Unique And Unusual Ways To See The Sights In The UK

UK Sightseeing

The UK is a country full of exciting things to see and do. There is plenty of beautiful landscapes, architecture and wildlife to keep you entertained. The UK may be small in comparison to other countries but don’t let that put you off. It’s a country full of history, culture and tradition. So why not hit the open road using an alternative mode of transport, which will let you see the UK from an entirely new perspective. Take a look at these unique and unusual ways to see the UK and everything it has to offer.

Llama Trekking

Llamas trekking has become highly established in some areas of the UK and offers an experience unlike any other. These incredible animals will carry your bags and join you on an adventure through Britain’s scenic countryside. You’ll be given your own Llama to lead during your relaxing trek so take a picnic and spend an afternoon get to know your new friend. This is not something you will get the opportunity to do anywhere else, so make the most of it while you are here. For more information visit www.lakelandllamatreks.co.uk.

Helicopter Ride

UK Helicopter Ride

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your trip, taking a ride in a helicopter is the choice for you. You’ll get to see the UK’s vast landscape from up in the air and can even theme your flight if you wish. These themed trips can include flying over areas of interest such as national parks and historic houses. It’s an excellent transport choice for both couples and families with young children and adds an extra sense of adventure to your trip. For more information visit www.pleasureflightsltd.co.uk

Cycling Tour

Cycling is a brilliant choice if you are environmentally conscious and want to spend your trip outside. Get some fresh air into your lungs as you make your way through forests, hills and fields on a bicycle. You’ll get to meet the locals, stop off at small towns and villages and get a real feel for the terrain. You’ll also get the chance to see some of the Uk’s historical monuments and buildings. The tour will include an informative guide who can tell you all about the history and local culture too. With tours up and down the country, you should be able to find one to fit into your holiday. For more information visit http://www.cycletoursuk.com/

Canal boating

UK Canal Boat

If you’re looking for a more relaxing mode of transport, then a canal boat might just be the option for you. The UK has over two thousand miles of waterways that are just waiting to be explored. They run through plenty of unspoilt countryside and some even move into the major cities such as Birmingham. Forget about a hotel and stay onboard for a truly unique transport and accommodation option. You have the freedom to stop and start as often as you like, meaning you can tailor your holiday to your interests and which sights you want to see. For more information visit http://www.drifters.co.uk/

So forget about using a car during your trip to the UK. These modes of transport are more fun and will add a unique element to your trip, making it more memorable all round.

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