Ford Focus Fog Light Mod (European Reverse Light)

This guide explains how you can make your Ford Focus look more equal on the rear, by removing the standard red fog light, and replacing it with a Right Hand Drive European reverse light (Ford Focus Fog Light Mod), and replacing the clear bulb with a red bulb, to allow your fog light to work as normal, but allowing for a clear fog light lens.

Focus Fog Light Mod

This modification is cheap and easily done – No tools are required, and this modification is the same for the following vehicles:

  • Ford Focus MK1
  • Ford Focus MK2

For the Focus MK2.5 (facelift) keep reading.

Parts Required

  • European Reverse Cluster (Ford Part #: 1419084) – For Focus MK1 a& MK2
  • European Reverse Cluster (Ford Part #: 1505707) – For Focus MK2.5 Facelift

Focus Fog Light Mod Fitting

Fitting these are easy, as there is only one clip holding these in – Slide your head under the read bumper of the car, and you’ll see the white clip holding the housing to the rear bumper. Push this clip upward, and slide the light housing out of the rear bumper. Untwist the bulb holder from the lens, remove the bulb, replace the bulb with the red bulb you receive in the kit, and place the new lens cluster back onto the bulb holder and into the bumper.

Ford Focus RHD Reverse Light
Ford Focus MK2 European Reverse Light Mod
Ford Focus European Reverse Light Mod

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