How Travel Enthusiasts Handle Not Travelling

How travel enthusiasts handle not travelling

Global travel has been at a standstill since the pandemic first hit in early 2020. Most of us enjoy travelling these days and not just for the holiday experience. We like to explore different cultures, eat different cuisines, learn new languages and socialise with the local people. As the world begins to open up, some of us are still sceptical about booking a holiday abroad – even in the ‘green zone’ areas.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy your love of travel without actually travelling.

Book a UK break

UK staycations are popular with holiday goers this year – and appears to be fairly safe right now. You could explore a different part of the UK you’ve never been to before or revisit your favourite city. You could also try something new with a group tour of England and choose between a beachside holiday, hiking trip, or city break.

Try out a new sport

If you enjoy activity holidays, you could use your time at home to begin training for your next adventure. Start walking every day to train for your next hike abroad or take up cycling so you can complete the Sea to Sea this summer.

Personal Travel Expert Jules Verne, Melissa Alonso, said: “I have enjoyed going for walks and cycling around London, I have lived in this city for 3 years and managed to discover areas I didn’t know before! I also spent some time doing online yoga classes, as well as daydreaming about my future holidays!”

Read travel books

A good book can transport you anywhere in the world. Guidebooks are perfect if you already know your next destination – and non-fiction books can give you a few travel ideas. Read about the politics, culture and local lingo before you set off on your vacation.

Plan your dream trip

One of the best parts of travelling is the planning process. Research flights, accommodation, popular travel routes and different attractions while you’re stuck at home in the UK. Plan your dream holiday so you have something to look forward to when you can travel abroad again.

Volunteering for a charity or good cause

Melissa Coates, a marketing executive at Jules Verne, said: “I have been enjoying the small joys in so-called ‘simple things’ – spending more time outdoors and getting to know my new local neighbourhood. I also had the opportunity to volunteer and rehome 7 ducklings from the local animal rescue charity.”

There are plenty of things to do at home when travelling abroad isn’t a viable option. Look into your local charities and see how you can help out! Besides, you might be able to volunteer overseas in the future to teach English or rescue animals.

While travelling is a life-changing experience, you can find small ways to help your local community and entertain yourself at home as well.

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