Seats In, Wash and Polish – Final Stages for Japfest

Wow what a day… 9am start on the car, and got everything pretty much finished now (well mechanically, and a litte cosmetic)

Started off getting the bucket seats mounted in the cars, the cobra went in without a problem, but the Sparco bucket seat was slightly different and require a little modification, so that is now mounted in the car and works spot on

Next i tidied up the wires under the bonnet, put plastic protectors over the power wire and the new washer bottle wires/pipes.

Then the car got a wash,

Decided against doing the rest of the digital camo all over the car (wasnt enough time and couldnt decide if I liked it, and Sarah’s brother kept telling me it was crap – so it got removed). Sarah also wanted to practise with the machine polisher and some new products she got (she’s into car detailing) and the car came up a treat, she got all the scratches and swirl marks out the car and looks as good as it did when it came out the factory (plus a few little rust spots on the arches).

I then went and did the camber bolts on the passenger side of the car (couldnt do them last time as i had the car too close to the wall) – Just need to book the car in to get a 4 wheel alignment done.

I then tidied out the inside of the car, took all my tools and extras out the car, hoovered up all the dust and cleaned the glass. (Getting excited now :D:D:D)

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