Adventure Black Subaru Impreza WRX - Orange Wheels - Croft RSOC Track Day

    Published on June 7th, 2009 | by James Simpson


    Impreza @ Croft RSOC Regional Day 2009

    What an excellent weekend Luke and I had at Croft this year (although we did find a couple of problems with the scooby – but it was its first track day)

    We started the day by signing in and had a briefing session from the Croft Track Officials, and were given our session numbers (we were in the first session :O) and got ready to go out on the track (I would be taking it on first as Luke took the first session the year before).

    Well, the weather wasn’t exactly great for our first session, the track was soaking wet, puddles all over the place, and greasy. There were a few hairy moments when the back end locked up and found ourselves heading straight ahead heading towards the field (even though I had the car on full lock to try to make it round the bend). After this, I decided to take the first session slow and steady. (upon the session ending and pulling in the pits, we were soon walked over to by the lads who were behind us during the above incident (who were also in an Impreza) to see what happened.

    Second Session

    Second Session was Luke’s turn to drive, and the track had dried up a hell of a lot from the first session, so Luke managed to get a few decent laps (although we noticed the oil temperature started getting rather high – so slowed down a bit)

    Third Session

    Third Session was my turn again, and the sun was starting to break through the clouds, and I had Matthew as a passenger this lap (who was rather scared – see video below)

    Fourth Session was Luke’s time to shine

    The Fourth Session was my last session and was rather eventful for me, Sarah was my passenger for this time, and after a couple of laps in, disaster struck. Upon breaking for Sunny In, one of the back wheels decided to lock up, I tried to counter-steer the lockup, but it wasn’t happening, the car whipped out and ended up spinning off the track (can see this in the video below)


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