4 Profitable Startup Ideas For 2022

Profitable Startup Ideas

It will help to consider today’s normal if you plan to start a business in 2022. The pandemic has changed how people interact and consume products and services. This means that you need to put more thought and planning into creating a business. A study has shown that many people on furlough decided against returning to their old jobs as they look to start their own business. Here are four small business ideas you can try this year.

  1. Medical courier

Recent studies suggest a growing market for medical courier services due to the rising trend of same-day delivery and express delivery services. Starting a courier service, particularly a medical courier service, can be an excellent idea if you have reliable vehicles and good time management skills. As a medical courier service, you’ll be responsible for transporting medical items such as prescriptions, equipment, lab specimens, and so on. While you can start this by yourself, you can also consider hiring other drivers to work for you.

  1. Start a streaming service

Business models evolve due to market changes and technological innovation. However, the video on demand market has chalked significant growth since the pandemic and doesn’t look like taking a break anytime soon. Today, video streaming fills the gap of earlier broadcasting forms such as cable and satellite television. While this may require some tech knowledge or expertise, starting a streaming service can be very profitable as people spend more time at home and on their smart devices.

You can make money from donations from fans, ads, affiliate programs, or offer pay-on-demand premium streaming services. If you are interested in starting such a business, you can check this guide on how to start a streaming service.

  1. Cleaning service

You can easily turn your love for cleaning into a business. With the right cleaning supplies and sizable staff, you can offer cleaning services to residential and commercial properties and apartment buildings. Most cleaning services charge between £12 and £20 per hour, although others can charge more than £20. Cleaning services can be a straightforward business to start. All you need is good planning, commitment, and a marketing strategy to attract the best clients. Likewise, you can include premium services such as exterior power washing or floor waxing for a more competitive edge in the cleaning market.

  1. An online store

All thanks to the internet, selling has never been easier like now. Today you can easily trade products and services to other parts of the world without much stress. An ecommerce business can be very profitable with the right knowledge and know-how. There are several platforms to choose from, from Shopify to WooCommerce, Magenta, and so on. However, your platform choice can play a crucial role in your ecommerce success. Recent figures show that UK ecommerce markets as the fourth largest in the world, and it may be a time to tap into the sector.

The above mentioned are some business ideas you can consider. These businesses are easy to start and don’t require significant money upfront. Ready to get started?

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