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    Published on April 4th, 2009 | by James Simpson


    Impreza Dyno @ Motorscope

    Well we decided to take the Impreza for a Dyno run and check-up (as the car seemed to have been over boosting a little). Was booked in for first thing in the morning, so was an early morning for myself and Luke (even though we had a few cans the night before).

    We love the drive down to Northallerton, and it was a chance to warm the car up a bit before it was put on its test on the Dynodynamic Rolling Road at Motorscope in Northallerton.

    We were greeted by a enthusiastic Richard, who took the car on the rollers and put it through its paces (Richard knows what he’s talking about, and managed to tweak the Impreza to run perfect)

    After a few runs and here’s the final results (which we were shocked to see)


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