Reviews Bojo Tools - Plastic Trim Removal Tools

    Published on March 17th, 2012 | by James Simpson


    Bojo Tools – Trim Removal Tools

    Bojo Tools – Trim Removal Tools James Simpson

    Summary: Great tools, and a great price considering how much plastic parts cost if damaged.



    Bojo Tools are the must have product if you like to tinker around with your car, especially a modern car, where plastic dash boards and trims are plentiful. These excellent tools, and if you are a regular reader to my website, you’ll notice I use them all the time when fitting car stereo’s or hands free kits.

    The Bojo Tools come in a range of shapes and sizes, all used for removing plastic trims, badges, or stickers. They allow you to be quite harsh on trims without them leaving a mark or damaging soft plastics (as found in most modern cars) as something like a screwdriver would leave scratches, and stretch the plastic leaving a white mark.

    These tools are available in small or large kits, and are extremely durable. I recommend these kits to anyone on my website who are willing to take their own cars apart to fit their own stereo/hands free kits.

    I will be creating a video walk through of what each tool is useful for once I receive my new kit (as I seem to have lost a couple in cars, and have worn down a bit after a few years of use)

    These kits (or even the single tools) are great to have around the house, and come in use for all sorts of jobs.

    You can buy these kits from the following Amazon link:



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