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    Published on June 29th, 2011 | by James Simpson


    Classic Impreza New Age Coil Pack Conversion

    So after taking my car for a remap, and finding the car miss fires badly under any sort of decent boost load, I was told to take the car away and fit some Subaru Impreza New Age Coil Packs onto my classic. These new coils are supposed to be much better then the classic version (possibly because they are newer, and more efficient then what was fitted to my 1993 Impreza) – After fitting the new coils, the car runs so much better, no hint of miss fires even on tick over, so this modification is a must do for any classic owner.

    After taking the old coils out, I could see why it was miss firing, the usual split plastic on the end of the coils shows they are past their sell by date

    So to change these out dated coil packs for some newer “newage” coil packs, you will need, odviously, newage coil packs – Now try and get these with wiring looms attached, as it makes life so much easier to just wire these up, else you’ll have to solder or make your own connectors for each of the 3 pins on the newage coil packs.

    Now you will notice, if you have the newage coil packs and wiring harness infront of you, that the newage coil packs have three wires coming out of them, where as the classic coil packs only have two wires. This is because the newage coils feature a ground/earth wire, where as the classic coils do not have this wire (only 12v and signal/fire wire).

    You will need to cut the wiring harness off your old coil packs (will call these pig tales), and strip some wires off the end of the pig takes – You can do as I have done, and use bullet connectors to do this job, or solder works just as well:

    Also strip back the three wires on the newage coils. On each of the new coils, you will have a black wire, which is your earth, a red wire (which is your 12v) and another colour wire (these are different on each of the coils for some reason, but these wires are your signal / firing wires) – As the old coils do not feature a earth wire, we will need to earth this to the bolt that holds the coil onto the head of the engine, I just used a ring terminal – which I found works the best (made this wire a bit shorter and curled it around to the bolt – as pictured below)

    Once the earth has been connected, you need to wire the classic pig tales to the remaining two wires, this is quite simple, as the red wire goes to the red wire, and then your yellow wire from the classic pig tale goes to the remaining wire on the newage harness.

    Your coil packs can then be fitted into the engine, but you are not finished just yet – as the classics used an external ignitor to create the high voltage that is required to create a spark (the ignitor is built into the newage coils – so a bit of weight saving here – all of a few grams).

    *note, the coil on the passenger side back is a little tricky to get in, but if you put the coil in upside down at an angle, you can get it in, then turn it back the correct way

    The igniter is hidden behind the boost control solenoid (on the left hand side of the engine bay attached to the front strut housing) – Three 10mm bolts hold this bracket on, and this allows you access to the igniter. Now there are two types of igniters on the classics, one which seems to only be featured on MY93 cars (1993) – Silver metal igniter, and the other on all the other classics (before the single coil classics came in) – black plastic igniter.

    Now both these igniters have been wired up slightly differently – well one wire is different. Both igniters have an earth wire, which will no longer be used, on the 93 metal igniter, the earth wire is pin 1, where as the plastic igniter is pin 3.

    You need to remove the ingiter completely, and re-wire each of the wires back into each other. I have sectioned this off into two parts, one for people who have a MY93 classic with a metal igniter, and another section for people who have a 94-96 classic.

    MY93 (1993) Classic Metal Igniter Removal

    The best way to figure this out, is to remove the plugs and wire them as if there was no igniter ever there. For example, on my 93 metal igniter, the picture on the left shows the wiring harness coming from the ECU, this features 5 wires (pin1 Black, pin2 Yellow with Green Band, pin3 Green with White Band, pin4 Red, pin5 Black with Red Band) and the picture on the left shows the wires that come out of the igniter directly to the coils – this is the signal wire telling the coil pack to spark (pin1 Red with Green Band Band, pin2, Blue pin3 White with Red Band, pin4 Blue with Green Band):

    Like I said previously, you have to wire this as if the connectors were not there…. So pin1 of the ecu side wiring harness is your earth (this has 5 wires, where as the coil side wiring has 4, but removing the earth wire, you now only have 4 on the ecu side now)….

    So your wires should go as follows (have included the colours, so its just a case of matching the colours)

    ECU SideCoil Side
    Pin1 – Black (do not wire)
    Pin2 – Yellow w/ GreenPin1 – Red w/ Green
    Pin3 – Green w/ WhitePin2 – Blue
    Pin4 – RedPin3 – White w/ Red
    Pin5 – Black w/ RedPin4 – Blue w/Green


    MY93+ (1994-1996) Classic Plastic Igniter Removal

    The same principal above goes with the plastic ingiter, but instead of ground being pin1, ground is now pin3 (colours are exactly the same)

    ECU SideCoil Side
    Pin1 – Yellow w/ GreenPin1 –  Red w/ Green
    Pin2 – Green w/ WhitePin2 – Blue
    Pin3 – Black (do not wire)
    Pin4 – RedPin3 – White w/ Red
    Pin5 – Black w/ RedPin4 – Blue w/ Green



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    19 Responses to Classic Impreza New Age Coil Pack Conversion

    1. Mathew says:

      hello, i know this is an old thread but i have a 1999 classic and want to do this conversion, however the coil on plugs on the newer subarus are bolted to the rocker cover, however the classics dont have these holes for the bolts to bolt the coil pack to the rocker cover, do you swap the rocker covers with the new ones ? and do they fit ?

    2. Weldon Rodriguez says:

      Hi Ben,
      thanx for the write up. i have a Ver5 STi and was wondering if there is a difference in what you have shown here? ive seen other write ups that show pins 1&5 2&6 on the igniter connected and #3(ground) used to ground each coil. Then the ver5/6 coil pack connector pin#1 sending signal to Cyl 1&2, pin#3 sending signal to 3&4, and then finally pin#2 12v to pin#3 of each coil.

      So i guess my question is… can i delete the igniter on the Ver5/6? It is wasted spark correct?

    3. krczk says:

      Hi i made all as you show here but i’we got problem
      the coils(FK0186) dont feet to holes after old one. They are bigger and the screw whole don’t mach
      Can you help me with this issue ? should i cut them little or what ? :D

    4. Karl says:

      Excellent write up James! I’ve been dogged with misfires for months, no point replacing old type like for like so going to be using this write up to do mine. Thankyou.

    5. Darren says:

      need to ask can you rewire a plastic igniter for a meatal one all wires the same just diffrent plugs pleas help thanks

    6. Hi there can a v3 single center coil impreza be converted to run newage coil packs if so how??


    7. billy says:

      hi james done everything to the letter car feels much better apart from coming to a junction it stalls. I have a power fc installed and was wondering if I need to get my mapper to change something to stop it stalling or do you think there is something else wrong with my car cheers

    8. Stevo says:

      Thanks for posting this, I’ve just followed this guide to the letter on my MY96 sti ra. It started first time and pulls like a train but I did have two badly cracked coil packs. New age coils cost £100 from a breaker. This is Without doubt the best value mod for an old impreza.

    9. Gary says:

      Hi, I have ordered a set of new age coil packs for my classic 94 wrx, but he may not be able to supply the wires! How will I know which pins to solder my wires to please? Regards Gary.

      • Gary, in all honesty, I would recommend getting the connectors. It is a nightmare if you need to solder cables directly onto the coil packs, and in case the coil breaks or you need to replace a coil for any reason, it is a simple unplug.

        You should be able to get the connectors from breakers even on the Subaru forums.

    10. salieem mahomed says:

      Hello well done on an excellent post . Could you help me with the following conversion . I am replacing the standard diamond coilpack with the classic two wire coil on plug . I can supply power to all the coils and firing signal is split between coils 1 and 3. And coils 2 and 4 . I don’t have an ignitor but I see the coils fire when the signal wire is touched to the earth wire . Can you provide me with wiring diagram using the classic type ignitor as I would like to know how to connect the 4 wires I have to the classic coil on plugs. Wire 1. 12 v + wire 2 earth. Wire 3 signal wire 4 signal. Thanks

    11. Patrick Ewing says:

      Hi James
      This looks very interesting. Doing this mod would I guess allow Okada Plasma Direct ignition coils to work with a ’93 Impreza. Because these Plasma Direct coils have internal ignitors they will not work otherwise with this generation of Impreza. What do you think?

    12. David says:

      thanks for this. very useful. Can you please comment on which is a better upgrade between the single coil pack of V3/V4 and the one for the new age. Would the V3/v4 give gains over the v1/v2 coils. I ask because i have access to the v3/v4 coil and also it requires less rewiring (igniter). It seems to be a simpler upgrade.

    13. thomson mcintye says:

      thanks for he help as my ra track car has rough tickover + when driveing has got to b kept up the revs or just starts missing so hope this conversion helps

    14. Ben says:

      Hi mate just wondered when you rewire the igniter connectors you do just plug them back into it the igniter block? just want to make sure so i dont balls the job up.

      cheers Ben

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