Oil and Oil Cooler Arrives

As my new gearbox oil arrived from OpieOils (cheers oilman) – I went for Castrol Syntrax Universal 75w-90, which will hopefully sort out the problems i found at the last track day (Didn’t like down shifting from 5th to 4th).

The new oil cooler arrived today too, so I went down to work on the car after i finished work. First I fit the oil cooler, put a load of pfte tape around the threads so hopefully no oil will leak out :) put the front mount back on and started her up (also double checked for knocking noises, but cranked the car over a couple of times before i actually started her just to get oil through the cooler) – thinking about wiring in a switch to control the crank posision sensor, so I dont have to disconnect the lead all the time i want to prime the oil cooler.

So once that was all fitted, I put the front end back together, bumper is back on, lights/sidelights and grill

Next I started to feed the water pipe for the washer jets into the cabin, along with a new wiring loom to control the pump from the stalk… The pipe and wires are all connected up under the bonnet, and are fed into the passenger foot-well, just need to put them to the back.

I also had a look at the drivers side rocker cover, was it was leaking oil a little bit once the car was turned off after being warm (seems as if the cover expands when warm and allows the oil to drip out a little) – The bolts were a little loose, so tightened them up a bit so hopefully that will stop it… i did however notice that there was some sealant around the block (looked like silicone sealant, not proper gasket sealant) that i just managed to pull off, so looks like its been leaking for a little while… may take it off and put some proper gasket sealant around it, that should hopefully fix that.

Then finally, removed the old gearbox oil (managed to drop the drain plug in the bucket i was draining into, so had to go fishing :( god that stuff stinks!!!! was pleased to only find a couple of little flakes of metal on the magnetic drain plug, so nothing too serious with the gearbox… Put 3 and 1/2 Litre in for now, and going to let that settle and see if it needs any more? (i got 5L all together, so i can do the rear diff too – not sure how im going to re-fill it though… hose pipe and funnel maybe?)

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