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    Fitting HID Headlights Ford Focus MK2 (2005-2008)

    HID headlights have been around for a while, and there are two types of these headlights, one’s which come fitted as standard in newer cars (Bi-Xenon headlights), and the after market installation of “HID” headlights, or High-intensity discharge headlights. In this guide, I will walk you through fitting HID headlights as an after market installation into a MK2 Ford Focus (2005-2008).

    The Ford Focus has an optional extra Bi-Xenon headlight, which can be requested on ordering a Ford Focus from the factory, but usually these can only be found in the higher range Focus, which usually means these were fitted in the ST or RS models, along with some Titanium models. Please don’t be fooled, as there is another option which Ford provided which allowed for “Cornering” headlights. These headlights used normal incandescent bulbs, with a glass lens which moved depending on the angle of the steering wheel, which allows the driver to see clearly around corners.

    This guide will work with the following Ford Focus Range, which have the standard incandescent headlights fitted:

    • Ford Focus LX
    • Ford Focus Style
    • Ford Focus Sport
    • Ford Focus Zetec
    • Ford Focus Ghia
    • Ford Focus Titanium
    • Ford Focus ST (Some of these did come fitted with incandescent headlights)
    • Ford Focus RS

    The Headlights

    Ford Focus MK2 HeadlightThe headlights are available from Ford with either a silver housing, or a black housing, and also in reflector option, or cornering lens option. All housings are exactly the same, and the removal is the same across the range (even the Ford Focus that has the factory fitted Bi-Xenon headlights).

    Fitting Information

    Fitting after market HID headlights are now classed as MOT failures, as law currently states that headlights with Xenon or HID headlights require auto levelling headlights, and headlight washers.

    Required Tools

    To remove the headlights and fit after market HID headlights, you will require the following tools:

    • T25 Torx Screwdriver / Socket
    • Flat Head Screwdriver
    • 15mm Circular Cutter Drill Bit

    Required Parts

    • After market HID Headlight Conversion (H7 Fitment)

    Fitting HID Headlights

    Of course you will need the HID headlights to be able to fit these to your vehicle. You will notice the headlights come with bulbs, wiring, and a transformer block each, as these use a lot of power to provide a bright light.

    Fitting HID Headlights – Ford Focus MK2

    Fitting HID headlights first requires you to remove the headlights from the vehicle to gain access to remove the standard bulbs, and also the wiring inside the headlight housing.

    Headlight Removal ScrewFirst locate the T25 screw which holds the headlight onto the body of the Focus. Unscrewing this one screw (one on each side) will allow you to slide the headlight out from the vehicle.

    Ford Focus Headlight T25 Torx BitRepeat the above procedure on both sides, sliding the headlights out towards you – You will also notice there is a clip on the bottom of the headlight which supports the bottom of the headlight – this is a simple push clip, which aligns the headlight with the body of the vehicle. There is also a wiring block connecting the headlights on each side, these are simply removed by using a flat head screw driver in the little notch, which will undo the clip holding these onto the headlight housing.

    Ford Focus Head Light Connector Ford Focus Headlight Connector Pins

    Ford Focus Headlights RemovedNow that you have removed the headlights, fitting HID headlights is now made a lot easier…

    Ford Focus Headlight Back Removed

    The back of the headlight can now be removed, this is done by pushing two clips down on each side, and pulling the top down. This reveals the two headlight bulb connectors, and the pins which hold both bulbs into the headlight housing. We will be replacing the standard “Dipped” or “Main” beam headlights (You could also use these kits on the “High Beam” lights) – The “Dipped” beam headlight is the one circled above. First you will need to remove the connector – this is done by pulling the connector away from the headlight connectors.

    Hole Drill Bit Ford Focus Back Plate Hole

    Using your drill bit circle cutter, drill a hole in each of the headlight back plates in the same location I have drilled mine above. This is required to pass the wires out of the headlight housing into the transformers I discussed at the beginning of the “Fitting HID Headlight” guide.

    HID Headlight Bulb Fitting HID Headlight

    Take care while handling the HID bulb, as these are extremely fragile, and what ever you do, do NOT touch the glass of the bulb, as oil from your hands can burn on the glass, and burn through the glass, destroying your newly purchased headlights. To fit these bulbs into the housing, squeeze the metal containing clip together, and completely remove this from the fitting bracket. Slide your HID bulb in place (taking note to put the out dent part into the containing hole at the top of the headlight (as seen above). Then place your metal spring clip back between the bulb, and place the clips’ feet back into holding holes.


    Now feed the wires through the hole which was cut previously, and make sure the rubber grommet is a tight fit around the headlight backing plate.


    Now you need to connect the two wires into the headlight wiring, which will provide power to the inverter boxes. Black is your ground cable, and brown is the ground cable on the Ford Focus. Red is your 12v+ feed.

    DSC00403 DSC00406

    You can now tidy all the wiring up inside the headlight, and place the cover back onto the headlight – You will now be left with 3 connector blocks. These need to be connected to the HID inverter, which I wire tied on the main crash beam under the headlights. these simply plug in to the inverter, and dont forget to re-fit the standard wiring harness back to the headlights, and fit the headlights back into the car.

    Fitting HID Headlights cant be any simpler – Its now time to test your installation by turning your ignition on, and switching your headlights on.

    DSC00438 Fitting HID Headlights - Ford Focus MK2 DSC00408 HID Headlight Brigtness

    As you can see these are much brighter then standard bulbs, and also have a blue tinge. That’s it folks – Fitting HID Headlights – DONE!

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