Turn Your Anything Into a Touchscreen Device

Create A Touchscreen Anywhere

Gone are the days of using a mouse and keyboard to navigate around a computer, and with large TV’s and Projectors becoming ever cheaper, utilising such devices for educational whiteboards, or even in your home as a large touch screen TV.

This is where theĀ Zmartframe comes into use. This simple yet sleek device tracks the movement of your hand/fingers on any given surface, which then connects via USB to your computer. Simply strap the Zmartframe around any screen or surface allowing anything to become a touchscreen device.

The possibilities are pretty endless using the Zmartframe, for instance, turn a table with a projector above into an interactive conference room table top, allowing all parties to participate their input into a meeting, or place this around your TV at home, and make your TV a fully functional touch screen device, running any platform of operating system.

Zmartframe Tablet PC

The above image shows how one user has transformed his desktop PC monitor into a large scale touchscreen Android tablet PC.

Touchscreen TV Using Zmartframe

Above shows how a user has transformed their standard flat screen TV screen into a fully functional touchscreen computer.

The Zmartframe is still undergoing crowd funding, but it looks like this device will open up all sorts of possibilities in every home and business industry. Just let your imagination flow with how this can be used to make your life 100 times easier.

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