Sound Deadening Continues

Another Sunday’s work on it before Sunday dinner… tried ice (as suggested by a user on ScoobyNet), and didn’t work much better then what we were doing before (saying that, it was bloody freezing in the garage as it was), so I stuck to what we were doing before (even my lass was involved at the end )

I now have managed to get every last spec of the stuff off the passenger rear foot-well, used thinners to get rid of all the brown gluey stuff that was left, while i was doing this, my lass had the hammer and chisel working on the drivers side.

I also got my new Ferodo Race Pads (FCP817H – For what i now know are Girling callipers that are fitted to the front of the car) – Thanks to Alyn @ ASP for sorting these out for me

Also got some new bleed nipples for the rear callipers (as one of them had seized up with dirt and grit) but that wasn’t an easy task as they’re metric fitment – again thanks to Alyn @ ASP for sorting these too.

Not much more I need to do after this (yea right):
– Paint inside the car – where sound deadening has been removed
– Move Oil Cooler – Will be going behind the top front grill
– Heat wrap front headers – Will have to do this while they are fitted to car, as cannot remove them as headers and up pipe are all connected and have no idea how anyone got a ratchet up there to fit the up pipe
– Remove dash and flock
– Remove ABS and fit BIAS valve

Maybe start to remove some of the obsolete wiring from the car

I have now decided I want to get all this finished before Japfest, as I would like to take this on track then (15th May 1010)

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