with a oval sony generation 2 stereo as pictured but it doesn’t have the dab logo on the front. I have purchased the aerial items you have listed but am know unsure if I need a new head unit?? thanks in advance.

  13. Hi James. Could you tell me if my radio is ready for dab or I need a new head unit. I have a 57 plate focus zetec climate with a oval Sony generation 2 head unit but it doesn’t have the dab symbol on it. I have purchased the above items but not the head unit. Do I need this?? Cheers.

  14. Hi James.
    I’ve got a 58 plate focus titanium. It comes with the Sony mp3 CD player.
    I want to fit a usb port and found one on fleabay for £12 . This should just plug into the back of the stereo.
    I’ve got my stereo out to find there is no obvious mini usb port!
    Are you able to help or advise me what I can do or if there actually is a way to fit a usb port?
    Thanks in advance,

  15. i have been thinking about upgrading my radio in my focus 2008 .i have seen sony dab radios on ebay from kugas but they have a square silver fascia around the oval part ,are these the same radios that go into focus’s ,is the fascia removable to convert it to a normal sony dab. cheers

  16. ive been thinking about upgrading the radio in my focus 2008 .ive seen sony radios on ebay that have come from kugas and have a silver square fascia around the oval part of the normal radio are they compatible with focus sony radios (same radio) ,can the silver fascia be removed to make it just like an oval one.cheers

  17. I have a 2007 ford focus 07 plate and therefore have the square ford stereo. Can I upgrade to the Sony DAB radio? Which tutorials will I need?

    Thank you

  18. Hello James

    I have a focus mk2.5 60 plate and want to add a DAB radio. I went to my local ford garage to see if there was a DAB radio available but they said no part number exists for a focus mk2.5.

    I therefore wonder if you know the part number that fits the focus. Alternatively, there is one for sale on e bay item number 171205017331. Please could you let me know if this radio would fit.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I think your Ford must have been having one of those days, as this guide is exactly the same for both the MK2 and the MK2.5.

      You won’t have to do the mk2 to mk2.5 conversion, you will just need to purchase the parts I have discussed above, and that is it.

      1. Hi James I realise this is quite an old post now but this is by far the best site I’ve found on this,

        By not having to do the mk2 to mk2.5 conversion does that mean I won’t have to change the cables/ariel or just that I won’t have to replace the facia?

        1. Hi Matt,

          If you don’t have the DAB stereo in already, you will have to replace the Ariel, as you’ll only have the standard FM ariel, but apart from that you won’t need to replace the fascia if you already have the Facelift stereo

  19. hello all can you help me find second hand mk2 focus st F and rear bumpers . pius 4 dr side scerts 1 tel *admin removed* anytime ! also rear spoiler met silver if possible !thanks for your time . David underhuill ” south wales swansea ” will travel to cllect or post !

  20. Hi James

    I have a Ford Focus ST225 year 2009, i want to add a sub-woofer and aux input from original “Sony” 6000CD stereo. How ?? any tools or cables needed such as pc99-x50, pc2-84-4, pc99-son, etc.,
    Can you explain it


  21. Hi James,

    Cracking site, for once I’ve managed to find a site that is well design and easy to follow. I have a question with regards to this post. I have a 2006 ST-3 and want to change my radio to a dab one like the one you are using in this tutorial, is this possible?

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Yes this is easily done – its the same process as this tutorial, although you will have the square stereo in your ST? If this is the case, you’ll need to follow this tutorial:

      This is due to the fact that the DAB stereo only comes in the oval type stereo’s in the Focus.



      PS. Thanks for the kind words with regards to the website – Glad you like it :)

  22. Thanks for this guide James – my only question is regarding the door trim removal – how did you make it unclip? It feels nailed in there to me, very tight to my hands so I wondered if you had any tips on performing the removal before my fat digits breaks anything?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Misterjolly,

      The A pillar trim can be a bit tight, this is held on by 3 plastic trim clips. The best thing to do is remove the rubber seal around the door by the a-pillar (don’t remove the whole thing), if you look between the gap, you’ll see the clips. Get a Bojo tool or screwdriver and pry the trim from the clips.



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