How To Make A Ford Focus ST Lookalike

Ford Focus 2.0 Petrol ST Lookalike Replica - Newcastle Upon Tyne Quayside - Tyne Bridge

I get asked on a daily basis how I turned my car from a standard Ford Focus Titanium into a Ford Focus ST Lookalike (Replica). This process is pretty easy but can be expensive (although I managed to get my bits rather cheap as no one had done this before).

Ford Focus 2.0 Petrol ST Lookalike Replica - Newcastle Upon Tyne Quayside - Tyne Bridge

Anyway, this is how my car first started off life (photo taken from dealers website):

This was just a basic 2.0l Focus Titanium Duratec Spec (the highest standard focus spec you could get), which features Alloy Wheels, Power Assisted Steering (PAS), Auto Headlights, Auto Wipers, Sony Stereo (plus audio upgrade), Top Storage Pocket, Fog Lights, 3 Spoke Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Heated Front & Rear Screen…

What You Need

To be honest, there isn’t THAT much which needs replacing to create your very own ST Lookalike. Below I have listed all the parts needed to change on a MK2 Focus (There is now a face lift – MK2.5 which is different completely), I have also added the Ford part numbers and guide prices for these products brand new from Ford (prices change all the time):


  • Front Bumper – 1378131 ≈ £125.00
  • Upper Grill – 1421597 ≈ £13.92
  • Upper Grill Seal – 1367135 ≈ £4.50
  • Lower Grill – 1369475 ≈ £22.67
  • Fog light Cover Left – 1370340 ≈ £9.62
  • Fog light Cover Right – 1366989 ≈ £9.62
  • Fog light Surround Left – 1386652 ≈ £9.89
  • Fog light Surround Right – 1383371 ≈ £9.89


  • Wing Mirror Indicator Left (only needed if you do not have indicators here already)
  • Wing Mirror Indicator Right (only needed if you do not have indicators here already)
  • Wing Mirror Cover Left
  • Wing Mirror Cover Right

For a 3 door Focus (side skirts are different for 5 door Focus’s)

  • Side Skirt Left – 1387282 ≈ £94.00
  • Side Skirt Right – 1387281 ≈ £94.00

For a 5 door Focus

  • Side Skirt Left – 1387288 ≈ £112.30
  • Side Skirt Right – 1387287 ≈ £112.30


  • Rear Bumper – 1424081 ≈ £176.36
  • Fog light Cover Left – 1378129 ≈ £7.54
  • Fog light Cover Right – 1378128 ≈ £7.54
  • Fog light Surround Left – 1406907 ≈ £9.89
  • Fog light Surround Right – 1406906 ≈ £9.89
  • Focus ST Spoiler – 1554920 ≈ £71.05


  • Focus ST Steering Wheel – 1438921 ≈ £307.55
  • Focus ST Turbo Pod (you can only have this if you have a top pocket on your dash – usually only in Ghia / Titanium models)
  • Focus ST Seats (Recaro)
  • Focus ST Gear Knob (I replaced mine with a Fiesta ST gear knob as standard Focus’s only have a 5 speed box – unless you have a diesel) Fiesta ST Gear Knob – 1341488 ≈ £48.12
  • Focus ST Pedals (have not fitted these to my car as there is so much hassle)


You will need to set a day aside to do this.

Front Bumper Removal
The front bumper is fairly tricky and fiddly. You will need to jack the car up and remove the two front wheels, you will then need to remove the front wheel arch lining (these are held on by Torx screws), once this is done, there are two bolts each side holding the front bumper in.

You will now need to open the bonnet, and remove the slam panel (this is held in by a few positive plastic screws). Once you have undone the screws, the panel should just lift off.


You will now need to remove the headlights from the car, these are held in with one torx bolt on the top of the light, and these will just slide out and unplug

You will now see there are plastic type clips holding the bumper in place, starting from one end, just push the clips down and pull the bumper out at the same time and the bumper start to come out.

You will now need to unclip the fog lights (if fitted to your car)

Front ST Bumper Fitting

Here’s the image of how the front bumper goes together.

Rear Bumper Removal
The rear bumper is one of the easiest parts to fit. First you need to jack the rear end of the car up, and remove both rear wheels (use axle stands to hold the car up).

You will now have to remove the rear part of the wheel arch lining (these are held in by Torx Screws) once you have undone these, if you look straight up, you will notice two bolts holding the white plastic bumper support to the body of the car (this is either 10mm or 12mm – can’t remember off the top of my head)

You will then need to crawl under the back of the car, and you will notice two plastic positive screws holding the bottom of the bumper in, these just unscrew.

Once you have un-done both sides, you will now need to open the boot and unscrew the two bolts either side of the boot.

Your standard bumper should now just pull off.

Rear ST Bumper Fitting
First here is an image of how everything goes together:

If you got your bumpers from a scrap yard, you may be lucky and have the support brackets already fitted to the bumper, if you got your bumpers direct from ford, you will not have the support brackets attached to the new bumper, which means you will have to drill the rivet out of your old bumper (holding the white plastic supports onto the bumper) and attach them to your new bumper (not forgetting the spacer you need to add to the bottom of the bracket – see above image)

Once you have the brackets on, you can now fit the bumper, this is pretty much the reverse of removing the standard bumper (you may need a friend to help you get the bumper in position) then first start by putting the sides in first (Don’t add the bolts under the boot lid just yet) and make sure the bolts are tight, and that the gaps are straight and level.

Now you can lift the bumper up at the back and add the two bolts under the boot lid now (this will now hold the bumper in place and all your gaps should be equal)

Now you will need to add the support brackets under the bumper (these brackets stop the wind catching the bottom of the rear bumper and pulling it away from the car), these are pretty straight forward to fit, but you will need your own nuts and bolts to fit these (if you need to go to B&Q to grab some, just zip tie the bottom of the bumper to the body brackets for now)

Side Skirts Fitting
There are a couple of ways to do this, one way (i would say the best way) is to use bolts under the car and double-sided sticky trim tape (can get this from Halfords or a local body shop) and install this along the top edge of the side skirt. No need to drill any holes, everything should already be there for you.

If you look under the car, you will notice bolt holes, this is where the ST Side skirts bolt onto.

Completed Project

Here’s the most popular picture of my car, in its finished state, taken in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne at the Sage in Gateshead

Ford Focus 2.0 Petrol ST Lookalike Replica - Newcastle Upon Tyne Quayside - Tyne Bridge
  1. Hi I have had a lot of trouble clicking my st front bumper into my standard lx front panel, it fits but is very loose, do I need to buy an st front panel to make it secure. I have noticed some have been listed on eBay as st front pannels and others that specify not st.


  2. Hi James

    I have just bought a Ford focus Estate and was wondering if you know if i could just use the list you listed above or whether i would have to get other parts and if i would, would you happen to know where i could buy them from.

    Cheers Luke

  3. Hi,

    Does anyone know if the end caps from a 3 door set of side skirts are the same as whats used on a 5 door set or where i could find this info out?


    1. Hi Graham, Yes the end caps are the same for the 3 door and 5 door, just the main side skirts are different. The end caps are not sold separately from Ford though (they come as part of the full side skirt)

  4. Has anyone successfully fitted the twin exhaust from an ST too? If so how did you overcome the second hanger problem?

    Cheers in advance

    1. Hi Connor,

      You cannot fit the ST exhaust to the car due to the backbox going where the spare wheel well is, the only way to do this is to fit an aftermarket one. A new hanger can be fitted easily enough. See the Piper Exhaust post on here.

  5. Doing a ST replica at moment and this site been a great help. Yep im badging it up aswell for all the replica haters, my car, my money, up to me and if i want the speed, ill take the cossie out the garage for a blast but the focus is used everyday so pointless buying a real one doing the miles i have to do.

    Your old ST rep looked amazing. Great job.

  6. hi jamz

    loving the motor i have a focus 56 reg 1.8 tdci LX and am thinking of doing this lookalike also but my question is i do not have the front fogs on the car so would this be a problem to be fitted to the car

    many thanks

      1. hi

        thanks for the replay and i thought as much but can i ask do u still have the car and was it worth very thing u spent on it to turn it in to a st

        1. Hi Jason,

          I sold the car many years ago now, and I am driving a real Focus ST now. Back in the day, it was worth it, as I was one of the first to attempt the conversion, so managed to get the parts cheap. Nowdays, the parts are not cheap as everyone knows it can be done now. This car is now driving somewhere around Leeds, as the new owner has been in touch with me a few times.

  7. Hi James,

    Great car! Quick question in regards to the Eibach 30mm lowering springs. (I know you had the eibach coilovers ;)
    but am I correct in saying that I do not need to change the original stock shocks other than replacing with the eibach 30mm springs? is there anything else that needs to be adjusted or replaced in order for these eibach 30mm springs to work?


    1. Hi Nassir,

      Nope you do not need to change the shocks on 30mm Eibach springs, the standard shocks will work just fine (although the lifespan of the shocks may shorten). But I’ve never had any issues with mine on my current car.



      1. There are three basic types of suspension (not including the RS), the standard setup, the ST setup and the Sport. The Sport has 15 mm lower as standard (unsure if the damper internal bump stops are different, but I was advised to buy a different model damper for my Sport!).
        I also bought a set of rear shockers in new condition taken off an ST when new, and they raised the car, so if lowering, then fit the “Sport” model suspension.

  8. Hi,
    I am looking to see if you could help me, i am looking for a 56 plate ST upper grill. would you be able to guide me to where you purchased yours from? it would be a massive help.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      The standard under-tray fits, but you also need a new lip at the front of the under-tray too (I forget the part number though).

      The exhaust was done by Piper Exhausts – they used my old car as their development car, thus you can buy the exhaust off the shelf via their website.



      1. Hi James,
        Great site, very helpful! I fitted my rear bumper yesterday and have found a duplex exhaust to fit, however I’m a bit concerned as I have two, what look like, brackets hanging down that will obscure the tail pipes from sitting snug in the two tailpipe holes in the bumper? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  9. Great site and such useful information.. I haven’t read all the comments but I was wondering if you can facelift a 2006 focus st to a 2008 and if so do you know what is required parts wise? I have been looking but there is so much information out there!

  10. I just stumbled across this site by accident.
    I have to say, you did a very fair job on your (now former) Focus.
    I have a Mk 2 Sport in tonic and have toyed with the idea of detailing the car with ST parts.
    Your listing of the Ford finis no’s is very helpful and gives people an insight into what sort of outlay and difficulty they will face if they want to try a similar project.

    I think the “idiots” that have criticised your car (and efforts) are incredibly infantile and self opinionated.
    I also like the idea of adding the “tasty parts” to a standard-ish model, like the stainless pedal trims/rubbers, the ally insert handbrake lever etc. I’d like the Recaros myself, but it’s just not feasible with the interior trim I have, I’d have to retrim the entire interior.

    I was tempted to get the front bumper/spoiler, side skirts, and get new rubbing strips for the doors and the park-distance control insert for the rear bumper, but the price of the parts from Ford was prohibitive. I picked up the small ST/Titanium spoiler and got that painted and fitted and have a lovely set of Ford accessory Focus RS replica wheels (7.8J x 18″) fitted.

    Good luck with the site, these do it yourself pages are really helpful.

    Well done James

    1. Hi there. Will leather recaros from a mk 2. 56plate focus ST fit straight into a standard focus of the same year.

  11. It is nice but at the end of the day its still not an ST and under the bonnet is where a car counts so why not just buy an ST instead of wasting money on a replica?

    1. I didnt brand the car as an ST at all – and it cost me no more than running an ST for a month to change it to look like that. Got well over 350 miles to a tank of fuel, but saying that, if you look now, I am driving an ST…

  12. Hi, first of all your project is awesome and you’ve done a great job. I have a ford focus of the 2005- 2007 model and it’s not titanium it’s just standard. Do you think it would fit the St front/ rear bumpers? And any suggestion of a shop from where i can buy the required items?? thanks for your help

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      It doesn’t matter what style focus you have, as long as its a MK2 Focus (not the facelift) this guide will work.

      I got all of my parts from eBay, but you can also look in scrap yards, of if your feeling flush, you can obtain everything from Ford.



  13. HI James, I’m wondering if everything would be the same for an 09/10 plate Zetec that I shall be purchasing within the next few months? Also, did it raise the insurance by much?

    P.s the car looks awesome!

    1. Hi Jack,

      Is this model the facelift model? I.E. Mk2.5 model? (I have a feeling this will be) – If this is the facelift model (with the curved headlights) then the bumper (front and rear) are different on this model, but the principals are the same, you will just have to source the facelift bumpers.

      1. Hi james ive got a 2008 st3, could you tell me if a pre facelift spoiler will fit the facelift model. For example a 2006 spoiler on a 2008 model. Cheers

  14. Hi James,

    great job and great looking car car mate. I wish mine looked like that, but im in the process of doing up my 2006 focus zetec 1.8 (Check it out on youtube if you want Got the st seats, just got to fit them on this weekend hopefully.

    Just a quick question james, i want to get the st 5 door side skirts. I was just wondering if you knew how they fit on? is it just clips, or do i have to glue them on.

    Isaac N

  15. Pathetic, buy a real ST. Faking youve got somthing you dont.

    Grow up. Most people with an st like myself with think your just an idiot for doing that. If you didnt pretend it was an ST then okay but driving about so folk think its an ST is just sad. Well thats my rant over hope you feel as stupid as you look.

    1. I say good on him! So it’s not a real ST, so what?! It looks the part and it’s been done to a decent standard. Oh, and don’t tar all ST owners with the same brush, not all of us are as ignorant and arrogant as you.

      Nice motor James, well done!

    2. Moron! Seriously shut up! Guy wants his car to look like an ST, stop giving the poor kid grief! its not as if hes lathered the car in ST badges like your average boy racers, and tbh his car looks a crap load better than most STs out there, including even my own! Kudos to this car modder!

  16. Hi James. Car looks nice as and thank you for all the info on here mate. You know your stuff. Im in the process of replicating an ST focus. I have the 2.0 tdci pre face lift model. Would the face lift ST front/rear bumpers fit my car. I would really appriciate a reply, just a yes or no will do as i know you know the answer. Many thanks in advance. Brett.

  17. hi there James. ur car is super bro

    I have a 5 door 2.0 2007 focus. Always wondered if the st bumper (rear and front) would fit perfectly

  18. James this is awesome, I laugh at the dudes that hate simply because it looks the bomb !!! And they know it ! I mean why come on a forums pic if you didn’t like it in the first place ?!?!? LOL Anyway dude this is AWESOME !!! Great work here !

  19. Why? Why? Why? If you can’t afford a real focus ST, then buy what you can afford, keep it clean and be proud of it, why make it look like something it’s not. Your guna feel a rite knob when you pull next to me at or another real ST owner when i pull away with my remapped 275bhp engine, with the exhaust popping! Don’t be so sad! Ha

    1. Aye then you look down at your mpg and have a little cry. I did mine and didn’t badge it as a ST. Just a body kit at the end of the day and you get to keep ford warranty. But I can’t say anything as I have the real deal now.

  20. Hi james, great webiste. Im on doing a look-a-like on my 5 door focus, ive got front bumper/grill fitted, wheels on, my rear bumper is in bodyshop now,

    just a few Q’s: when i come to fit rear bumper i notice that it has got the little plastic locating pins as it has on the front, Are they ment to be there and mines snapped off or dont tghey have them on the rear?
    also best way to fit the indicator mirrors? ive got the complete units so am i best just cutting the plug off and rewiring them using the relay and wires fron the side repeters?

    its off to powerflow scotswood road on monday for exhaust system to be done, Im only up the road from you, Cheers bud

  21. Hi James car looks sweet im modifying a mk2 focus estate to a st just wondering were you got the parts from as they look very cheap
    Thanks Norman

  22. Hi james good job mate, just a quick question, just bought a 2.5mk 3 Door focus S. Any idea what bits need changing to make it ST replica?

  23. Hi mate, car looks superb!!

    A quick question, how did you get the standard front fog lights to fit? Or did you miss thos off the list of new parts?

    Thanks :)

      1. Thanks for the answer. I got one more question, i bought a used ST rear bumper (only the bumper, without surrounds,lights), and my focus have de original bumper. What do I need more? The fog and reverse light on the original bumper fit in the ST?

    1. Hi James!
      first off,congrats on the have some really really useful stuff on here pal – i only regret that i did’t stumble on it sooner!

      wondering if you could help me with a few problems i’m having…first off, i’m building an ST500 lookalike…i’ve pretty much got the majority of the work done and sussed – gruelling 3 months of only being able to ‘do stuff’ in my free time…i’ve come across three issues that have stumped goes:

      1) when you fitted your ST pod dials did you manage to make them work? if so, how did you do it? If it’s not possible for you or i or anyone else on here to do it themselves, can you recommend any companies that could do it?

      2) Heated seats :s .. been reading a lot about them here and there and the whispers are that its not possible to wire them up. I’m not convinced! In my mk1 Focus ghia when i changed the seats over, all i had to do was find the loom (which was under the gear stick surround) change a few fuses and wire up a few switches..however, i am stuck with the focus mk 2…any suggestions?

      3) I have factory fitted Xenons on my focus but am loving the look of the aftermarket angel eye projector headlights commonly available on ebay..i i put these on, would my xenons still function as they do now, or is this something completely different?

      hope you can help..sorry for the long comment ;s collectively, hope we can come up with something…
      once again, good job on the site / blog thingy ;)

  24. Hi James
    I’m making an st replica myself as was wandering about wing mirrors. I bought some for my focus and the connectors are different and I wandered how I can get these to work ?
    Would I have to buy a new connect and run separate wires ?


    1. Yea the connectors are different, what I ended up doing was taking the standard mirrors apart (taking the cover off the back) you will then find the indicator hole is actually in the housing, so remove the indicator from the ST mirror and put it in your standard one.

      You will then need to run new wires, as you will have to wire the indicators into the standard wing mirrors. To do this you will have to remove the door card, feed the wire through the hole where the other wires come into the door, then bring the wire down inside the door, and make it exit the rubber conduit in between the door and cabin. You can then run the wire into the wing of the car, and splice into the standard wiring (i have mirror and side indicators on mine, so have them all working)

      Hope this helps, if you need pictures let me know.

  25. Great car james .. just wondering if youd know anything about the st steering wheel and if the airbag from my focus (lx) st replica would fit the st steering wheel .. thanks dan

  26. Have you replaced the titanium steering wheel with a leather ST one? If so, did it bolt on and the airbag fitted without any hassle? Your car looks great btw.

  27. Hi can anyone tell me if i can fit a ST Intercooler on my 2006 focus 1.8tdci and if so will i get any gains.

    Thanks Mal

    1. Hi Mal,

      An exhaust from any ST will not fit anything else but an ST…..

      ST’s do not have a spare wheel well, whereas all other models of focus come with a spare wheel. The ST exhaust sits where the spare wheel would sit.



      1. Hi James,
        Great site, very helpful! I fitted my rear bumper yesterday and have found a duplex exhaust to fit, however I’m a bit concerned as I have two, what look like, brackets hanging down that will obscure the tail pipes from sitting snug in the two tailpipe holes in the bumper? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  28. Nice work on the car mate! Looks amazing!

    Just a quick question, would all of the parts you’ve used work on an 05 focus 1.6 zetec?

    Much appreciated,


  29. ur a don!! n good lad for the pic by the sage – thought i recognised th area! the colour of ur car is pretty similar to mine n i wasnt sure whether to change but now i think i might leave it since ur car looks immaculate!!! cheers james.

  30. Hi jamz, love ur car by the way, started doin a similar project on my 2008 ford focus.

    i have a quick question if thats ok?

    my focus is the mk2, NOT the facelift but i have been asking everyoine whether the facelift bumper will fit mine ok?

    help is much appreciated mate


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for getting in touch. With regards to the facelift bumper, no it will not fit unless you change everything from the wings, bonnet and headlights, as the headlights are sat different in the bumper.



  31. Hi James,
    Been following your entire guide for my st replica and its helped allot!
    The only thing i have been wondering is, I parked my car next to an st the other day and mine seemed a little bit higher. I don’t no if it was me looking at it from a wrong angle or what (i only got a glance when walking away)

    so is it lower or not lol?


    1. Hi Jamie,

      The ST’s have a bit harder suspension, dropped around 20mm or so. Eibach do springs for the Focus that lowers the car 30mm (Available through Ford)

      Hope that helps


  32. Hi james

    Do you know if the centre console from a facelift focus mk 2.5 will fit straight into a mk 2 (06) without any modification?


  33. Hi there,

    I have just bought a 60plate focus 1.6TDCi, to fit the st front bumper and side skirts, would i need the facelift mk2.5?

    thanks hammy

    1. Hi Hammy,

      Yes you are correct, as you have the facelift focus, you will need to get the bumpers (front and rear) from a mk2.5 st, but the side skirts are the same across the MK2 model so far.

  34. hi i have just purchased a st front bumper. i have a 55 plate focus LX and ford reckon that i need a different crossmember for this to work. also ive been told the wings are different :/. help please

    1. Hi Kyle, Your local ford are telling you a load of bull there, as you do not need a different cross member and the wings are exactly the same (unless of course you have purchased a facelift ST front bumper?)

  35. Your car looks ace and is the reason why i have taken up fitting the ST kit to my car, i have already ordered the front bumper and all the bits using your guide an have to say its has worked 100%

    I am now at the point of fitting the side skirts.
    My question is, there are five yellow poppers on the back side of the skirts which require holes in the sill. Did you dril them for the poppers or did you leave them off and just used the bolts underneath and the double sided tape on top?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Ash,

      Thanks for the compliments… As for the side skirts, I did just that, bolts under the car to hold the bottom side in, removed the pop clips from the top of the side skirt and used some 3M strong double sided tape to hold it on. I didn’t want to drill any holes.



  36. how do im not sure if im going for the st bumper yet or just going to change the splitter and add foggs either way could you tell me where the wire would be for the fogs i have a lx and they arnt fitted but i have herd the wiring is there

    cheers scott

  37. i have made a mistake and purchased a new model bumper but on;ly realised when attempting to fit it, if i buy new wings will they fit my march 2008 focus

    1. Hi James, If you then change the wing, you’ll then have to change the headlights, which means you’ll have the change the bonnet as well. Might be cheaper and easier to just sell the bumper again and get the proper one, unless you want to be different and try converting the pre-facelift into a facelift (well front end anyway)

  38. hiya,
    Hows it going?

    Savage job on the car!

    Was just wondering where you got all ur parts? was it from ur local ford dealer?

    Cheers Mike

    1. Hi Mike,

      As I got most of my parts off eBay. I was one of the first people to do this mod, so there was a ST being broken on eBay, so I got all the parts dirt cheap… Pretty much got the whole body kit for the same price a rear bumper goes for on eBay now days.

      You can, of course get all the parts from Ford, they come in primer so slightly less prep work needs to be done by the bodyshop.



      1. Thanks for the reply.

        aw cool u got lucky so haha! iv all the trims ordered now from ford and hope to buy a replica body kit on ebay. is the reversing light and fog light the same in the ST bumber as the zetec,Titanium model?

        Is there anymore difficulties to look out for when putting on this kit?


          1. Hi mate how much is the custom backbox and do you know if the st intercooler will fit my 2006 focus 1.8tdci would there be any gains on the standard intercooler.

            cheers mal

          2. Custom back box is available off the shelf from Piper Exhausts, get in touch with them for a price, as for the intercooler, I am not too sure about that.

  39. Hey james
    First off cracking job on an awesome replica, I have a 1.6 zetec that I’ve owned for a couple of months now thats a 5 door. I’ve also been looking at building a replica and I got directed here as a google search for my question. I unfortunately only have drums at the rear and was told st alloys won’t fit over them do u know if this is true?
    Have u had any luck with the st fog units? I’ve found plenty of genuine and replica bumpers but none come with the units or surrounds. My car has the fog lamps in the standard bumper will these go in the st bumper with the surrounds added or is that still not right?

    Cheers for your help

    1. Hi Phil, The spigot spacer on the ST wheels are the same as the drums on the back of the Focus, so yes ST rims will fit on the rear of your car no problem. (so what ever you were told by someone else, this is wrong information).

      As for the fog lights, I just used my standard fogs, and held them in with the surorund (had to turn the fog upside-down to get them to fit in properly) – I dont use fogs anyway, as its hardily ever foggy and they make no difference as my car is so low.

      You’ll notice when you come to fit them, the bracket holding the fog into the bumper is slighly different (they seemed to have switched the fog upside down so Ford can make more money, as the fogs for the normal focus’s are cheaper then the fogs for the ST/RS’s, but they are exactly the same size, just different mounting bracket)

      Hope that helps


  40. also how do i go about fitting the st front bumper isn’t it wider than mine and some modification needs doing to pull the sides in so there in line with the archers

  41. cheers, to fix the bolt i got it off then drilled the support and sent a bolt and washer through re riveting was a pain in the arse though they don’t seem to of gone as tight and i used fatter rivets passenger side has fitted nice but drivers side the gap is a little bigger not to noticeable though (line with bumper and body)
    i just need to get those brackets for the diffuser and new tail pipes made up for my miltek system

  42. Hi james,
    Just enquiring about the rear fog lights. Are they just the standard focus fog lights with the ST surrounds on them??

  43. hi where did you get the support brackets for the rear diffuse and how do they fix on
    also what did you do with the cable for the fog/reverse lights
    i have just fitted my rear st bumper but had a booboo the drivers side white bumper suport has a bolt on it and i put the nut on and must of over tightened it and the bolt has pulled right through the bumper support im not sure how to get around this now

    help :-(

    1. You get the brackets from Ford, they are just metal brackets that fix with a little bolt to where the bracket was on the old bumper (little plastic block thing)

      As for the fog / reverse wiring, just cut the clips holding it on the old bumper, and zip tie it to the ST bumper.

      I too have done what you did with the bracket… i ended up drilling/cutting the bolt off and getting a new bumper support bracket…. its easily done, as its only thin plastic.

  44. Great info about your replica! I’m sure a lot of people appreciate it. I have an ST replica too although it was all done before I bought it.

    I was thinking of buying a new (2008+) Focus Zetec and then fitting the Zetec S sports kit on it. Looking at photos, it seems it’s just the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoiler and alloys that are different.

    What do you think? From your experience, would it be quite an “easy” thing to do?

    1. Hi Alex,

      Looking at the links you gave me, and looking at my brothers Fiesta Zetec S, these kits are bolted/bonded on…. might be better / easier if you get a complete front/rear bumper with the kit already attached (cheaper then having them sprayed and fitted) – that way its a simple bolt off bolt on and no messing with glue and drill.

      As for getting hold of part numbers, pop into your local Ford, and speak to the parts guy, he’ll be able to print off a diagram which features the part numbers… if you get hold of this print out, could you email me it ;)



  45. hi i was told they can get ripped out and the ride hight and camber needs setting after and the bushes can get damaged doing that also, its just what i was told buy a fella on a ford forum

    1. Cant say I’ve ever heard of them being ripped out. I’ve been running coilovers on mine for 4 years now, no bother what so ever, bushes are still alright, no play anywhere. As for the ride hight, yes this does need to be set up (easily done yourself, by measuring from arch to wheel centre, and adjust where needed) As for camber, should get it done, but there isn’t much that is adjustable as standard on the focus. Nothing that can be changed in the rear easily, mine has stayed the same, yes the rear tyres do wear out quicker then standard, but not much (I think its more to do with me now taking corners faster now that is been lowered, rather then the camber.)

  46. hi mate have you fitted springs i have just bought some 30mm eibach springs but im really scared of getting them fitted have herd that the rubber bushes can get fooked how did it go for you

    1. Nope I’m running Eibach coilovers on mine. Don’t know where you’re getting the idea of the rubber bushes getting damaged (unless you mean the rear cup bush and this is easily avoidable by dropping the rear sub frame when putting the new spring in). Are you sure you’re not thinking about dampers/shocks? 30mm drop is fine on standard shocks, anything lower then 40mm will quickly damage the dampers.

  47. Ok thanks a lot mate. Just thought they wouldnt as the wheels at the moment arent alloys.

    Liking your ST project btw, how much did it cost overall would you say? Its gave me a few ideas for my 1.6 tdci lol

    1. Yep ST wheels will fit straight on as they are 5×108 stud pattern (same across the focus MK2 range)

      No changes needed, they just bolt straight on.

  48. Update on prices – direct email from FORD
    these are the ext parts only
    1378131 £156.46
    1421597 £53.13
    1367135 £7.14 – Replaced By – F1406450
    1369475 £33.26
    1370340 £14.73
    1366989 £14.73
    1386652 £15.17
    1383371 £15.17
    1387282 £210.11 – Replaced By – F1449746
    1387281 £127.15 – Replaced By – F1449745
    1424081 £220.70
    1378129 £11.50
    1378128 £11.50
    1406907 £15.06
    1406906 £15.06
    1554920 £77.59

  49. In addition to Drake’s question
    so basically the installation is just the reversal process of uninstalling the standard bumper then?
    & as of the paint, how much would be charged to get the bumpers, side skirts and spoiler to match the body colour? if you are not sure, how much did it cost you?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Yes the installation is the reverse of un-installing… Its all pretty much common sense fitting these parts.

      As for how much it cost me, it was in the region of £200-250 (cant quite remember as it was a while ago)

  50. Hey there James
    very nice looking car
    will be doing a similar project next year
    will i be able to fit the parts on myself or will i need to take the car to a specialist? if so how much should i be looking at?

    1. Hi There Drake,

      You will be able to fit all these parts yourself with just a basic socket set.

      The hardest part is fitting the side skirts (you need to find some bolts to bolt the skirt underneath – these are available from Ford) Then just use double sided sticky pad/trim tape to hold the top bits on (no drilling needed)

  51. Well I’m in London but I don’t mind driving to Newcastle if it’s worth it. I’ve got relatives who live there anyway so I could spend the night. Do you know rough how much it would cost to get it painted properly? Thanks again

  52. How much would it cost to repaint the bumpers, side skirts and spoiler to match the car body colour?
    i want to buy a standard 3door focus mk2, 2005 and get it painted orange, just like most of the st’s out there.
    how much would it cost to get the whole car painted (with the bumpers, side skirts and spoiler fitted?)
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Joe, Everywhere is different, your best of asking round for prices, and see what work they have done before, because they may be cheap, and you may get cheap. You want cheap(ish) but good quality work. Where abouts are you from, because if your in/around Newcastle I know a good place to go.

  53. Hi there currently doin a we st lookalike job myself on my 1.8 tdci :) got the st alloys and back bumper on along with the custom powerflow exhaust system on it (oh and a nice we 155bhp remap ;) but i was just wondering if there is any new brackets or anything needed when fittin the front bumper? i know there was ones needed for the back bumper…. Cheers!

    1. @Calvin, There are no brackets or anything needed for the front bumper, it just simply bolts on (I did however have to make an adjustment for the under tray – i drilled two holes on the underside of the bumper and zip-tied the under tray to the bumper to keep the under tray up else when doing 60+mph the tray catches wind and starts scraping on the ground)

  54. Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about the dials, i brought some from ebay the other day for £30 aswel. I dont want to make mine a st replica, i just want to put the focus cabriolet front bumper on it, some skirts, lower it and maybe remap. Which springs did you use, how much has it lowered it and how much has the ride been affected? Thanks in advance.

  55. Hi i emailed you a few months ago about fitting st turbo dials/pod to my 2006 2.0l titanium tdci. Could you please post a tutorial or explain how to do this, also which lowering springs did you use and will they fit my car. Thanks in advance.

    1. Alright there Tej, Does your car have the top pocket in there already? if so, this pocket just pulls out, and then the whole plastic trim that goes over the top of the steering wheel comes out too… You’ll then need the pod and the plastic trim that replaces these. As for getting them to work, I have been unable to get anything to work on mine, even the lights :(

      1. First of all, good job on the modification. I am trying to do it myself but I am trying to find a way to import the parts from england because from malta (where I live) are very expensive.

        My Focus is not a titanium so there is no pocket on the dashbord for the dials. Can it be fitted in a way or another?

        1. Hi Justin,

          Thanks for the comments. I think you’ll even find people sending these bits from England will be expensive too as they are quite large items, so postage will be a fortune.

          As for the dials, yes it can be done on a standard dash, but you’ll need to cut holes in your dash with a knife.

  56. hi guys,any one know where there is a focus tdci replica for sale 2005 or 2006?iv been looking for ages but i havent came across a nice one yet..

    1. Shane, you’ll struggle to find any for sale, just get a standard one and do the modifications yourself.

      My 2.0l Petrol may be for sale soon, would hate to see it go, but I fancy something bigger now (looking at either selling my car for a Mitsubishi L200, or getting a real ST, and trading my girlfriends car in for a Shogun)

    1. I got most of my parts off a car that was being broken on eBay… The other parts I couldn’t get, I got them direct from Ford


    1. Hi Geo,

      I got most of my parts off eBay… I was one of the first to do this mod, so got everything dirt cheap from a breaker who was breaking one of the first ST’s that got crashed in the UK…. my car has been done for a good 4 years now.

  58. Hi there, your car is looking sweet, nice job. Can you actually connect the turbo dials up or is it a bit complicated? How much lower is the st to a normal focus and wud st springs fit my 2ltr turbo diesel? thanks very much.

    1. Hi G11LCK – Not 100% sure on this it may be possible… Some of us have tried it before on diesel’s but couldnt find where each of the pins needed to go, but in theory it can be made to work.

  59. Hi im thinking of turning my 3 door mk7 fiesta into a replica ST.. what do you guys think?? and would it be complicated????

  60. hi mate, car looks great, nice 1!! i’ve got a focus zetec, 2007. im not looking to make it look like an ST or anything but need some advice, if you know!! some idiot has knocked my wing mirrors off, and ive managed to get some replacement ones, off an st, genuine ford for cheap. only problem is there the ones with the indicators built in, which my original ones didnt have. any ideas what i would have to do to get them working on mine.

    1. Alright Matty,

      Right to wire them in, just run a feed from the standard indicators in the wing, the indicators just pop out with a plastic card (credit card), and then just feed the wire behind the wing and up the door into the mirror (all the wires are hidden behind the door when closed, but if you wrap them in black tape you don’t even notice them when the doors open.

      Hope that helps


  61. Hi Jamz,

    I saw a set on ebay for about £40, they’re a replacement part not original, but still much more cheap then in ford dealer, in Portugal they cost £143 plus Vat

    1. Aye, i did, as the mounting brackets are in a different place to the st one’s…

      I actually mounted the standard one’s upside down and just have the cover holding them in place for the time being… Have been waiting to see a cheap set of ST fogs come up on ebay. (saying that I haven’t checked in a while)

  62. thank you i have been asking this for a while on ford forums and no one would ever answer my qestion cheers mate,

    will the st spoiler bolt straight on or will i need to drill new holes

  63. hi how did the st spoiler fit was it hard
    i have a 2006 lx but i want to fit the st spoiler its alot beter looking and more suiting to the car

  64. Hiya seen you and your car on a few forums, with the poitnless stick that notmally comes when the word “look-a-like” is seen. Your experience has intrested me to follow suit, i love the look of the ST but I’m not too bothered about 2.5l’s of insurance and tax thats comes with it. Some time later on in the year im looking to get a stock focus (I like the idea of a tdci) what year does the facelift swap over? aslo is the titanium best/nessasary for doing it or is it just a nicer nessasary finish? Really admire what you’ve done.

    1. The facelift came out in 2008, so the above guide is for a focus from 2005 to 2008.

      As for which model to go for, i would go for the higher spec with the options on personally. You cannot get any higher then Titanium spec (IMO the Titanium comes with more spec then then the ST’s can come with)

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