Vauxhall/Opel Meriva (2010-) Stereo Removal

2010 Vauxhall / Opel Meriva Interior Stereo

This is a quick guide I have written up explaining how to remove the stereo from a standard Vauxhall / Opel Meriva (2010 – present). I was removing the stereo to fit a Parrot Hands-Free Kit. You will not be able to change the stereo in these as the front console also consists of temperature controls. As I have just done this tonight (in the snow and in the dark) – I was unable to take any pictures, so I will try and explain the process as best I can.

2010 Vauxhall / Opel Meriva Interior Stereo

Recomended Tools*


  • If you are fitting a Hands Free Kit (Parrot/Motorola) you will require a SOT-963
  • Stereo cannot be fitted to this model due to the complexity of the stereo with other features on the control panel
  • You will need to find an ignition live to fit any device, this can be found in the fusebox in the glove box.


1. You will need to use your Bojo tool / Trim tool, to release the pop clips holding the side panels in place (these panels cover most of the side of the dash, and have to be removed. Start at the top near the gear stick and work your way down towards the floor (the armrest can be slid all the way back for more room – also put the seats all the way back to make some room to work)

2. Once you have released all the pop clips around the front part of the panel, the whole panel pulls towards the back of the car (away from the stereo), there are a couple of other pop clips near the top of the stereo which will come out when pulling the panel towards the back of the car.

3. When you have removed the panels on the drivers and passengers side, you will see 4 torx bolts holding the front fascia bit of the stereo in place, undo these torx bolts and then when removing the fascia, you will have to push down on the plastic trim of the gear stick to get the stereo front to come away.

4. Un-clip the wiring plugs now connecting the fascia to the car.

5. You should now see a further two bots at the top of the silver box (this is the actual stereo, with a hole for the CD in – strange isn’t it). Undo these two bots and the whole unit should just slide out, revealing the harness and aeriel plugs.

6. Now you should have everything out and ready to plug your SOT lead and parrot in. I mounted the Parrot screen (MKi9200) on top of the sun-shield of the display in the centre console (the speaker mesh just lifts out on pop clips, and the shield pops out back first then slides forward) the display is held in with two torx screws and comes out leaving enough room for you to feed the display cable down the back and behind the stereo.

  1. Hi thanks for your blog, could you tell me which tool i need to carry out the removal of the radio panels on my meriva as shown in your pics, many thanks

  2. First off, thanks for the tutorial.

    Could you tell me though where you found a replacement faceplate that had the A/C controls but no Stereo controls?

    I really don’t want to chop up the one on the car as I really don’t think It’ll look right!


  3. Hi,

    This guide looks promisingly useful – i am picking up a 60 plate Meriva SE tomorrow with a CD400 radio and obviosuly keen to fit my existing (and excellent) Parrot MKi9200 in.

    My research had suggested a SOT-963 lead but can you tell me whether the steering wheel call/drop buttons did/will work or whether i will still need to use the MKi9200s wireless remote to control the Parrot phone/MP3 functionality and leave the wheel controls as redundant.

    I dont mind either way but it will obviously make my life easier if i know i wont get it working and/or whether i would need to buy a UNIKA kit (hope not cos they are a ripoff).

    Thanks in advance.

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