Smart Tech Innovations That Have Made The Home Pleasant

Nest Smart Thermostat

Many Hollywood films have tried to depict the ‘home of the future’ and what that would look like. Everything from little robots that clean up after us and computer system’s wired into a mainframe so the house can listen, speak and react to our us has been visualized in blockbusters such as The Fifth Element and Blade Runner. So it’s good news that, although that may be a distant Utopia, gadgets that make life easier are slowly but surely getting here. Nowadays refrigerators and coffee pots can tweet, and you know when your hot cup of joe is ready or let you know when it’s about time to take out meat you’ve left to marinate. Companies are trying to think of practical needs of consumers and how they can service them. Some products are more popular than others because fundamentally, with household technology, the idea and usefulness behind, will beat out something that’s quirky just for the sake of it.

Nest Smart Thermostat

Smart WiFi thermostats

The Nest and Honeywell thermostats are two of leading home temperature utilities. Honeywell’s smart thermostat is called Lyric, and as you’d imagine, is connected via WiFi to your home and comes with an app which you can download onto your tablet or smartphone, to operate it. You can adjust room temperatures separately or the entire house from the flick of a finger. You can also monitor your energy consumption and how much that’s likely to cost you. The Nest is very similar but has its small but noticeable differences. Made by Google, it features the same features but has an easier installation process. It has a built-in smoke alarm which is quite impressive as the it’s a smaller device than its contemporary.


Swish around the home

Wouldn’t it be awesome if hoverboard really did exist? Well, swegways are the next best thing currently on the market. It’s like a horizontally-minded skateboard, in the fact that it’s designed for the user to place their feet on the two-wheeled motorized gadget, in a posture that is natural to standing. It’s got an internal gyroscope which makes the board a self-balancing electric scooter, that’s a fancy little personal transport device that can get you around the home with the greatest of ease. Able to be used on grass, concrete, wooden floors and with rubber tyres, happily wheeling over wet surfaces, the swegway is portable and user-friendly.

Smart LED bulbs

You can control the light in your home with the snap of your fingers, or from the palm of your hand via a smartphone app. The Sylvania Lightify Tunable White Bulb is much brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs and yet use up to 84% less energy. They last a fantastically long time; around 20,000 hours each. With the ability to set timers and program the bulb to gradually increase brightness as the afternoon turns to the evening, you don’t need to get up off the warm sofa to turn the lights manually on anymore. The color itself of the bulb can be fluctuated to suit your mood, as a duller white can be selected for use in the office when you’ve already got the computer screen lighting up the room but need something on your desk to be lit up more proficiently.

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