Old School Gifts For Your Man’s Inner Child

There is a inner child inside every man and he never quite gets tired of letting him out to play. He might be running his own company and setting the world to rights. But deep down somewhere inside is the boy who just wants to have fun. Here are some gift ideas that will help him indulge that side from time to time.

Car racing set

This one is retro and in spite of every hi-tech innovation under the sun, still a classic. A car racing set is right up there with the best boy dad gifts ever. It’s not the sort of thing he’ll buy himself but just watch his competitive streak emerge after a few laps of the circuit. Up to date slightly more realistic versions include full size simulators, or simply a voucher to drive a Grand Prix car.


It might have been some time since we landed on the moon and Mars is possibly still a few years away, however a real telescope is just as exciting as ever. Watch him set up his own observatory in the bedroom or encourage him up onto the roof, safely. A garden observatory might be going a bit far, but a telescope is still a magical gift.

Real magic

Everybody loves an illusionist. It doesn’t matter that it’s a trick. Your inner man-boy will still respond to a magic set from http://www.magicnevin.com/ because learning these skills never ceases to amaze and wow. He’ll be self absorbed and quiet for hours perfecting some of the eternally brilliant illusions and trick sets you can get. Throw in a few Master illusionist DVD’s to inspire him.

Chess Set

Chess is just a game except that it’s not. You’ll know if you are this type. It’s another thing we’ve sort of let go of, but the gravitas of a full on game of chess can only be eclipsed by one thing. A game of chess on a classic fabulously ornate, heavyweight chess set and board. A gift for life.

Construction kits

They’ve come a long way, and boys still love them. You can’t beat classic Meccano or Lego and there are some pretty high tech versions to keep him occupied. Take a look at http://www.meccano.com/. Of course he’ll pretend he’s just doing it to keep you happy. But he’ll be loving it all the same

Planes, trains, automobiles and boats.

Plenty here for your enthusiast. Hopefully you’ll steer one of them in the right direction. Plane kits that fly, working rockets, helicopters, steam trains, and remote control cars. Hours and hours and hours of pointless but extremely satisfying fun.

If there’s nothing there to satisfy the boy in your man, focus on the sport of his life and draw up a list. Is it golf or rugby? Does he see himself as a soccer ace or prefer to play pool? Get him anything to him indulge or practice his sport and you are onto a winner.

Perhaps he’s a music fan? Appeal to his inner music nut and get save your sanity at same time by investing in some really serious cool headphones. Most of all, let the boy in your man out to play.

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