How To Fit Focus ST Spoiler

Ford Focus ST MK2.5 Spoiler - Orange

If you have a standard MK2 Ford Focus and would like to fit the Focus ST Spoiler to your car, here’s the fitting instructions I got when I received my spoiler from Ford, but some of you may have received your spoiler from a scrap yard.

It is fairly easy to fit, pretty  much a direct replacement for the standard spoiler, no drilling required….

Ford Focus ST Spoiler Fitting
Ford Focus ST Spoiler Fitting Part 2
Ford Focus ST Spoiler Fitting

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  1. Hi, I bought a used st225 spoiler. With brake light with a connecter. on end of it, also it came with longer washer tube, this is going to be f kitted to my mk2.5 10 plate. Titanium, will I need a connecter block r for brakelight ?
    Also will st washertube connect to standard One?

    1. Hi Yunii,

      Is there no connector block with the brake light already? If you have a spoiler direct from Ford, everything will be plug and play as per the instructions posted on this website.



  2. Alright mate, I’ve got a second hand ST spoiler with brake light but no connector for the light do you know we’re to get one. All was going fine till I got to (15. ).

  3. I also thought it was strange. It also does not have the Zetec S lower front grille! It is a bona-fide Zetec S though as I did some checks. Maybe those parts were requested by the owner from the factory or a new start assembled it haha! Who knows!
    Anyway thanks for the speedy response, I appreciate it.


  4. James, firstly thanks for the guide.
    Secondly, I have a 2010 (60 plate) Focus Zetec S 5 door and it came with a small black rear spoiler for some reason. I want to change this to an ST spoiler but I have been confused with 3-4 different part numbers.
    I have found one that is cheaper than the ford dealer here:

    Would you be able to confirm if it would fit?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Strange your Zetec S came with a small black spoiler, as they usually come with a colour coded spoiler like the ST’s :S

      Anyway, yes the spoiler in the link will fit, and ford parts uk are always cheaper then most dealers :)



    1. Hi Jamie,

      Unfortunately the link to the spoiler no longer works… If you want you could send me some pictures of the problem area… I’m not sure of what “flares” you are talking about as mine was a bolt off bolt on procedure.



  5. Hi James

    Do you know if the standard spoiler from a facelift mk2 focus 08 will fit my focus 06 model? as i’ve been offered a colour coded one and think they look a lot more stylish than mine.



    1. Hi Dan,

      Yes you have to chop the existing plug off, and you get a new on when you buy the spoiler new from Ford, to fit, you just strip the wires and join using the butt connectors supplied.



  6. hey there!

    firstly thanks alot for uploading this, second of all do you know if a mk2.5 st spoiler will fit a mk2? and also do you have the key for what all the letters mean?

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes the MK2.5 ST Spoiler will fit the MK2, they are pretty much exactly the same in looks, but the bolt holes are in the same location.

      The key for the bits (letters) are on the first image, probably better if you open the image directly by clicking the link below:

      That should let you zoom in on the image for you to view it better.



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