Top Gear Season 21 – Coming Soon

Top Gear season 20 finished a couple of months ago now, and rumours have already been spreading around the internet of Top Gear Season 21 being produced as we speak, oh and don’t forget the usual Top Gear Christmas Special.

In my previous series blog post, I was a day out on when the actual show started, but lets see if we can pin point when Season 21 will start. Looking over the previous series start dates:

Series 15: 27th June 2010
Series 16: 23rd January 2011
Series 17: 26th June 2011
Series 18: 29th January 2012
Series 19: 24th June 2012
Series 20: 30th June 2013

Top Gear Season 21:

Series 21: 26th January 2014

Currently the Top Gear Trio have been spotted in filming for season 21 in Monaco, driving a Bugatti Veyron GrandSport Vitesse WRC and a Lamborgini Aventador Roadster head to head. You can also see Jeremy and the film crew in the video below, with SLS  AMG Black series, at an undisclosed track (although apparently the comments state this will be on a DVD – but may be featuring on this upcoming series):

There is also a preview of what they have been filming in Monaco:

As I always say, the Top Gear team have one of the best jobs in the world in my opinion, and would love to do what they do.

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