Tips for Your First Fishing Trip

First Fishing Trip

Angling is an excellent hobby for people of all ages. There is something very serene about sitting or standing, looking out to sea with your rod at the ready that it doesn’t even matter too much if you catch a fish or not, although it would be an added bonus, I’m sure.

If you’ve never been on a fishing trip before, you are probably as anxious as you are excited, but as long as you’re sensible, it is sure to be great fun, and you can always check out our top tips for your first fishing trip below to ensure it’s a roaring success:

Make sure it’s legal

Many people think that they can simply rock up to any body of water where there is likely to be fish and dip their rod in. Unfortunately, this is not the case and there are often various restrictions on which waters can be fishes as not. So, before you head out, check you can fish without restriction or apply for the relevant permits

Wherever you’re fishing if you are fishing for eels, salmon, trout or freshwater fish, you will need an Environment Agency rod licence as will any member of your party wh is over the age of 12.

Ensure you’re equipped

The right equipment will ensure that you have a great fishing trip with more catches. Of course, the equipment you will need will vary a lot depending on what you are fishing for, so it is always a good idea to visit your local tackle shop and get them to give you a list, They are generally very helpful. Oh, and don’t forget to bring angling lifejackets. If you’re sensible, fishing is usually pretty safe, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry in any case.

Learn how to bait and hook

If you want to stand a chance of catching a juicy fish for dinner, then you need to learn a few basic baiting and hooking techniques before you head out. YouTube is your friend as you can see all manner of knots and ties being performed by expert anglers on there. Learn up and make life easy for yourself.

You should also learn how to safely remove hooks so that you do not cause the fish any harm before you release them.

Patience is a virtue

On your first fishing trip, you might have big dreams about netting a juicy big salmon or filling a whole bag full of fish, but chances are it will not go down that way and you may need to wait a long time before you get your first bite, let alone your first catch. That is why it is so important that you are patient. Enjoy being out in the open air, take in the scenery, eat some nice sandwiches and make the whole experience an enjoyable one, if you catch a fish then so much the better.

Plan for the long haul here; bring things with you to pass the time so you don’t feel bored. Preparing a good lunch will always help, and you can buy portable coffee makers from places like Contact Coffee Co so you’re always alert and full of juice. Try to think of some ways to pass the time as well – maybe attempt a bit of bird spotting as you wait for a bite!

Have fun

Fishing is supposed to be fun, so learn the essentials but try to not take it all too seriously and you are sure to have a fantastic time out there.

Enjoy your fishing trip!

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