Your Holidays Are Precious, Spend Them Wisely


Holidays are supposed to be a time where we can have fun, relax and enjoy ourselves. Why then, do so many of us spend our holidays doing things we hate? We take our kids to theme parks and wait for hours in the queues. Did you know that parents spent five hours in Disneyworld queuing for a Frozen ride that lasted five minutes? It’s true! We head to somewhere tropical, forgetting that we hate hot weather after one hour in the sun. We don’t get the most out of our holidays and miss the chance of doing something really exciting. Or, at least doing something that we’d actually enjoy. If you want to avoid this all too common possibility, we’ve got some rather brilliant ideas.

Leave The Family Behind

Family Vacation

Not always the best option, we admit, but one that you should strongly consider. If you want to fully enjoy your holiday, you need to cut away the dead weight. A family of four will all have different ideas about what a dream vacation will involve. Your wife wants to explore Paris, your son wants to hit the theme parks, and your daughter wants to head to the beach. But let’s forget about what they want. Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? These are the questions you need to answer if you want to make the most of your vacation. Why not save a few thousand so you can answer these questions privately. Your dream holiday will be a complete nightmare if you have people complaining the whole time.

Of course, there is another way to avoid this. You can let one member of the family choose each annual holiday. That way, everyone gets a choice, and everyone is happy including you. But don’t be too surprised if yours gets abandoned completely eventually. Kids have a way of ignoring what their parents want to do and getting their way.

You might think that if you’re leaving the family behind, we’re suggesting a guy’s adventure. On the contrary, we think the best idea if to fly solo. That way you can definitely plan a holiday around things you love without any interference. Speaking of things you love…

Choose A Theme Vacation

Themed Vacation

Did you know that you can plan a themed vacation, based around an idea that you love? What type of themes are we talking about? Well, you could plan a holiday centred around your favourite sport. If that sport happens to be golf, there are plenty of golf breaks in the UK to choose from. With a golf break, you’ll be able to travel and play on different courses around the world or in a particular region. This might be the only chance you’ll get to play on some of the famous courses. Without a special pass, you need to be a member to tee on some greens. Of course, it’s not just about getting a good game of golf in. After getting a birdy, you can head down to a nearby spa and have an incredible massage. A little later in the evening, you can head down to a five-star restaurant and dine on delicious foods. Do you want to know the best part? We just described every day of your holiday. You really can spend the whole time doing something that you love.

Another possibility for a themed holiday is to rent a yacht. By renting a yacht, you’ll be able to explore popular holiday locations in entirely new way. Don’t worry about being able to pilot a yacht because you’ll be given a crew too. We bet you’re wondering about the cost of this rather luxurious possibility. Well, it doesn’t come cheap, and you’ll need to save at least ten grand to even be in with a chance. But won’t it be worth it when you’re sailing around the Greek islands, anchored a couple miles offshore in the evenings?

Or even find a Hot Tub Retreat holiday? Take the family or go as a couple, with many different locations and types of building available, it’s a great way to explore nature, or even just put your feet up, open a bottle of champagne, climb into a hot tub and watch the world go by.

Maybe you’ve been on plenty of holidays, but you’ve never had an adventure. It sounds like a planned adventure vacation should be on the agenda then. This can include a number of heart pounding, pulse racing activities including skydiving and waterskiing. Both are dangerous activities, and both are incredibly fun and exhilarating. You can arrange an adventure holiday including things like this for just a few thousand. You’ll have fun and a few stories to tell when you get back.

Empty Your Bucket List

Bucket List Vacation

We’re sure that there are plenty of things in life you want to do before you die. We all have dreams like this, and it’s time for you to tick a few of yours off. This really is the best way to spend your next vacation. A lot of people spend their holidays relaxing on a random beach somewhere tropical. But you can go anywhere you like on your next holiday, tropical or otherwise. You could spend your next summer holiday climbing Everest. Okay, you probably won’t get to the top, but you can camp at base point. This is still pretty darn impressive. It’s a lot more exciting than a beach in Hawaii that’s for sure

Or, how about avoiding the crowds and travelling to a completely random location, you’ve always wanted to see. For instance, many people would love the chance to explore the Falklands. The Wildlife scene there is nothing less than legendary. Of course, it’s not the easiest place to get to. The best way is to hitch a ride with the RAF from the UK. This will cost you a few thousand, but once you’re there, there are some lovely cheap B&Bs to stay in.

Hug A Panda

That subtitle isn’t a suggestion. It’s a random example of the possibilities that are available once you start searching for them. There’s no limit on what you can do next time on holiday, and yes, you can even cuddle a panda. To do this, you’ll need to head to China and book a trip to the panda reserve. There, you will get a chance to hug a fully grown panda. It’s quite an experience and one we’re sure many people would love. Maybe it’s not for you, but we guarantee there’s something out there that is. So, don’t spend your next vacay on a boring beach. Take life by the reigns and journey somewhere new, some place different and find the excitement you long for.

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