Breeze – Smartphone Enabled Breathalyser

Breeze breathalyser

The Breeze Breathalyser is one of the first blood alcohol measuring unit that uses mobile phone app to accurately tell you if you are legal to drive back from the Pub.

The Original Breathometer was successfully funded on Indiegogo, whited allowed backers to receive the first batch of breathalysers before the general public. With the success of the Original, Breathometer went back to the drawing board and totally re-developed their product which has now been released as the Breeze.

The Breeze doesn’t just tell you how over or under the limit you are, it will also help users “Get home safe” by showing them how long before you are able to drive again, local taxi locations, and even local hotels where you can sleep off your drink. The new Breeze device is much smaller compared to its predecessor, and is now completely wireless, which means you can just attach the Breeze to your car keys, and open up the application on your mobile phone, without attaching the unit directly to your phone.

If you are an iOS user, the Breeze app also links into Apples HealthKit, so you can share data with Apple on how drunk you have been, and keep tracks on your drinking issues.

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