Packing for Your First Carp Fishing Trip

Packing For A Carp Fishing Trip

If carp fishing is a new hobby for you, you may be eagerly anticipating your first full day of fishing at the lake. Your first carp fishing trip can be an exciting experience and one you are sure to remember. To make sure you remember your first trip for the right reasons, it is essential to pack everything you need. Before you start packing, you need to ensure that you have purchased a rod licence and bring it with you on your trip. Without a licence, you could receive a steep fine. Once you have sorted out your licence, it is time to think about the other essentials you need to pack for your first carp fishing trip:

Dress Appropriately

Being sat at the edge of the lake can be a cold experience, so keeping warm should be a priority. Wearing base layers and adding additional layers on top is a great way to stay warm and remove a layer if you get too hot. 

Staying dry is just as important as staying warm. Bringing waterproofs with you is crucial to prevent you from getting soaked, and you may want spare clothes to change into if the rain is particularly bad so you can stay warm and dry.

Carp Fishing Equipment

When you are new to carp fishing, it can be confusing to know which types of equipment you will need. Here are some of the essentials items you will need for carp fishing:

  • Carp rods and reels – You will need to choose the correct size reel for your rod. As a beginner, you may find it simpler to select a free spool reel while you are getting used to carp fishing. As you begin to grow in skill and confidence, you may want to progress to a big pit reel.
  • Carp landing net – A landing net is crucial for helping you to bring your catch in onto the bank. Carp landing nets are available in different sizes, but 42” nets are a popular choice.
  • Tackle box – A tackle box is essential to help you ensure that you have everything you need and know exactly where to find it when needed. 
  • Bait – Special carp bait known as boilies is the best option for your trip, which you can buy at Baitworks. If you want to create your own boilies, you can also buy the mix and roll them yourself.

Health and Safety

Staying safe is always a primary consideration, especially as being on a fishing trip means you are surrounded by water and often in a secluded location. To ensure that you stay safe on your fishing trip, it is a good idea to pack a first aid kit and your phone so that you can contact people in case of an emergency. If you are fishing near deep water, you may find it helpful to wear a life jacket just as a precaution. Don’t forget to tell people where you are going before you head off on your trip.

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