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An office can be anything from a room in your house, or a business office with any number of employees. No matter the size of the office/business, the needs for any office are exactly the same, just upscaled depending on the number of users within the office. Many decisions though, come down the the needs and goals of the business you are setting up. The basics include things like PC’s, Desk’s, and chairs, each of which I have outlined below.


There are many companies out there, such as AhelioTech, that will set up any aspect of technology up for your business, but sometimes, companies could be on tight budgets, where you may consider buying second hand business machines from websites as Computer Parts For Sale, or even have computer skilled employees that could do the work without any third party. The basics you’ll require are pretty common knowledge, but there are some aspects which you may forget.


Computers are the key and most important pieces of kit that you will need in any office. The main choice though is to decide if you need desktop machines or laptops, or even a combination of both. For those offices who’s employees are on the move, they should be provided with laptops to allow them to work from any location, but employees that would be working in the office full time should be provided with desktop PC’s. But the question is, which company to buy these machines from? The best choice for this would be to go with a company who provide at least a couple of years warranty on their devices, as these PC’s will


Again, this all depends on the size of a business, but a phone system, either one standard telephone, or multiple telephones contacted via a VoIP system (Voice over IP) would allow all your employees phone access, which would allow phone calls to be transferred to a number of different employees within one business.


Networking equipment allows for your PC(s) to be connected to the internet, as well as allowing fellow colleagues access to shared media, but depending on your business needs and size, things such as servers may have to come into play. If there are a high number of users who need to access PC’s it would be best advised to have a server set up to a domain of computers, which will allow its users to login to their account, as well as access their very same files and folders from a number of different PC’s on the network. This also allows you to update and keep track of all PC’s on that network from one server.


Peripherals include technology items, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and printers. Flat panel displays are the current latest standard in monitors and allow for more desk space. Consider investing in larger screens or dual monitors for jobs that require extensive work with databases, multimedia or multitasking with multiple programs. All-in-one laser printers can be a smart purchase for a small office allowing for cheap and fast printing. For offices with multiple computers and employees, invest in a network printer that can accommodate the size of the business. And of course, stock up on essentials such as HP 207X toner.


It’s important to have ergonomic chairs and desks for jobs that require a considerable amount of desk time. This will give your employees a comfy and healthy working environment. It is also wise to take into account that the look and feel of an office, as your desks and chairs will be the biggest part of your office, which potential customers and other businesses would see. It would be wise to follow a sleek, modern and minimalist appearance.

You should always take the smart approach when fitting out any office, and compare prices from a number of sources, and even get quotes from businesses that offer contracts to set up your office and keep everything updated throughout the lifetime of your business. You may be surprised at how cost affective this may be for your business needs.

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