Is The Amazon Button A Game Changer Or Not?

Amazon Alexa

Since it first introduced the consumer world to the “Buy With One-Click” button, it’s been clear what Amazon’s goal is: they are in pursuit of ways to make your life that little bit easier, simpler and time-efficient, and they are doing it one piece of tech at a time.

Like we said, it started with the one-click buying option, but it has gone beyond this. They now have a range of Alexa’s that are designed to save you microseconds of time. But it is the Amazon Dash that intrigue us the most. All you need to do is click a button and your preprogrammed order will arrive within 48-hours.

There is no denying that this is a hugely ambitious move, but that’s what Amazon is. They are a hugely ambitious company. Full stop. The end. Period. Just think about their humble beginnings as the destroyer of local bookstores and how quickly they have invaded your home without you putting up any kind of a fight. Just think about it for a moment. Every time you have been in a pickle, not known where to get something or wanted to pick something up for that little bit less money, you’ve automatically gone straight to Amazon, no detours. You do this for the ease of use, for the best prices, for easy access to customer reviews and because you can compare prices-slash-brands in the most simplistic way possible.

So, how is the world of Amazon Buttons going to enhance this experience? Well, read on and you might just find out.

What The Heck Is An Amazon Button?

For those who don’t know (which is most people, we can assure you), these are little devices that are connected to the WiFi that allows you to purchase predetermined and specific items straight to your home using Amazon’s Prime service. It could be anything. It could be that you’re in the middle of the most manic week you’ve ever experienced as a freelancer and suddenly found out your toothpaste is at that stage where you need a rolling pin in order to squeeze anything out. The answer: just press your Amazon Button and more will arrive on your doorstep within 2 days. It’s that simple.

How Is This Even Possible?

First things first, you need to have a Prime account before you can purchase a Dash Button because that’s how it operates. Once you’ve done this, you need to take a slow stroll around your home, assess which products you frequently need to order (or tend to need as a matter of urgency) and then order the relevant Buttons; the ones you want. Once you’ve got them, simply connect them to your WiFi and a smart device – phone or tablet – then enable your location settings, download the app and follow the setting up instructions. It’s pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Just make sure you choose the quantity you’ll be needing and which shipping preferences you prefer. Voila. The next time you notice you’re running a little low on something, just hit the button and wait for it to arrive.

Can This Be Used On Anything?

In a word: yeah, pretty much. That’s because when brands hear Amazon is doing something, they all scramble to align themselves with it knowing that no one leads the pack quite like Amazon does. As a result, if a product falls within the bell curve of home product, there is probably an Amazon Dash Button for it. We’re talking about cheap toners, bottled water, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, pet food, toothpaste, dishwasher tablets, non-bio washing detergent, sponges, beef jerky, tissues, multivitamins, garbage bags, tea, coffee, energy drinks, cough medicine, deodorant, paper and just about everything you can imagine.

Is There Actually Any Benefits Of This?

We know what you’re thinking, “this is just Amazon throwing you know what at the wall and seeing what sticks, right?” and maybe you are right. But there could also be major benefits for everyone from the people buying the products to the businesses supplying them, to Amazon’s business model. Think about it. For the buyers, there is that much less friction when it comes to purchasing a product, something Amazon has been very aware of since it recognised the need for buy with one-click. This is five steps ahead of that because you don’t even need to go on to their website anymore; you just click a button. That makes buying a whole bunch easy and whole lot more time-consuming. Click, sit back, relax and wait for the doorbell to ring. For the businesses, this provides another way for them to analyse buyer habits because more data will be created with each push of a button. This will allow them to improve their business models and upgrade their strategies. As for Amazon, well, it gets to make money through repeat business, which is the best kind of business out there.

There Has To Be Some Negatives?

Of course there are. There always will be. And they’re more obvious than you may realise. Because the buttons are limited to a single product, consumers become a little trapped into that one brand without getting the chance to explore other options, some of which may be better. It also means shoppers don’t get to enjoy the bargain hunt anymore, meaning they will be paying for a convenience but not saving in the same way they once were. Of course, the biggest issue we have spotted is the approach. They may say it is for convenience, but you have to be a bit of a chump to run out of loo roll and lost in the wilderness if you would prefer to wait two days for it to arrive as opposed to popping to the local corner shop to grab some more.

Who knows, maybe these little wrinkles will be ironed out in the coming months and years, and become the modern-day equivalent of the microwave in that they become a household phenomenon. Alternatively, they may come up with something else entirely, a new generation of tech that wipes out these buttons. Only time will tell.

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