Beautiful Sights And Wonderful Experiences Await In England

Tower Of London

It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer holidays! Besides, you might need a break from getting everything ready for Christmas. Or, you might be looking for a wonderful winter vacation. Either way I think travelling to England holds the possibility of the trip of a lifetime. There are some great sights and experiences that await you in this beautiful and dazzling country. The only question you need ask yourself is, which part are you going to visit?

Down South To Cornwall

Cornwall Beach Surfing

Well I can certainly recommend Cornwall as one of the best places in the Uk to visit, particularly in the summer. As your connecting plane drops down towards the Airport, you’ll see a tremendous view of the local area. There are sandy beaches, ideal for relaxing in the summer sun and lush, green meadows. It could be the perfect place for a quiet getaway, breaking free from the crowds of more tropical resorts. Hoburne UK Holidays have got some wonderful places in and around Cornwall perfect for your family vacation.

Also, if you have kids you won’t be too far away from the castle where the legend of King Arthur is thought to have begun. There you’ll find some great family activities and fun for a brilliant day out.

London Is Calling

Of course, you can hardly stop off in England and not visit London. No matter where you’re going you’ll probably be flying into Heathrow or Gatwick. So, you might as well take a day or two to explore this tremendous city. I’ve already talked about the many great things London has to offer. So I’ll just mention a few of my favourite destinations and tourists spots. Firstly, you must check out the London Eye. At this time of year the whole city is lit up and it truly is a dazzling sight to behold. Make sure you head over in the evening, just as it starts to get dark.

After that, you may want to take in a West End Show. Popular choices are currently Wicked and The Snowman. But next year you’ll have the chance to see Aladdin and the new Harry Potter Stage play. That’s if you can find tickets for either one online!

Finally, if you’re coming over this winter you can finish off the day walking through Oxford Street. There, you will be  underneath the newly hung up twinkling Christmas lights.

London Bridge

Northern Wonders

Then again, you might instead have your heart set on visiting a piece of music history. You could travel to Liverpool, the birth city of the Beatles. There you’ll be able to take a guided tour to all the landmarks where the boys made a name for themselves.

After that, you could head over to the Blue Planet Aquarium. There, you’ll be able to see a number of exotic sea creatures. There’s even the chance to swim with sharks if you’re brave enough! It is quite expensive so make sure you put a couple hundred aside if you want to squeeze this in your budget.

I hope I’ve convinced you that England has got some wonderful holiday treats no matter what you want from your next vacation.

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