How To Turn Your PC Into A Gaming Machine

Gaming PC

So, you’ve got a PC sitting in your office and you’re ready to transform it into a gaming machine. Before you buy a bunch of games and watch as they fail to play, it’s best to know a few things first! These aren’t consoles; games won’t just work because you try and play them. Your PC needs to be equipped before you’re able to get the most out of it. Here’s what you need to know.


Is Your PC Too Old?

Old PC

Before you even get started in trying to turn your PC into a gaming machine, you need to consider whether it’s too old. Some PC’s just aren’t going to be able to play the latest games unless you spend vast amounts on them. At this point, it’s much easier to buy something new and start afresh. It all depends on the type of games you want to play, and how serious you are about your gaming habits.


Graphics Cards

Graphics Card

The next thing you’re going to need to consider is the graphics card in your PC. You’ll probably find that you’ve got a very basic one at the moment that isn’t built for your gaming needs. You’ll need to get a new one and install it, or get an IT specialist to do it for you. You’ll also need to consider your PC’s PSU; get a card that is too powerful and that PSU might just blow up!




Your PC’s CPU and RAM requirements must be up to scratch if you want to play the latest games. This is a bit of a grey area because different games require different amounts of power. The best way to determine whether your PC is ready is to do some extensive research online. Look at the various games you are interested in, and you’ll find all the information you need to determine whether you can run them.


PC Gaming

Once you’re all set, it’s time to think about games! Luckily, as a PC owner, you’ll save a lot of money compared to the console loyalists. Platforms like Steam regularly offer games on a very cheap basis, and packages like Humble Bundle do the same. You’ll also want to keep some money aside for any in-game transactions you want to buy. For example, you can buy NCsoft NCoin at, as well as many other add-ons.



Gaming PC Cooling

Yes, your PC might be able to run the latest games with a bit of a struggle, but that’s not going to do wonders for its longevity. Games evolve on a constant basis, and the need for more powerful equipment is ever present. If you can tell that your PC isn’t going to be able to run games in the future, it might just be worth buying something more future-proof. Then, you’ll be ready for new technologies like virtual reality.

It’ll take a bit of effort and money, but you can turn your PC into a gaming powerhouse! Then, you can start enjoying the benefits that gaming on a PC can bring.

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