V Festival 2014 (Example Highlights)

My first ever (proper) festival this year, driving the Focus all the way down to Stafford to this years V Festival 2014. Drinking from as early as 8:30am seemed a little strange to me at first, but being told to start drinking early to cure the dreaded hang-over from the previous nights antics seemed to work.

Camera in hand (what I will now call my Festival Camera, as its not my usual camera, hence the lower quality video), random snaps and videos were taken over the 3 insane days at V Festival 2014. This is my first video from the various gigs I went to see, which features some of the highlights of Example’s set, and I have to say, being in the middle / front of the crowd made things quite hectic at times.

V Festival 2014 - Example Stage
V Festival 2014 - Example
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