Top 4 Tools You Need to Open a DIY Garage

DIY Garage

If you have knowledge and expertise in the automotive mechanics and your dream has always been to open up your own garage, you may have wondered what tools and equipment are essential for you to succeed. This post looks at some of the essentials you’ll definitely need.


A well-stocked toolkit is probably the most essential component in your arsenal as a mechanic. You’re likely to have thousands of small objects from spanners fitting all makes and models (frustratingly bolts aren’t standardised across manufacturers), to wrenches, spare bolts and smaller parts. You’ll need a decent place to store all of this so you can find everything you need quickly on the job; SGS Engineering have a fantastic range of rolling tool chests to keep everything organised – no matter how many tools you have.


Most of the time to conduct repairs, you’ll need raised and improved view of the area you’re working on. It doesn’t matter what types of vehicles you’ll be repairing, a hoist is essential. Naturally, lifting a common car like the VW Golf at over 1000kg will require a lot of strength and durability, so you’re better off opting for a higher end hoist that will be up to the job and last longer.

Auto Scanner

An auto scanner is very important, useful and time-saving piece of technology for any garage; it performs diagnostics, shows and analyses data from vehicles to determine any issues with a vehicle. If you want to set up your own garage, an auto scanner definitely should be in your top 5 purchases when you’re setting up.

Tyre Changer

For any mechanic, having the capability to perform minor repairs and servicing is an essential part of the job. Changing tyres is a mundane and routine task, but it will need doing an awful lot. It can be strenuous work changing many tyres in a day, so it makes sense to save your body and energy by investing in a tyre changer. It’ll make speedy work of changes and mean you have more time for complex and technical mechanical work.

When you’re setting up your own business as a mechanic, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in the equipment that you’ll need the most on a daily basis. Selecting fewer pieces of high quality equipment is advantageous as they will last you for years to come, and therefore, are a very cost-effective option.

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