Top Gear Season 19 Ends – Season 20 Confirmed?

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May - Top Gear Season 19

Top Gear season 19 has just come to an end tonight, with their latest finale in Africa – where the three musketeers adventured to find the source of the Nile.

Over the years the show seems to have become more ‘foolish’, but does this make for good viewing?

Will you miss the threesome? Will there be another season on the cards? (Although they keep saying there will be no more shows).

It looks like there are plans for a new season (Top Gear Season 20), with Jeremy Clarkson’s latest Tweet:

Top Gear Season 20 - Jeremy Clarkson

Top Gear Season 20

Looking back at the previous Top Gear Series, we can guess when Top Gear Season 20 may be out:

Series 11: 22nd June, 2008
Series 13: 21st June, 2009
Series 15:  27th June 27, 2010
Series 17: 26th June, 2011
Series 19: 24th June, 2012
Series 20: 23rd June, 2013 – Do I get a prize from BBC if I have guessed this correctly?

I’m sure we’ll soon find out though – I wonder what the trio have for us this time round? Trip to North Korea?

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  1. Hello guys there has never been a better show then Top Gear and you guys rock but I still want to see if the cars can actually fly!? idk firefighters and water! maybe BUT I WANT TO KNOW IF CARS FLY!!!!!

  2. ^^ james is politically correct.. the only way for it to be shown on a Saturday if there was a televised event as rg: world cup, F1 gp, etc.. I myself am ecstatic for the new season. the comedy is phenomenal as such is the randomness!

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