7 Tips To Be a Better Taxi Driver

It is generally accepted that once you leave the test centre with your shiny new pass certificate you stop driving their way and quickly slip into your own niche. This is entirely up to you in your own car but when you are a taxi driver you have to stick to  a pretty strict criteria.  The people in the back of your car are paying you to get them from A to B comfortably and safely and by following our 7 tips to be  better taxi driver you can do both this and in turn lower the premium of your Private hire insurance from covercab.co.uk

Greet Your Fares

The stony faced taxi driver who never looks round is an instant put off. Even if you have had the crappiest of days you have to paint a smile on and greet them in a friendly manner. Whether they are a harassed mother with kids and shopping or an old lady who makes a snail look speedy these people pay your wages. 

Listen to their Directions

If they are asking to go somewhere you are unsure of ask them where it is before you start off. Taxi drivers cannot know every single street in every time, particularly when they are starting out. New estates are popping up all the time too and it takes a while to add them to your mental repertoire. 

Don’t have your music blasting

Your passengers may not want to talk to you but they will more than likely want to talk to each other and don’t want to be drowned out by your music. Stick to a radio station too and keep the driving around to AC/DC for your free time. 

Don’t take them the long route to make more money

Never underestimate your customers and think they don’t know the route just because they are taking a cab. Chances are they have gone to this destination many times before and know the quickest route, and word will soon get around that you are a rip off merchant. 

Don’t take risks because you are running behind for you next booking

Taxi drivers have a terrible reputation among other drivers, and if you want to be stupid and take risks do when you haven’t got anyone in the back. Taxi companies take complaints against their drivers very seriously, especially in the current economic climate, and you could find yourself out of a job. Risks also lead to accidents, and higher premiums, so just don’t do it. 

Always you ensure you have plenty of change

Even if you have to go to the bank in the morning and get a stack of change you should always have plenty with you. There is nothing more frustrating for a passenger than handing over a note and a driver rolling his eyes and grumbling as he fishes about for coins. The customer feels as if you are trying to get them to just say to keep the change and this action is likely to cost you a tip rather than gain a decent one. 

Say goodbye and thank them for their custom

Be courteous and polite at all times and don’t have the “right you’ve paid get out” attitude. If they are going to any kind of event tell them you hope they have a good time or help shoppers to the door with their bags. This will get you return bookings and they will also tell their friends how nice you were. 

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