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    Published on January 19th, 2010 | by James Simpson


    CG-Lock Review

    First of, for those who don’t know what the CG-Lock is, you can visit the CG-Lock Website for more information.

    First out of the box impressions are good, well made piece of kit, feels strong and sturdy and looks the part.

    Fitting was straight forward, you got everything you need to fit this in the pack (Allen Key, and two grub screws). I found it easier to actually clip the seatbelt in and fit the CG-Lock that way.

    On The Road
    Great, great, great! I’ve been using it for well over a year now, mostly on road (I have harnesses fitted on my track car) and it makes you feel as if your stuck to your seat (which is what you want when high speed cornering)

    There are only a couple of down sides I have found by using the CG-Lock:

    1. The CG-Lock seems to have destroyed my seat belt, as the seat belt is fraying where the CG-Lock usually sits (MOT Fail)
    2. I’ve been trying to picture what this device would actually do if involved in a crash (modern cars come with seat belt pre-tensioners which fire on impact to pull you into the seat ready for the air bags to fire), now I’ve not tested this (and never want to) but all I can imagine is that your pelvis gets crushed, or maybe the seatbelt will slide through a little, or will the pre-tensioner fire but as the seatbelt wont move, it won’t do much? (might have to get in touch with CG-Lock about this)

    [Picture coming soon]

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    1. mat says:

      so did you contact them about what happens in a crash situation?

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