Chipped Impreza ECU

The postman finally arrived with the de-solder tool I got off eBay last week, which means I can get on with adding the chip I got from Major_Sarcasm on ScoobyNet (Chip Forum Section).

Basically, this chip is similar to the Polar Performance chip, but has been modified by a few other tuners to produce the map that is installed on the 27C1028 Fujitsu chip.

So what does this chip do:

1. Raise boost level with factory boost control solenoid (no need for aftermarket boost controller) to 1.1 bar (~16 psi).
2. Adjust fuelling and timing to suit UK super unleaded fuels (97 RON) (conservative, economical settings for cruise, but safe settings for boost).
3. Update the firmware of ECU to Z4 (the latest version).
4. Raise fuel cutoff level to just above max boost.
5. Finally, will give reliable everyday power (~280bhp conservative estimate) and more economy on normal off-boost driving.

This map is the accumulation of lots of testing and hard work and is the best map available for the classic Scoobs.

The installation process is fairly easy (even easier if you already have the socket already present). You have to solder the feet of the socket into the board, so first you have to remove the solder from the board where the socket goes. Once you have removed the solder, place the socket in its location and just add solder back into the holes.

Place your chip into the holder, and put it back into your car. You can now run 1.15 bar boost :D

This modification is a “just for now” modification for me, as I’ll be saving up some money for a proper remap, which will hopefully see me near the 350bhp and over mark.

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