Digital Camo Begins

After seeing a nice yellow Evo on one of the Evo forums which had something similar done, I thought I would take the Impreza down the same route. Using white and a gray/green vinyl and a handy plotter, I designed a digital camouflage design on the computer and plotted it out. This is a work in progress (starting with a wing to see what it looks like).

When you first start, you think the design / pattern looks rubbish, but the more you build it up and add different colours in random locations it start to look good.

If anyone would like the .EPS file for this, give me an Email and I’ll send it over.

The post man also delivered some more goodies for the car
Aero Catch For The Bonnet Breather for the Oil Catch Can

  1. Hey man yer digital pattern on yer Impreza is wicked. Do you have the esp file? Could you please send to my email? Thanks in advance.

  2. James If you were able to find it may i have the file too, i´m going to do this to my Subaru impreza 2000

    1. Hi Ricardo,

      Unfortunately I no longer have the file – I basically just created it by cutting a load of different size squares and rectangles, and placed them on the car by hand, overlapping bits.

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