Baffled Sump – Finishing Touches

Talk about leaving everything till last min… just been finishing off the little bits and bobs I needed to do before we go down to Japfest on Friday…. had the car started for a good while today, burnt off all the oil and wd40 I got on the headers (there was smoke everywhere) but rather burn it off now instead of having it smoking and maybe catching fire on track.

Collected a baffled sump from Alyn @ ASP Performance, and managed to get the sump done today too (what a nightmare)… took me all day to do it, but I got there in the end!

It was a right pain in the arse, and have done something to my back being under the car all day :(

Managed to get it off by jacking the engine up from underneath (managed to get an axle stand to push the engine up enough to get the CV bit up between the sub frame and sump.

Got the old one off with a bit of wiggling and swearing, but the new one didn’t want go on with ease.. found taking the actual oil collector pipeĀ  off to get the new sump in, and then put it all back together holding the sump up.

Managed to get all the screws in but one at the back, could I hell find the hole for it, put loads of gasket sealant around it, so I don’t think it’ll leak…

Camo now done on both wings:

And my new sponsor (well a company Sarah’s brother and I are setting up at some point)

Just a couple of things left to do for tomorrow, door cards and fire extinguisher need to be fitted and a quick hoover and clean the windows then it should be ready to put on the trailer – hope it fits

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