The Best Bits About Being A Best Man


When your best friend announces that he’s tying the knot, most guys hope they’ll be picked for the role of Best Man. It says a lot about the closeness of your relationship and how much he trusts you to get him through this life changing event. It may also be one of the last chances you have to go really wild and enjoy being mates. Married life is full of family responsibilities and sometimes friends get shifted down the list of priorities.

Being a Best Man is a pretty big job, though. There are lots of things to consider. One of the most important is the stag do or bachelor party. There are so many different options. Your mates may have lots of great ideas, and the groom-to-be may have one or two of his own. But it’s ultimately down to you to pick what goes on during your best mate’s last night of freedom. And you’re the one that has to get him to his ceremony on time!

Planning a wedding and organising everything on time is pretty stressful. You might choose a stag party or activity that helps your best mate blow off some steam before the wedding. Stag Party Paintball and white water rafting are great activities for a few guys to do together for a bachelor event. It’s also something a little different from the traditional strippers and beers. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you arranging that for an after-event!

To arrange the perfect stag party, you need to get hold of the contact details of all the groom’s mates and male relatives. You could liaise with the groom-to-be or try to arrange everything as a surprise event. A stag do doesn’t have to be held the night before the wedding. You might choose to take the weekend before so there is plenty of time to recover! It also means you have more time for all the activities you want to include.

Book a party bus or limo to take you and the guys out. That way there are no designated drivers or cabs to worry about. You’ll know you’ve got the transport you need when you want it to be available. As there will be a large number of you, you will need to book ahead for restaurants or VIP rooms at the nightclub. If you’re booking a hotel suite, make sure there is enough accommodation for everyone to sleep comfortably.

Chances are you and the other guests will want to post video and photos to social media. To save face, be sure your groom-to-be isn’t seen in any compromising positions! That doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with him, though. Embarrassment seems to be a rite of passage for stag dos. Old photos of his childhood and ridiculous costumes are quite common. Maybe you can include one from when the bride and groom first met.

At the ceremony, you will be responsible for a speech about the groom. It is usually prepared as a humorous narrative about his life to this point. Once you’ve toasted the bride and groom, you can relax after a job well done.

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