Ford Mondeo DVD & SatNav Stereo

Ford Mondeo DVD Stereo

There are many aftermarket DVD players on the market, but when it comes to getting that perfect fitting stereo in your car, you’ll need a number of adapter fascia plates, and still these aren’t 100% perfect, and usually means you will get an ugly plastic surround where your old stereo used to sit, especially when it comes to the Ford Mondeo stereo.

This is where model specific DVD stereo’s are excellent. They take the standard stereo curves and looks, and re-model them to include the latest technology, including a DVD player, Satilite Navigation, and even Internet Browsers.

Below is the Ford Mondeo DVD Stereo (CVVE-C228-2GEN model) which is designed to fit perfectly into your Ford Mondeo, keeping the standard look and feel to your car, but packing the stereo with features such as a 7inch touch screen, running the latest version of Android. It also features an inbuilt Satilite Navigation system, and a wide range of easily installable applications directly from the Android Store.

You can even browse the internet directly from the unit, although you will either need to have a WiFi connection in the car, or tether the device to your mobile phone.

You can also play movies or music by plugging in a USB memory stick which contains MP3 or AVI files, or even use standard CD’s or DVD’s to play or watch movies/music directly on the device.

The CVVE-C228-2GEN along with many other car DVD players can be purchased direct from the Chinavasion website. They have a large range of car DVD Players for all makes and models of cars, including the Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo’s.

  1. Hello!

    Have you had a chance to test the cvve-c228-gen2 unit? I’m using the cvve-c228 (first gen) in my Ford Focus 2008 and it is very unstable. It is basically 2 computers, The first one running WinCE where the apps like Radio, BT handsfree, DVD-player, TV, Reverse camera etc are. The second runs Android and is meant for running Navi apps. The WinCE part is not very pretty but it works. Even the steering wheel controls work. The android part is the problem. It never really worked properly. I frequently had to reinstall the Navi software as the maps just disappeared from it. It seemed like low quality flash memory. Then eventually it stopped booting at all. I guess it lost an important system file from the flash. Chinavashion support instructed me to unplug all usb devices, remove the SD cards and disconnect the power for a while to reset it. It didnt work. So now I just use the radio, BT handsfree and the reverse camera. Still more features than the original CD6000 radio but no more navi.

  2. Hi James,
    I have a 2012 Mondeo equipped with Sony 6CD generation2 with 8 speakers and a subwoofer. I tried to swap it for a China system with navigation.
    In fact this one:

    But I was disappointed: The treble speakers in the front doors did not work and the subwoofer did not work. And the display in the center of Convers+ was very limited. And the Ipod/Iphone support was also limited.
    So I took it back to the dealer and put the Sony back in.

    Do you know of a better system with more support, espcially for the speaker system?

    Any hint will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Torbjörn (in Sweden)

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