3 Amazing Ways That You Can Volunteer Abroad

Working Abroad

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience, no matter where you’re doing it. Whether it be at the local park or at a convention close by. Ultimately, nothing beats that warm feeling you get through helping somebody out for free. So why not combine that element with a bit of a holiday and some travelling? Here are three amazing ways that you can help volunteer abroad!

Camp America

If you fancy something a bit more hardcore than simply glamping, then this could be right up your street! You simply pay up front for all of your costs to be covered and then you have a whole summer of fun activities and looking after children. Then, you take on the role of either a councillor or a more behind-the-scenes helper. Either way, this experience of volunteering is incredibly rewarding. Plus, you are in the middle of America. How cool is that? It’s a great idea if you’ve just finished education, or you’ve got a summer break from University. It looks incredible on a CV or application form, too. Employers will see how kind hearted and well rounded you can be.

Animal Adventures

If you love animals, then this can definitely be the most rewarding way to do volunteering abroad. This can be done almost anywhere in the world, most notably South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. If it sounds like your idea of heaven then definitely get involved and apply! The animals need your help. You’ll be situated in the most breathtaking of environments, too. You’ll definitely be able to get a few quality monkey selfies! Your interests are considered when applying, too. If you have a preference for certain species or animals, then this will be taken into account. That way you can be placed in the best environment for you to find the experience the most fascinating. For every volunteer, projects set-up to run this sort of volunteering, donate a ton of money. So you’ll feel like you’re doing even more of a good deed.

Music Festival

Volunteering at a music festival is almost and no-brainer. You can do it anywhere across Europe and America. The volunteering is based on the premise that you gain free entry into the event, and get your food costs either reduced or covered. In return, you get to help make a massive event run completely smoothly. You’ll even be provided with an insight into the backstage work that goes on behind the stage – so it’s not just emptying bins! The skills you need to apply will differ based on where the event is. Overseas is a bit different to back home. You may have to speak the language to succeed. Rock and electronic music festival Melt! is based in Germany. This festival, for example, requires you to speak German in order to gain entry as a volunteer.

Ultimately, any one of these incredible experiences will completely fulfill you. Be sure to look into them all, so that you can decide which is the best voluntary opportunity for you! Being abroad and helping out sounds like great fun, doesn’t it?

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