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    Make Your Own Bullet Time – GoPro Array

    The GoPro is becoming ever more popular as a durable use-anywhere video camera. These are popular devices among extreme sports fanatics. But how can you make your own bullet time using GoPro’s? Easy when you think about it relay, using a GoPro array.

    Ever since the release of The Matrix, this has become a popular feature to use within many film / videos all over the internet, and really, its not that big an effort to create such stunning shots – although the cost of say 15 GoPro’s may leave your bank account fairly empty.

    To create such shots, you will need to create a curved stand to mount all your cameras to, I have seen people use a sheet of ply wood cut into a curve, an old curtain rail bent, or even larger scale scaffolding poles bent to create a wide bullet time shot.

    The video above used 15 GoPro mounted to what looks like a metal bar, and then edited in a movie editing software – There does look to be a slight glitch in the frame timing on the videos, which I think make the videos look cool.

    It looks like this isn’t a new idea, and has been used in lots of applications – Here’s one from a Ken Block video

    GoPro Array

    Now I just need to find the money to buy an array of GoPro cameras [Marc Donahue via Gizmodo]

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