Top Money Saving Websites 2016/2017

Money Saving Websites

In a world where we all like buying new things, we have become a savvy shopper and are all looking at money saving. We all now have a great tool for finding the best prices on any product thinkable…. The Internet. The world wide web has opened a huge resource for allowing us to save money from the comfort of our own homes, finding the best prices before parting with our hard earned cash.


This has to be one of my most used items in my wallet, my Tastecard. With such great deals such as two for one on meals, and anything from 10% off all the way up to 50% off meals… I’m wondering why not many people have one of these cards?! They work with big brand restaurants such as Pizza Express, Zizzi’s and thousands of other local restaurants. Each have a different deal to offer, and most only work throughout the week (excluding Friday’s) – This is to get the restaurants busy during the week, but who cares that its through the week… I’ve had dinners out using my Taste Card that is cheaper then cooking myself, and has paid for its self 10x over. This is a great little money saving card to keep in your wallet.

Go Compare

I first used this website when searching for the best car insurance quotes, and have always used the website as a base to find the best prices, not only for car insurance, but any other type of insurance (such as travel insurance, life insurance). A great little money saving tip here, is to to find the best price on their website, then check the company who comes out on top’s website to see if they provide a better price direct.

Voucher Ninja

Voucher Ninja is a great coupon and discount code website for finding top brand voucher codes. They seem to have a great deal of codes, and all the one’s I have used from the website have been valid (great for saving some money on the up-coming Christmas shopping list). I was surprised to see the likes of John Lewis and other big names on their website, which is great for this time of the year.

Hot UK Deals

Hot UK Deals is a community driven deals website, which is great for finding local deals and national deals. Deals are voted up and down by members of the HUKD website, which lets you easily find the best deals, and the worse deals are voted down to the bottom of the page.

Google Shopping

Google provide their very own shopping service, Google Shopping, which allows you to compare prices from all shops that are signed up to the Google Shopping service. This is great for finding the best price from not only local shops (if you are like me and want to have the product on the same day), but also compares prices of online shops, allowing you to find the same product for the cheapest price. That linked with a voucher code from websites such as above, could mean you save a few pennies.

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