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Ok, so there’s still a few days left until 2015 is over. But, like most people, I’m already starting to think about all the great things I’d like to achieve in 2016.

You may remember my bucket list post from a few days ago. In that list, I included a rewarding vacation. But after further thinking, I’ve changed my mind. One trip isn’t enough. I’ve now come up with a list of activities I’d love to experience abroad.

Doing them all in 2016 seems unlikely, but I’d like to make a start on this list. Hopefully, these ideas can inspire you for your future trips too.

Drive Route 66

As a driving enthusiast, this was always going to be top of my list wasn’t it? The iconic highway isn’t quite the same as it was in its original state. Nevertheless, driving a portion of Route 66 is something that all drivers will hope to do at least once in their lifetime.

Driving the full coast to coast route is unlikely. After all, it stretches for nearly 2,451 miles. However, I’d love to travel across a few different states and take in some attractions along the way.

Swim With Dolphins

Yeah, I know, hardly original. But there’s a good reason that swimming with dolphins ranks number one on bucket lists across the globe.

They are incredible creatures, and sharing the water with them would be amazing. There are many locations to do this around the world too. If I find myself anywhere in that vicinity anytime soon, I’ll definitely be ticking this item off of my list.

Huskies Running In Snow

Snow Safari

Many travel enthusiasts love the idea of seeing the Northern Lights, and I’m no different. The photos I’ve seen are truly stunning, and it’s no surprise that it has become one of the most sought after sights on the planet. However, there’s another snow adventure that I’d love to experience too.


Husky dog adventures are the perfect way to travel across the snowy terrain. That sheer thrill and excitement has to be an incredible experience. I can’t think of a better way to experience the fresh air and see things that wouldn’t normally be possible.

Help A Community

Maybe it’s the festive spirit talking, but I do believe we all have a responsibility to help our fellow man. And what better way to spend a holiday than helping those people that need it most?

Organised volunteering projects are a brilliant way to see the real culture of new countries. Besides, meeting people is one of the key aspects of any great vacation. In truth, this has to be the best method of forming those special bonds.

Helicopter Tour

In my humble opinion, there’s no better way to view a new territory than from the sky. Wherever I end up on my next holiday, booking a helicopter tour is a must.

Whether it’s looking over Table Mountain and the glory of Cape Town or visiting the Grand Canyon doesn’t matter. Helicopters are the greatest way to travel, and will be on my list. And they should be on yours too.

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