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    Published on August 28th, 2013 | by James Simpson


    Car Wing Mirror Shade – Great for British Weather

    This will be next on the list for any Euro style cars, flexible car wing mirror shade, which will help protect your mirror from those pesky rain drops.

    For cars that do not come with heated front mirrors to get rid of those rain drops, or the sun is at the right angle and is blaring in your eyes, these flexible car wing mirror shades are your perfect deal of the day.

    I would say they would go well with anyone who is using window wind deflectors on their car. These look as if they are easy enough to install, just peel back the 3m tape, insert into the gap between the mirror glass and the top of the mirror housing.

    These are a snap at just over £3.50 plus postage – Via [Fancy]

    Flexible Car Wing Mirror Shade Car Wing Mirror Shade

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