Summer Holidaying in the French Alps?

French Alps

When somebody mentions the French Alps, what immediately comes to mind? I’d hazard a guess that you’re picturing snow-capped mountains and quaint towns lurking beneath them. You would be quite right in your assessment, too, but it’d be a mistake to think that’s all the Alps can offer.

Indeed, the French Alps are a hotspot for tourism, especially in the winter. You’ll find it at the top of most lists for winter getaways. And that’s because there’s simply so much to see and do.

Extreme sports are perhaps the most popular activities, such as skiing in the Meribel resort. Thousands of people flock there each year to seek thrills. That’s because there is nowhere better in the world, in terms of size and scenery. But that is not all that The Alps have going for it.

What about when the snow starts to thaw? Although plenty of Alpine white caps remain in the summer, it isn’t conducive to ideal skiing weather, is it? But the entire place doesn’t just shut down once the sun starts shining. No. Rather, a whole new world of possibilities begin to open up. Here’s why you should take the trip in the summer, too.

Climbing the Slopes

In the harsh winter, it’s impossible for you to climb The Alps without seriously injuring yourself. They’re slippery, and it’s an awful long way to fall. Indeed, the highest mountain range is the Mont Blanc, which peaks at almost 5,000 metres. It’s a hell of a drop. But, if you’re into that sort of thing, tackling the giant may be your greatest achievement.

You don’t just need to be an avid climber to enjoy the mountain range in the summer, though. Indeed, one of the most popular reasons people head to The Alps in the warmer months is for the walking expeditions. The scenery is, quite simply, unrivaled.

Hikers and ramblers don’t get all the fun, though. Mountain bike enthusiasts can also have a field day with the trails. The Alps boasts some of the most challenging tracks in the world, but they’re definitely worth it.


If all of that sounds a little bit too extreme for you, don’t worry. The Alps have plenty to offer you if you’d rather just chill out. The picturesque villages around the region are some of the most enchanting towns in the world. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the cobbled streets.

You may prefer a quiet boat ride down one of the many rivers throughout France. That is a possibility, too. In fact, I dare you to find somewhere more calming and peaceful.

If, at the end of a long day of exploring, you need a little you time, then you’re in luck. The Alps are home to a wide variety of spa resorts, all of which cater to your every whim. Pamper yourself throughout the day and don’t feel guilty about it. That relaxation, combined with the mountain views, make the Alps seem like a dream world. But, believe me, they are real.

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