A Guide To Camping For The Hygiene Enthusiast

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As an adventure lover, I have always been a fan of the great outdoors. And so, naturally, camping has always been a great love of mine, in fact, I have literally just come back from 2 days in the Lake District. Of course, as a hygiene enthusiast, in the past I used to struggle with camping, as I never felt quite clean enough.

Regardless of whether I was staying at a five-star campsite or roughing it in a field at a festival, I never felt quite clean enough when camping. However, over the years, I have learned all the best tricks for making camping more bearable, in terms of hygiene.

I think the problem is that without all the conveniences, I have become accustomed to, keeping myself clean is much more tricky. Fortunately, after years of camping, I have discovered all the best tips for a hygiene friendly camping trip.

Hand sanitizer is a godsend

If you don’t have access to running water or don’t want to have to wash your hands every five seconds, hand sanitizer is a must.

Mud is full of all sorts of nasty germs and bacteria, germs and bacteria that can make you very ill. That’s why using hand sanitizer is a must, especially before preparing food. Before you grab a bag of crisps or snack on a piece of fruit, always make sure to dollop some hand sanitizer onto your palms.

Anti-bacterial wipes are a must

If you don’t fancy carrying an antibacterial spray and sponge around with you, then a packet of antibacterial wipes are a must. Not only can you use them to wipe down your camping tables and chairs, but also your plates and cutlery if necessary.

When you have young children, camping can be even more of a worry. Especially, when they are at the age where they put everything in their mouths. But as long as you take a pack of antibacterial wipes along with you, you have everything you need.

Don’t be afraid to try gadgets

It might sound a little odd, but there are so many amazing gadgets made especially for hygiene enthusiasts. For example, for the ladies, one of the best gadgets for hygienic camping has to be the Shewee.

Port-bidets are another fantastic hygiene invention and are ideal for camping. You can pick these up from a portable mobility equipment supplier at a good price. Another great camping invention, ideal for when you are roughing it in the wilderness is the Pocket Shower.

Don’t re-wear clothes

As tempted as you might be to pack light, and only take a few clothes on your trip, don’t. Always make sure to pack enough clean clothes for each day of your trip, including fresh underwear for each day.

It might be irritating having to pack lots of clothes, but being able to change into fresh clothes feels great. After one particularly camping trip, I realized that I always felt much more hygienic when I had fresh clothes. So from then on, I always made sure to pack plenty of spare clothes for each trip.

While camping can be unhygienic, as long as you plan in advance and know all the best bits to bring along, you can have a great trip. I always used to panic when I went camping about hygiene, but all I do now is follow these simple tips.

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